Diversity and Inclusion


AFP Hampton Roads Board Resolution on Diversity

We, the board of the AFP Hampton Roads Chapter, acknowledge and adopt AFP’s broad and all-encompassing definition of diversity:
Diversity is the seeking and achieving of a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures within the Hampton Roads community. Inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization’s mission.


WHEREAS, the Hampton Roads Chapter embraces AFP’s international goal of diversity; WHEREAS the Hampton Roads Chapter is committed to educating and encouraging its members and the nonprofit sector to better serve the Hampton Roads community; WHEREAS the Hampton Roads Chapter has served as the resource for and has made significant investments in the area of inclusivity, therefore BE IT RESOLVED THAT:

The Hampton Roads Chapter officers and Board of Directors shall be champions for inclusivity in their leadership of chapter operations, committee work and all other board related activities;

Inclusivity is recognized and embraced as critical to the mission of the Hampton Roads Chapter and shall remain an integral, ongoing and proactive part of the organization’s governance, committees, membership, programs, policies, activities, goals and priorities in the future;

The Hampton Roads Chapter provides access and opportunities for service and leadership to all segments of our nonprofit community;

The Hampton Roads Chapter strives to be inclusive in its planning and programs, and inclusivity is part of its plans; and the Committee on Inclusivity helps develop guidelines for consideration in the Hampton Roads Chapter’s plans and programs;

The Diversity Committee serves as a springboard for ideas and generates concepts related to the diversity of the Hampton Roads Chapter’s membership and the inclusion of all communities.

ADOPTED by the AFP Hampton Roads Board of Directors: September 18, 2012