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    Exceed Beyond

    Does anyone use Exceed Beyond or know of a good consultant/expert ... More

  • For my colleague: Looking for information regarding ... More

  • We do two and have also seen a decline, we are aligning ... More

  • We are reviewing our receipt formats and I am curious ... More

  • I work for a senior nonprofit and our direct mail is ... More

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    Election Year

    Has anyone experience a decline in donations due to ... More

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    RE: Buck Slip

    Just for clarification, are you looking for a donation ... More

  • I have assigned specific donors to Development Committee ... More

  • ​We are also working on a Legacy Society, long way ... More

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    RE: Staffing

    I have a calendar notification to remind me to do quarterly ... More

  • Kelly, There is not shortcut to major gifts. You will ... More

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    RE: Raiser's Edge

    As an independent Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge ... More

  • We have a need to hire a grant research vendor but ... More

  • I am having the same issues here and look forward to ... More

  • We are evaluating the effectiveness of our current ... More

  • Hi All- we are a relatively new non-profit, just 5 ... More

  • I have tried a couple of different set ups for fund ... More

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    RE: Raiser's Edge

    Hi Jean, Hope you don't mind a self-referral (happy ... More

  • We have just updated our RE software to RE NXT and ... More

  • Hi - saw your request - Activist Consulting is really ... More

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    We are seeing staff fatigue and a feeling of not being ... More

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    RE: Raiser's Edge

    Hi Jean, I highly recommend RE Solutions Tech.  We ... More

  • As a benefit of your AFP membership, you have free ... More

  • We record gift card donations as in-kind in our donor ... More

  • I work for WIST Data Solutions and that's one of the ... More

  • Following too! ------------------------------ Jessica ... More

  • I would like to see any Planned Giving samples that ... More

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    Buck Slip

    Does anyone have a template for a buck slip? Michelle, ... More

  • ​Hello Carlene: I shared some perspective in the Forum ... More

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  • I am new in the planned giving field and have found ... More

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  • I'm considering surveying our parents about our Fall ... More

  • Whitney!  You are not alone! I've heard this question ... More

  • I completely agree with the other's responses. This ... More

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    Raiser's Edge

    I am looking for a consultant who is very familiar ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    I'd appreciate samples of templates, letters, etc... ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    I am also interested in the Planned Giving materials ... More

  • Hello everyone- I was wondering if anyone had a Professional ... More

  • Good Morning, Please provide information on a website ... More

  • Hi, Whitney, AFP has a few sample policies found under ... More

  • I would be interested in seeing whatever materials ... More

  • Great dialogue and input, Charity, if you are setting ... More

  • Lauralee, would you be willing to share your planned ... More

  • Following ------------------------------ Kaci Brady ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    I would love to be included on any materials you are ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    ​I would also like to see samples of materials that ... More

  • We have a food pantry and men's clothing closet as ... More

  • Hello, Does anyone have a situation where the international ... More

  • ​Following too ------------------------------ Jennifer ... More

  • We are working on creating a formal gift acceptance ... More

  • I would also like to be part of this conversation and ... More

  • Dear Colleagues, I need to create a multi-year fundraising ... More

  • Hi Pam, Thank you for sharing your experience with ... More

  • Hello everyone! Please share any planned giving materials ... More

  • ​Charity, I would also like to be included in a Charter ... More

  • Recently, I've developed my first downloadable guide ... More

  • Hi Melanie, Medha, Mark, Jennifer and Charity, I too ... More

  • Colleagues, Have you partnered with a multi-outlet ... More

  • Looking for a company or service that helps match potential ... More

  • I'd love to join the conversation as well! ... More

  • This year our office has finally launched a Legacy ... More

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  • Several good points and questions already raised. ... More

  • The policy at the last 2 places I worked included statements ... More

  • I've worked for several non-profits through the years, ... More

  • I've had success using a rotation of email content, ... More

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  • Does anyone have a travel policy they could share as ... More

  • Penny is spot on..... ------------------------------ ... More

  • Planned Giving has a place in all non-profits regardless ... More

  • Hi Leah, The mission you are raising money for, advocacy ... More

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  • Hi Crystal, This isn't a question you can answer...only ... More

  • Hi Brenda, Our orgs are similar in size, $2.5 million. ... More

  • You can issue it. Whether the person is able to use ... More

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  • In the past, I've still sent them the letter, but made ... More

  • We are looking for the right balance in terms of sending ... More

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  • If your chapter or organization is interested in this ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    ​Judy, I'm interested in any of the responses.  Can ... More

  • Hi, I'm curious, how large is your organization?  We ... More

  • Hi, we are a small shop that has had Razor's Edge for ... More

  • I wouldn't assume that she does not have more money ... More

  • ​HI My staff member got the attached at a conference. ... More

  • It would be very helpful if you were to list costs ... More

  • This is a constant conversation in our org--what major ... More

  • We heard the same burn-out sentiment. Our gala was ... More

  • I would be most grateful to receive a sample of this ... More

  • Hi Everyone, It looks pretty simple to set up a new ... More

  • Hello, We intentionally set our Gala for every other ... More

  • Hi all - I would also be interested in that community ... More

  • This is interesting and timely for me too, as we've ... More

  • Hi!  When I worked at SCAN, I helped launch their CYP ... More

  • Hi all- I am in the process of creating some communications ... More

  • Our museum is looking at migrating to software that ... More

  • It seems you're asking two questions here: 1.) how ... More

  • I have a loyal major donor who made a large contribution ... More

  • Dear Nesa, What do you mean by "gala burnout?" ... More

  • Hi everyone, Our organization will be celebrating ... More

  • Following this thread... My organization has a YPB ... More

  • Does anyone have a contract, MOU or advice about creating ... More

  • This will be an interesting thread to follow. We held ... More

  • Thanks, everyone for your input. Kind regards, ... More

  • Laura, Your local public library likely has resources ... More

  • Me too! So far none has ... More

  • Hi Heather, We have been thinking about the pros ... More

  • Nicole, Having raised many millions of dollars through ... More

  • I would be most grateful if you could add me to the ... More

  • ​We've been hearing this too. We are working on scaling ... More

  • We approach phone orders as a "round up" opportunity. ... More

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    RE: Event Software

    ​Hi Nicole, At a previous organization I used Greater ... More

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    RE: Donor Survey

    I agree with all who have indicated that the more focused ... More

  • Good Morning, We are exploring using a company to ... More

  • Hi Laura -- Since you mentioned standard sources of ... More

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    Planned Giving

    We are trying to pump up our planned giving program. ... More

  • Hi Laura and AFP members -- Since you mentioned standard ... More

  • ​I find that alerts through Philanthropy News Digest ... More

  • Laura-- In my work with many different nonprofits, ... More

  • Hi, Laura. I don't know what the "standard ways" are ... More

  • We experienced similar gala burn out. This past year, ... More

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  • Hi Mike,  My suggestion would be to charge more for ... More

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    RE: Event Software

    I suggest you look into Swell  They ... More

  • We are looking for new grant opportunities for our ... More

  • We are a theatre as well, and we've gone back and forth ... More

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    Annual Gala Burn out

    All, We have hosted an annual fundraising gala for ... More