Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

AFP Mentoring Program 2023

The AFP Colorado Chapter realizes the importance of developing and maintaining strong fundraising professionals for the continued success of the nonprofit sector. As a benefit of membership, we are excited to offer a mentoring program that engages new or early-career professionals, as mentees, by providing a transfer of knowledge and professional development through a structured relationship with an experienced professional mentor. Participation as a mentee is available to all members of the Chapter who are currently working in the development profession for at least one year and up to four years. Participation as a mentor is available to industry professionals with demonstrated fundraising experience.

The program includes one-on-one virtual or in-person mentor/mentee meetings.

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For more information, please contact DeAnn Acosta at

Testimonial from Lea Deveraux, Development Director at College Track:

"I participated in the AFP mentor program over four years ago and had no idea at the time how helpful it would become. I first heard about the AFP mentor program through a colleague. At that time, I needed guidance on how to strategically make my next career move. I needed to speak with someone who had been in my shoes - someone who has had to leave a job they loved, dealt with a difficult boss, or ask for a raise that was rightfully deserved. These were the questions I needed answers to and, with the guidance of my AFP mentor, I not only found answers but also received invaluable advice on how to think differently, look beyond my next step and how to build long-term strategic career goals."

Testimonial from Protégé Mary Ellen Williams:
“The AFPCC mentoring program came at the right time for me. I’m a novice in fundraising, and my mentor helped me understand the nuances as well as the mechanics of fundraising. Best of all, it transitioned into a working relationship to advance Foothills Art Center’s development program. It’s a win-win.” 

Testimonial from Mentor Valerie Ross:
“I gained as much value from my mentee as I was able to give her!  What a wonderful program.” 

Testimonial from Mentor Kathie Kramer Ryan:
"What a pleasure it was mentoring Kurtis in the AFP Colorado mentor program. As a 'mentee,' Kurtis had a positive attitude, asked great questions, and was willing to jump in and try new things. It was rewarding to be a part of his successes, plus I learned a lot, too! In the process of coaching Kurtis, I improved my abilities to organize information and explain it clearly. Logistically, AFP did a good job of organizing and supporting the mentors."