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  • I'm looking for a roles clarification grid/chart. I ... More

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    RE: Tuesday webinar: Changes in how women are givi ...

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  • No, do not allow donors to make up their own designations ... More

  • I also work for a healthcare org with a foundation ... More

  • AJ, events can be very helpful but facts about ROI ... More

  • You are right about the typically low ROI for fundraising ... More

  • Hi Terri - As others on this thread have shared, this ... More

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    Opera Modesto

    Good Day, Opera Modesto invites your firm ... More

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    RE: Estate planning

    Hi Bradley, I'm a board member of a small NGO and ... More

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  • Hire a local consultant--that'll be the best use of ... More

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    This covid year

    Good Day Colleagues, I am interested in a pulse ... More

  • Giving USA's annual research will give you figures ... More

  • Hi Terry, Usually, when letters of support are asked ... More

  • Carrie, We worked with a local non-profit that helps ... More

  • Hi Carrie, Couple of ideas... 1. Intercultural Development ... More

  • Hi Carrie, I work at a private independent school ... More

  • We've recently contracted with Crescendo to help us ... More

  • Does anyone know the % of philanthropy revenue broken ... More

  • What are some concrete steps you have taken to advance ... More

  • Hi Everyone, I am looking for an online vendor who ... More

  • Sure, I'm happy to share with everyone. We are a hospice ... More

  • I would very much like a copy of the survey questions ... More

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    Anyone using alignable for their non-profit? ... More

  • Thank you all for the helpful replies. This will be ... More

  • I don't believe it is acceptable to send donor acknowledgements ... More

  • Hi David: We've been doing virtual events with non ... More

  • Hello Anonymous, I'm aware of a number of challenges ... More

  • Hello all! Am building a legacy giving/estate plan/planned ... More

  • I agree with Barbara and Caryn.  While I don't want ... More

  • Hello Terri, In my experience, successfully defining ... More

  • Ocean Dreams Cancer Healing Center is a newly formed ... More

  • Hi friends,  Many of the best practices around ... More

  • An agency I am working with had its first virtual event ... More

  • As implied in one of the posts there is a difference ... More

  • I agree with Barbara. Both are of equal importance, ... More

  • Another thought - the committee should have a blend ... More

  • Keep communication policies only focused on the line ... More

  • I believe an organization can do both equally well ... More

  • Thanks for sharing Carla! Would you happen to have ... More

  • Hey AFP fundraising experts! As a novice and a ... More

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  • Windfall uses artificial intelligence to assess the ... More

  • The answer really depends upon many factors unique ... More

  • We use Windfall and it can't be beat for the price ... More

  • I suggest that you look at giving history as you suggested, ... More

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    Audit vs Donor Stewardship

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  • I have used Send 2 Press many times and received a ... More

  • Just a thought, but have you considered asking your ... More

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  • Make sure you give them a script.  As they get better ... More

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  • We have not had staff do this task but we have had ... More

  • I always believe in personalization for donor acknowledgement ... More

  • We did something like this at my previous organization ... More

  • If you do go with iWave, pay close attention to your ... More

  • I would take a look at the predictive modeling (Aristotle) ... More

  • Scott, have you looked at Donorsearch? What do you ... More

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    iWave vs. Windfall

    Greetings! My organization is looking at investing ... More

  • I haven't organized such an effort myself, so I'm afraid ... More

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    RE: Cryptocurrency

    Thank you very much! More

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    Defining High Net Donor Portfolio

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  • We have used Cision once for this  ... More

  • We are currently in the final stages of getting set ... More

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    Staff Making Thank You Calls

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  • Same! I was just "gifted" the communications responsibilities ... More

  • I'd love to know as well.  We have limited media contacts ... More

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    RE: Cryptocurrency

    Thanks for the valuable information! More

  • We hand sign every letter even if it is a large number. ... More

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    RE: Cryptocurrency

    If you have a specific donor that you already know ... More

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  • Thank you for that information. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thanks for this information. More

  • I'm unclear as to whether you are saying that about ... More

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    RE: Resume Help

    I am a former career counselor and have a side practice ... More

  • Thank you for calling that out, Nancy.   Per the IRS, ... More

  • Thanks @Mary Robinson !​ ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Cryptocurrency

    Thank you for your response - I'll look into Giving ... More

  • See the highlighted section in the document uploaded ... More

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  • Hi everyone!  I'm looking for any advice and recommendations ... More

  • We accepted our first donation of Bitcoin in March. ... More

  • Hi Beth, I absolutely agree with Mary and Nina. I ... More

  • As per the IRS, the value you should report to the ... More

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    RE: Cryptocurrency

    I'm curious to know how your finance team plans to ... More

  • thanks Irene and yes that is the cleanest solution ... More

  • James, the most common (and best) way is to value it ... More

  • Hello, The amount of of the gift is determined at ... More

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  • No scolding felt/heard. I appreciate your help! More

  • Instead of using the Facebook donation platform, ask ... More

  • It is all about online gambling laws within your state. ... More

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    RE: Tell donors about charging operating expense

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  • I believe that it is based on what it sold for. That ... More

  • Yes sorry thought we were talking about Unrestricted ... More

  • Thank you. That's what our auditors said too. More

  • This varies by the state's gaming rules. In KY, we ... More

  • For the ongoing acknowledgments, we jointly sign them ... More

  • As a general practice, we will include a statement ... More

  • Hi James,  We use a couple of different things. We ... More

  • Hello everyone: Can someone point me to a resource ... More

  • I agree with Mary and Nina :) Carrie-Ann ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi John My VP signs the thank you letters/tax receipts ... More

  • I'm responding to the thank you portion of your question. ... More

  • Thanks Mary. I am speculating because we set up our ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, Yes, so frustrating. You should be ... More

  • I agree with Mary Robinson. If a donor doesn't ask ... More

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  • yes, yes, yes. What maddens me about FB birthday fundraisers ... More

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  • I'm not a believer that Education should be at the ... More

  • I recently restructured my department of three. We ... More

  • Hi Susan, May I just say - GAAHHHH! This is something ... More

  • Hi Beth, Do you have donors asking that question? ... More

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  • Hello All, We are just starting to put together ... More

  • Hi Susie, I am interested to hear what others do as ... More

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  • I guess I would have to know more about your agency ... More

  • We are a smaller nonprofit, and our goal is to make ... More

  • If the issue with your state is that you can't buy ... More

  • I am curious too. We ran a Basic Needs campaign through ... More

  • Debra, Ventura Associates specializes in setting up ... More

  • You can tell donors that for every dollar they donate, ... More

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    RE: Cryptocurrency

    We do and just got a large donation of Dogecoin. We ... More

  • I am curious why you cannot do so. Can you elaborate?   ... More

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    RE: Who Signs the Letter?

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  • Richard this is very helpful. Thank you for sharing ... More

  • Thank you everyone for your very helpful responses. ... More

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    Do you accept cryptocurrencty as donations? ------------------------------ ... More

  • How do you inform donors that you are charging operating ... More

  • Anonymous, it drives me crazy when a nonprofit's website ... More

  • Thank you Terri for your feedback! We are ... More

  • A sample stewardship plan would be great! More

  • Hi everyone, I work for a small to mid-size national ... More

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  • We were advised by the Attorney General that we could ... More

  • We have some donors who set up fundraisers through ... More

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    RE: Resume Help

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  • Following.  (No experience to offer, unfortunately) ... More

  • Hi Robyn, I'm a one person staff for both development ... More

  • Hi Richard, I sat on a webinar last week that had ... More

  • Hi Dina, I work with a direct response agency that ... More

  • I think it is important to connect with your donor ... More

  • Are your board members followers?  I would start with ... More

  • Routine is key - When does the list go out? - When ... More

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    RE: Resume Help

    I am believer that you have CV content, and then there ... More