President's Message

AFP Greater AZ Chapter

Greetings, AFP Greater Arizona Chapter members,

I can’t believe we’re already nearing the last quarter of our calendar year. Recently, I went on an 8-day road trip through California and it prompted me to make “self-care” the topic of this month’s letter. We’ve been hearing a lot about self-care recently, as it is apparent that the events over the past 18-months have caused many of us to deeply reflect on what is important in life. Contrary to what one might think, self-care isn’t about being selfish in a negative way, it’s about learning to take care of ourselves so that we can show up and present the best versions of ourselves each day. A wise man once said to me that “you cannot transmit something you haven’t got”. If your tank is constantly on empty and you don’t take time to fill it, then you are not really helping others or most importantly, yourself. When I was a younger person, I would work 60+ hours a week and then wear it like a badge of honor. As a wiser, more mature person (who is constantly learning on this journey) I realize that there’s nothing to be proud of when you’re working yourself to death, feeling miserable and having your life crumble around you. More and more I am seeing workplaces place emphasis on having a culture of work-life balance. As Kishana Palmer said in a recent webinar, “as leaders, we need to be leading by example with taking care of ourselves by not answering or sending emails at all hours of the day/night, not staying at the office forever or never taking vacation time”. So while all of this may sound cliché, there is no diminishing the importance of self-care and I encourage each of us to be looking within to make sure we are leading by example and being kind to ourselves and others. There’s no doubt we need more of THAT in the world today.

With gratitude,

Tina Lopez, CFRE


AFP Greater Arizona Chapter