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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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  • Stephan, thank you for sending such a helpful, practical ... More

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  • Hello, This is a fascinating topic and one which I ... More

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  • I agree that leaving planned giving people alone can ... More

  • Hello, Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge products do a great ... More

  • Consider employing a labor attorney for the best representation ... More

  • This is something we've been looking into. We are in ... More

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback! Much appreciated. ... More

  • I have appreciated this discussion. Indiana nonprofits ... More

  • I am also interested in hearing from organizations ... More

  • I would like to hear from the members regarding the ... More

  • Hello Jeri, Thank you for your explanation and sample ... More

  • My organization uses a fundraising model that is based ... More

  • The use of the word "sponsorship" is perfectly acceptable ... More

  • Mary,  Like Dana, we count planned gifts in gift officer ... More

  • ​If someone purchased an item at a charitable auction ... More

  • Hi Laura, You are absolutely right. We get so engaged ... More

  • I think many of the responses here have good insights ... More

  • I am the Founder and Executive Director of a small ... More

  • It's an extremely sensitive and private issue with ... More

  • Bequest Intentions are only promises and they can take ... More

  • This really depends on the company and the events. ... More

  • It sounds like your committee member wants a revenue ... More

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  • AI will increasingly play a role in our advancement ... More

  • Hi Everyone, A new online negotiation workshop is ... More

  • Hi Michelle, I'm interested to follow this since Michigan ... More

  • Hi Mary,  In a previous role, we counted bequests ... More

  • Hi Susan, Perhaps, he is thinking more of what I ... More

  • Is the word "sponsorship" okay to use in publications ... More

  • Hey Elizabeth, Happy to offer some input. I worked ... More

  • I wonder if the member is talking about a funding model ... More

  • I would create the month by month revenue budget/forecast ... More

  • He might be asking what your different revenue streams ... More

  • We made the decision to list people alphabetically ... More

  • Its just a fancy name for creating a budget and how ... More

  • Jennifer is in Canada, where recreational marijuana ... More

  • Hi, Elizabeth. I don't handle planned giving prospects ... More

  • A member of our board's development committee has asked ... More

  • Hello!  We too are looking into DonorView as well.  ... More

  • Hello AFP community,  We receive quite a number of ... More

  • ​ Does anyone have an MOU or sponsorship agreement ... More

  • Hi Dana, Reaching out to your donors to ask them when ... More

  • Can you not create a promotional giveaway as they do ... More

  • Ask their preference! We have several opportunities ... More

  • Being in California, we have been approached by several ... More

  • My understanding is that it all depends on to whom ... More

  • Well that's embarrassing! I was focused on queries ... More

  • Hi Dana, I think the "naming" protocol really depends ... More

  • Hi Lucienne, We were faced with the same situation ... More

  • Hi Maia, I am very familiar with Salsa CRM. LYBUNT ... More

  • I have bundled sponsorship requests in the past making ... More

  • Hello, We are about to begin a new campaign in ... More

  • We are looking to start a new text giving program which ... More

  • Our business sponsors sponsor multiple events throughout ... More

  • We inquire as to how our donors wish to be recognized ... More

  • We just published our annual donor impact report, using ... More

  • That's the same answer I was going to give - we call ... More

  • The approach we take is to align with donors' preference. ... More

  • Thanks, Theresa!  That's very helpful... Lucienne ... More

  • Lucienne, At my last position, we created a "menu" ... More

  • Hello Everyone, I have a couple of questions ... More

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  • Hi all, I'm working on a donor list for our Annual ... More

  • Thank you all! We have decided to switch CRMs to Salsa ... More

  • Thank you all for your feedback! We have decided to ... More

  • Hi Rachel, we are currently using Neon and will likely ... More

  • Hi Lisa, I worked for a nonprofit last year, setting ... More

  • Hi Everyone, A new video has been posted to AFPIDEA.  ... More

  • I've done many auctions and the majority have started ... More

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    I've been using DP for over three years, and I LOVE ... More

  • I am wondering if the database would work for donors ... More

  • Hi Kate, The more data on a donor the better! We ... More

  • Hi Dorcie, That was a great suggestion. I did check ... More

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    RE: In Kind Gifts

    Seth is right - you really do need to consider the ... More

  • I'm not sure I totally understand what you're asking. ... More

  • Hi there, I'm new to AFP and so glad to be here! We ... More

  • Hi Jennifer,  In bringing this to your board, you ... More

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    RE: In Kind Gifts

    Joan, Another thought. If you do not have a ... More

  • I can understand your hesitation. I would not be able ... More

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    RE: Health Insurance

    Have you checked into the Center for Nonprofit Advancement ... More

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    Alan, I'm impressed with you work-arounds in DP.  Very ... More

  • We use 30% of value as well - shooting for the value ... More

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    Catherine ~ Can't thank you enough for your honest ... More

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    RE: In Kind Gifts

    It is important not to violate donor intent. If the ... More

  • I applaud your support of employee health insurance.  ... More

  • Hi Margaret I have read most of the responses and ... More

  • I agree that 30% of FMV is a good rule of thumb. FMV ... More

  • Greetings- When I put together silent auctions, I typically ... More

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    RE: In Kind Gifts

    HI Joan, There is only one thing you can do. ... More

  • Hi, Kate. Yes, in those circumstances we would add ... More

  • Do you know how Bloomerang manages "Grantees" . we ... More

  • I actually snoop and use any data i can get!  Checks ... More

  • We've definitely seen a trend away from listing donors ... More

  • Kate, I would and always have taken any opportunity ... More

  • Hello, We still do a hard Annual Report and we a portion ... More

  • Hi - we are hosting a fundraiser next weekend. I have ... More

  • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for responding! I realized I should ... More

  • Thank you everyone for your valuable input!  We certainly ... More

  • Our organization offers a 50/50 raffle as part of our ... More

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    In Kind Gifts

    We recently received an in-kind donation in the form ... More

  • Hi Mark, That was a great bullet list! Thank you for ... More

  • Hi Rachael, Thank you for starting this conversation. ... More

  • Does your organization accept Federal funding?  We ... More

  • We list donor names in an insert that is included in ... More

  • Hi Mary Ellen, We care for folks with complex disabilities ... More

  • ​Here is a relevant section from our donor recognition ... More

  • Oh -- and it saves money on printing and a "green" ... More

  • Does anyone have a policy about when to add or update ... More

  • ​Hi, We share the names and addresses of these gifts ... More

  • We stopped our donor lists 2 years ago and haven't ... More

  • In my last organization, we listed names in the annual ... More

  • That is a great question, Lisa - and one that I think ... More

  • Barbara, I'd be happy to email you the RFP we used ... More

  • Hi Rachel, I have been working with a small historic ... More

  • hi, great question. I suggest subscribing to some ... More

  • Is the fundraising $30m or just the agency ops budget? ... More

  • Does anyone have any language for a naming agreement ... More

  • Hi All, I work for a small animal welfare nonprofit ... More

  • I've used ISSUU before and it is great. It actually ... More

  • We adopted Salsa last year as the first CRM our org ... More

  • Hello, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has any recommended ... More

  • We rolled out our new logo in October 2018 at our major ... More

  • We used this last October there is an initial letter ... More

  • I know nonprofits who invest in Foundation Center Directory ... More