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  • Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the ... More

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    Case statement

    It's time I freshen up the case statement, and I don't ... More

  • I'm actually of the mindset of an early date. Like ... More

  • I always try to time mine to arrive in November, a ... More

  • We used Zoom's breakout rooms to get the Interactive ... More

  • Hi Richard, Thank you so much for your reply.  I ... More

  • Hi Chuck, Thank you so much for your reply.  I apologize ... More

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    Virtual 5K Race Software / Registration Websites

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi All, I'm sure we are all at this point in the dilemma ... More

  • Timing an end of year appeal is always a little more ... More

  • We are working to translate our November conference ... More

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    RE: Appeal Letters

    Hi all, This is an excellent discussion! We ... More

  • Would love to hear some ideas on this! We have a ... More

  • If a person is paying a pledge annually, I would include ... More

  • For anyone who would like to join the meetup, here ... More

  • We immediately transitioned to mailing from home.  ... More

  • Hi Seth, I have not used it for a gala. However, I ... More

  • I've had success with Bloomerang and have implemented ... More

  • Thank you for these great suggestions! -- ... More

  • We have actually shortened our meeting time and people ... More

  • Hi everyone - we are finishing up our annual report ... More

  • Hi Russell! We are also current Etapestry users looking ... More

  • Greetings, I am seeking information on how to create ... More

  • We moved our annual breakfast fundraiser/gala to be ... More

  • Hi Casey, Thank you very much for offering to share ... More

  • Thank you Rick, I think we have it worked out. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hello Jill, Our school recently had a capital campaign ... More

  • Hi Karen, Similar to what Catherine shared, I'm ... More

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    RE: Donor Database

    Hi Michelle, I am a volunteer with a small non-profit ... More

  • Check out Salesforce. Depending on the size of your ... More

  • HI Karen, We were working strictly remotely until ... More

  • LGL (Little Green Light) would be perfect for your ... More

  • I read that stat was changed to 88-12 but I cant find ... More

  • We have moved to a hybrid model. Gifts made online ... More

  • There is no ethical issue here. You want him to give ... More

  • Hi, Jill. These aren't terribly original ideas, but ... More

  • Hello Sharon i have attached a document somewhat crudely ... More

  • Just call your library and see what they suggest. I ... More

  • Hi Casey, Would you mind sending me a copy as well?  ... More

  • I would exercise caution around this arrangement and ... More

  • Salesforce will give you 10 licenses for free. A number ... More

  • Thank You Alison! KLR More

  • Exactly. I can't find documentation on it though. More

  • Hi Karen, I worked remotely for 4 months and had all ... More

  • We use Greater Giving now, previously used Donor Perfect. ... More

  • What changes to your gift acknowledgment process have ... More

  • Do you like these over Grant Station?  How do I access ... More

  • Hi, Charles. There are numerous books on planned giving ... More

  • Thanks, Casey, for taking notes - and appreciate everyone ... More

  • Yeah, that's not ethical and may be illegal. I would ... More

  • Hi Emily, I would also love to receive this package ... More

  • Hi Kara,  I have a question related to the tax deductible ... More

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    RE: Donor Database

    Hey, Michelle. I believe Salesforce offers their basic ... More

  • I would love to be included on the conversation ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Virtual auctions

    auctria   works well! ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Donor Database

    Would suggest a firm out of Washington called "Little ... More

  • Hi Emily,  I would love a copy of the package as well.  ... More

  • I would love to sit in on this conversation as well.  ... More

  • Good morning, everybody! I'm doing a webinar at the ... More

  • This is super helpful - thank you! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thanks Jackie and Tally for organizing! For anyone ... More

  • Thank you so much Dana! KLR More

  • Grant Gopher and Foundation Center online are my go-to ... More

  • Hi all, I'm certainly late to the game here, but really ... More

  • We have done the same thing when for example a brewery ... More

  • Russell,  I am not familiar with the cost of Etapestry ... More

  • I'm sorry I missed out on the call.  Would love if ... More

  • Thank you. I am not questioning whether donors should ... More

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    Donor software

    We've been using Etapestry. I'm wondering whether you ... More

  • You should certainly give a donor a tax receipt for ... More

  • Salesforce is free with up to 10 licenses for smaller ... More

  • Good morning Melanie, Yes CanadaHelps do offer the ... More

  • Check out DonorSnap!  $39/month - and super easy to ... More

  • Civi crm is open source and therefore free. It has ... More

  • very interested as we do the same in October.  We've ... More

  • You stated that the exchange is with a company, there ... More

  • Keith McLane at KLM Auctions has been our auctioneer ... More

  • Hi Janet, I'm sure the attendees would love to hear ... More

  • Hi Jen,  I hosted a virtual gal on July 11th.  The ... More

  • Get Outlook for iOS More

  • ​Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is staying healthy!  ... More

  • Tally, Thank you again for organizing the call! ... More

  • Hi Emily, I'd be so appreciative if you'd send me the ... More

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    Donor Database

    We are a small nonprofit with probably less than 200 ... More

  • hello Linda i downloaded these as well and wanted ... More

  • Hello. I am new to the fundraising game. What are the ... More

  • Thank you! Judy Wilson Director of Development ... More

  • I am wondering what the legality and ethics of the ... More

  • here are some examples ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thanks Jim! I had seen that CanadaHelps offers that ... More

  • Yes, but I'm thinking not the way you mean if you are ... More

  • Tammey,  Big question and seems like you wanted to ... More

  • I know there was a similar post earlier about this, ... More

  • Has anyone done a salon style event virtually?  If ... More

  • I host a meetup group for nonprofit professionals and ... More

  • Hello Emily, I am very interested in your package as ... More

  • Thanks Carolyn!  Do you have any examples of what you ... More

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    RE: CRM Software

    Hi Darlene, Honestly, it's really hard to say without ... More

  • Good morning, My nonprofit is diving into prospect ... More

  • I would like to participate if scheduling permits. ... More

  • Happy Monday! Like most boards, our members are expected ... More

  • Hi Emily- We are revising our event sponsorship ... More

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    RE: Virtual auctions

    Dennis,   Are you looking for Auction Software, an ... More

  • Hi Nicole, I hear you, because I have been there myself. ... More

  • Hi Teri, I have found that has some good ... More

  • Hello Emily, I am planning one as well. Would love ... More

  • Dennis, We just used Auctria for an online auction ... More

  • Thanks Linda! I would be very interested in seeing ... More

  • Linda, I would love to see your job descriptions, if ... More

  • Linda, I would love any documents you are willing ... More

  • ​Please include me a call for planning for 2021....Judy ... More

  • ​Would love information on sponsorships for virtual ... More

  • ​ ------------------------------ Judy Wilson BA Director ... More

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    RE: Virtual auctions

    ​We have used Qtego for years and loved them.  We have ... More

  • Hi Dan, We can help you with your virtual auction, ... More

  • Hello Emily, I'm new to my role as head of development ... More

  • First thing, make sure you truly want an advisory council, ... More

  • can someone recommend a company that can handle a virtual ... More

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  • I've seen these boards work well and fail miserably. ... More

  • We set up one of our automated email reminders for ... More

  • hi, what's your experience been in the past with this? ... More

  • Hello everyone! I'm seeking opinions on whether it's ... More

  • Colleagues, Our nonprofit (Spur Impact) hosts an ... More

  • Hi Cristel, our chapter has about 60 members. We decided ... More

  • My organization is looking to create an advisory board.  ... More

  • AFP Central PA is offering a FREE webinar sponsored ... More

  • We are doing a week long virtual celebration of Philanthropy ... More

  • Jill - I'm a veteran staff member of a small/midsize ... More

  • I work for a small Literary Arts nonprofit that is ... More

  • Another thing to consider: Most online events include ... More

  • For top sponsors, you could also give them the opportunity ... More

  • This is a great resource! Thanks so much, Paul. ... More

  • I have been wondering the same as we are finally making ... More

  • I would love to be included as well.  My email is ... More

  • Hi Donnie, One suggestion I have that's worked before ... More

  • Teri, I recommend checking out the free resources ... More

  • make it mission related, for example for a library ... More

  • Thank you for sharing Kara! ------------------------------ ... More

  • We started using Harness in April and we could not ... More

  • Thank you! More

  • This is great, Kara. Thank you for sharing. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Stephen (and all) I have attached our sponsorship ... More

  • Hi Laura! I use OBS quite frequently as a streamer ...