IDEAS for Action

Each month in our newsletter and on this page, we’ll share an IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) resource that can be reviewed in about 15 minutes!

We challenge you to find a way to use this resource. Will you share it with friends in your social circle? How about sending it to coworkers and having a conversation over lunch? Maybe you will send it to committee members and make it a regular part of your meetings?

March IDEAS for Action

What do our brains think about equity, and what do monkeys and the first moon landing have to do with it? 

Here are a few questions to consider: 
  • What resonated with you?
  • Did anything make you think differently than before?
  • Did something surprise you? Did anything make you uncomfortable?
  • What is one take away–something you can be mindful of or implement in your personal life or at your workplace?

April IDEAS for Action

In this TEDxPasadenaWomen presentation, Understanding My Privilege, University Chancellor, Susan E. Borrego, reflects on her life as an emancipated minor and dissects the emotionally charged conversation surrounding race relations in the United States.

“Conversations can get a little difficult…we have to be able to breathe through our defensiveness.  If we can do this, we can make more space for a more humane and just world. If we unpack our privilege, we can use it to change the world.” 

Reflection Questions:
  • What resonated with you?
  • Did anything make you think differently than before?
  • What is an area in which you hold privilege? Can you identify a way you can use that privilege to create change?

May IDEAS for Action

This month, we introduce you to a helpful local resource: the City of Tacoma Equity Index. This resource is an interactive map that illustrates disparities in our city. Data from this resource can be used to identify where there is a need for more accessible community resources.

Take 10-15 minutes to view the Equity Index and see what you can learn about our community.

Reflect on these guiding questions as you spend time with the Equity Index:
  • If your organization serves communities in Tacoma, are there disparities present within those communities? If so, how might these disparities cause barriers to accessing your services?
  • If your organization doesn't serve communities in Tacoma, what similarities and differences do you see between Tacoma and your community?
  • What data from the Equity Index surprised you?
  • How can your organization or your actions as a fundraiser address disparities in your community to increase access to services?

June IDEAS for Action

In this month’s IDEA for Action, Kori Carew shares her reflections on courage as an ongoing practice. “If we’re going to create a new way of belonging and being in community, we must be courageous.”
A moment of racial tension presents a choice. Will we be silent about implicit and unconscious bias, or will we interrupt bias for ourselves and others? Justice, belonging, and community are at stake. Silence in the face of tragedy and oppression is deadly, and we can’t afford not to speak for each other.

Reflection Activity:
  • Think of a time when your unconscious bias showed up. 
  • If it showed up for you, did you notice and counteract it? If you didn’t, might you practice courage and respond differently next time?
  • If you saw unconscious bias in someone else’s words, actions or behavior, did you step up to interrupt it? If so, why, and what was the result? If not, why, and might you do something differently next time?