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Educational Lunches

AFP Colorado offers educational programs several times a year. They are often held at the Downtown Denver Library, but in 2020 we will be at other locations as well. Please note location when you register.

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"Win Your Donor’s Affection with a Strategy that Matters"

Friday, May 15th, 2020. - 12:00pm

Presenter: Karla Raines, Corona Insights


Why does your organization matter? Why should it matter to me?

Every time a donor considers your purpose-driven brand and offerings, they ask these two questions. “Why” is the tape running in the back of their minds. Do you know their answers? You can’t afford not to. Welcome to the customer zeitgeist. Donors are dialed-in 24/7, 365. That was true before the pandemic and even more so today since online is our lifeline. Once you understand your donor holistically, you view choice from their perspective. You embrace a customer mindset. What does customer mindset mean for your fundraising strategy? Everything. Mindset determines what matters.

K Raines


This webinar will be recorded and available to registrants.

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**Due to COVID-19 virus concerns and limits to group gatherings, the April 17th, 2020 Luncheon - "Hit The Easy Button with These Planned Gifts - has been canceled.  We have issued refunds to anyone who had already registered.

But we will not be gone for long - please check back here for future events!!


2020 Educational Schedule:

January 9, 2020 (luncheon) Joint Program with Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable, "The 2020 Economic Outlook for the U.S. and Colorado"  (at Denver Country Club)

February 7, 2020 - (luncheon) Debby Roth Bush with Greater Giving, "Special Events"

March 6, 2020 -  (breakfast) Lynn Adams "One Size Doesn't Fit All in Fundraising" (location: Anchor Center, 2550 Roslyn St, Denver)

April 17, 2020 (luncheon) - Johni Hays "Hit the Easy Button with these Planned Gifts"
**Due to COVID-19 virus concerns and limits to group gatherings, we will be cancelling this event. If you have already registered we will be issuing refunds. But we will not be gone for long - please check back on our website for future events!!

May 6, 2020 (Happy Hour) - Ann Goldman and Leslie Allen (Virtual Event)

May 15, 2020 (luncheon) - Karla Raines "Win your Donors Affection with a Strategy that Matters"
**Due to COVID-19 virus concerns and limits to group gatherings, this event will be presented as a webinar!! 

October 9, 2020 (luncheon) - Jen Darling "Major Gifts" (at Denver Museum of Nature & Science)

December 2020 (breakfast) TBD


2019 Education Programs:
January 25, 2019 : Greg Giesen "Leading from Within"
March 1, 2019 : Alex Yannacone "Self-Care for Personal and Professional Success"
May 16, 2019 : Jonathan Lev, and JCC staff with Tami Vinson, moderator "Raising the Bar for Philanthropy" (Boulder program)
July 19, 2019 : Christiano Sosa, Lora Adams, Tonya Kelly "Ethics" (brownbag)
October 18, 2019 : Penelope Burk 
December 6, 2019 : Reginald, Faye, and Quinn Washington "Making Philanthropy a Family Affair"

Past AFP Colorado Chapter Programs and Speaker Handouts