2021 NPD Nomination Information


2021 Award Nomination Form

Deadline: Friday, July 16, 2021

National Philanthropy Day is a celebration of Hampton Roads’ philanthropic spirit. These awards recognize the leaders in the community who make a true impact on the quality of life, cultural vibrancy, and fabric of the region. The virtual celebration will be on Monday, November 8, 2021. The AFP Hampton Roads Chapter invites all interested parties to submit a nomination to honor individuals and collective entities who personify the philanthropic culture of the community.


  • All required answers should be submitted together. Please refer to the National Philanthropy Day Awards Criteria below and ensure your answers directly address the criteria for consideration.
  • For all award categories, evidence of a nominee’s contributions of financial support, board service, pro bono and other volunteer support may be submitted if applicable.
  • Up to 3 letters of recommendation or supporting documents may be included with your submission and are encouraged, though not required.

Please provide answers to the following prompts about your nominee:
1. How long and in what capacity has the nominee been involved with you/their organization? Describe their innovation/leadership in the causes supported, how issues were addressed or solved, or funds were raised. (300 words maximum)
2. How has the nominee inspired and motivated the community in the practice and philosophy of philanthropy? (300 words maximum)
3. Is your nominee active in assisting other organizations? If so, please list them, with roles and contributions, if known. (200 words maximum)
4. What has your nominee done for the organization/the community that is unique, special and consistent with our theme of Changing the World with a Giving Heart? (300 words maximum)
5. What other points do you feel are important for the National Philanthropy Day Selection Panel to consider when reviewing your nominee’s nomination? (200 words maximum)


Outstanding Philanthropist: This award honors an individual or family with a proven record of exceptional generosity, civic and charitable responsibility demonstrated by significant financial contributions to charitable organizations in Hampton Roads. The recipient’s generosity and community leadership should motivate others to give and become involved in philanthropy. Must demonstrate:
  • Evidence of direct gift support and its impact on your organization.
  • Evidence of motivating others to take leadership roles in philanthropy.
  • Description of participation and financial support to other nonprofits, if known.
  • Evidence of philanthropic support to innovative approaches to solving problems.

Outstanding Nonprofit Leader: This award honors an individual who has created, enhanced and cultivated a culture of philanthropy as an employee at a nonprofit in Hampton Roads. The recipient must demonstrate outstanding leadership and philanthropic service through raising funds and directing fundraising programs, thereby setting an example for their peers and/or their colleagues. AFP-HR membership will be strongly encouraged for the honoree. Must demonstrate:
  • Description of what the nominee does and has accomplished.
  • Evidence of the impact of the nominee and associated projects within the community.
  • Evidence of nominee serving as an example to the community at large.

    Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser: This award recognizes an individual who provides exceptional leadership in coordinating fundraising activities for a charitable organization, preferably within Hampton Roads. The recipient must demonstrate an outstanding ability to motivate volunteers, making a measurable impact on philanthropy in the community. Must demonstrate:
    • Description of the impact of his/her involvement.
    • Evidence of specific fundraising achievements through his/her volunteer efforts.
    • Description of participation in other community nonprofit organizations, if known.

      Outstanding Foundation, Corporation or Community Organization: This award recognizes a foundation, corporation, or community organization whose financial support and charitable activities enrich the Hampton Roads region. The recipient group must demonstrate outstanding civic and philanthropic responsibility, raise or grant funds for other organizations, make a measureable impact within the community, and motivate others to engage in philanthropy. Must demonstrate:
      • Evidence of direct gift support and a description of its impact.
      • Evidence of leadership roles in philanthropy.
      • Description of participation and grant support to other nonprofits in the community, if known.
      • Description of the nominee’s work in encouraging and motivating others (e.g. employees, clients, customers, the public) to get involved with and/or take leadership roles in philanthropy.

      Outstanding Nonprofit in Fundraising: This award honors a nonprofit organization with a strong fundraising program. The recipient organization must demonstrate successful and creative campaigns, have a strong infrastructure, and have a deep commitment to best practices and ethics in philanthropy. The recipient’s fundraising and impact must be focused in Hampton Roads and must be a 501(c)3 organization. Must demonstrate:
      • Description of fundraising campaigns, partnerships and evidence of funds raised for those projects (please include quantitative answers whenever possible).
      • Description of nominee’s impact on the Hampton Roads community.
      • Evidence of creativity, best practices and high ethical standards in fundraising activities.

      Outstanding Innovation in Fundraising: This award honors an individual or an organization who has shown extraordinary originality, creativity and strategic thinking in their fundraising activities. The recipient must demonstrate exemplary leadership in responding to the needs of their organization, cause or community. The recipient will have introduced an idea, program or partnership that directly benefits the Hampton Roads community. Must demonstrate:
      • Description of innovations in fundraising and how the nominees’ creativity had a direct impact on the organization/community.
      • Description of the nominee’s work in motivating others to become involved in their project.
      • Evidence of support (direct gift, time, talent) and a description of its impact.

      2021 Award Nominations Form


      • Nominations must be submitted by 5:00PM on Friday, July 16, 2021.
      • Please submit completed nomination and all accompanying information via email to:
        info@afp-hr.org, Subject: AFP National Philanthropy Day Awards.
      • Questions? Please contact Amy Weinstein, National Philanthropy Day Chair, at aweinstein@bethsholomvillage.com or 757-420-2512. 

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