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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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  • Hi Betsy, Depending on how you view this situation, ... More

  • I would also be interested in this. We provide our ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    Yes, we use the Benevon Model at our organization. ... More

  • Hi Jonathan- Since we've had success marketing these ... More

  • Thanks for the encouragement. -- Betsy Santarlasci ... More

  • Hi June- We have done these kinds of surveys for about ... More

  • Hi Betsy, That's great that you have a newsletter ... More

  • Thanks Deidre. This is the approach I have taken with ... More

  • Hi there! I had to do this with an organization I used ... More

  • I have the same question. We have not really paid attention ... More

  • We just had a webinar featuring Rachel Muir, CFRE, ... More

  • Hi, we are currently using Onecause and find it to ... More

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    Benevon model

    Does anyone use the Benevon model? More

  • Hi Friends, Any advice or ideas on how to convert volunteers ... More

  • Hi - we have spent the summer reviewing new database ... More

  • Hi - The advice you've received is great, especially ... More

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    RE: Donor Software

    Hi Amy, What software are you using now? We use ... More

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    RE: Donor Software

    Hi Amy, How small is small? What works for a Development ... More

  • ​This is not unheard of with this tax climate. We have ... More

  • Good question Lesley. I just recently finished working ... More

  • Thank you. ------Original Message------ ... More

  • Karen - A few questions, are your organizations collaborating ... More

  • Hi Lesley - it is touch with vendors because many of ... More

  • Thanks, Jessica! Will add them to our "search" list. ... More

  • Thank you. ------Original Message------ ... More

  • Hi Lesley, If it were me, I'd start with a call ... More

  • Following! ------------------------------ Laura Beth ... More

  • Set up an appointment with the highest person in the ... More

  • Does anyone have samples or templates of effective ... More

  • Good morning. A former colleague of mine is hiring ... More

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    RE: value of SWAG

    Good morning Nancy.  See IRS Publication 526 - the ... More

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  • We use Network For Good. We started using it about ... More

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    Donor engagement "guides" for Board Members

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • As part of the annual  Burk Donor Survey,  last year ... More

  • Hi, Laurie - One college I worked for required that ... More

  • I recommend MarketSmart for this type of survey. Their ... More

  • Hello! I have attached a Gift Acceptance Policy ... More

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    Planned giving survey

    Has anyone done a planned giving survey of their constituency ... More

  • Yes, it is wonderful and very positive. Trying to figure ... More

  • Linda: Thank you so much for your response. ... More

  • Kaci: Thank you for your response. I too ... More

  • I am working on our upcoming gala/dinner.  I have a ... More

  • Hi there, The charity I am working with is undertaking ... More

  • I love seeing trades happening amongst NPO's - there ... More

  • We are hosting a joint meet and greet event with another ... More

  • We send our Legacy Society members a small pin and ... More

  • Hi! Are you selling these tickets online?  We add ... More

  • Hi Karen, My organization is just about to launch ... More

  • Hello Amy, thank you for this information. We have ... More

  • Hi Robert,  I LOVE this idea!! And the people we support ... More

  • Hi Nancy, in Canada we have the Canadian Revenue Agency ... More

  • Hi Ashley, I agree with Mary.  The donor has made a ... More

  • The email was from the donor who was referring to the ... More

  • Hi AJ,  Thank you for this great information!  I agree ... More

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    Donor Software

    We find our current donor software cumbersome and "overkill" ... More

  • Hi Tom! Thank you so much for this great feedback!  ... More

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    value of SWAG

    I am wondering at what point do donors have to claim ... More

  • Very timely post as I have this exact same question! ... More

  • Hi Tracy, We subscribe to Wealth Engine, which pulls ... More

  • I take it that the email was from another trustee who ... More

  • Hi Catherine, You should send a thank you to your ... More

  • Mary,  I agree 100%. How the gift being paid in full ... More

  • Great conversation!  A recent report covered by ... More

  • My experience has been the same as Linda's. We are ... More

  • Well, it was intended as a 5 year gift, right? I think ... More

  • That is always such a good question. We are an environmental ... More

  • Hi Clarice, Donated items are just that - donated. ... More

  • am assuming the donor already received a tax exempt ... More

  • Members of the WSSU Heritage Society receive a pin ... More

  • When putting together a nominating committee, is it ... More

  • Hello, We do not do a thank you letter for just the ... More

  • In my experience: not many. 5% if you’re lucky. Reasons ... More

  • Love this. Brilliant idea! ------------------------------ ... More

  • What about making a special edition Heritage Society ... More

  • V-Dac was aquired by CARS ( last year. ... More

  • Hello, We have an item that was donated to our institution ... More

  • Donors who make our organization aware of their bequest ... More

  • All- In our database of 10,000 donors, we only have ... More

  • I have been in communication with a donor who is also ... More

  • Great job Sondra! Thank you for sharing the actual ... More

  • Just wanted to bring this post back up to the top-thanks ... More

  • I'm head of a High School alumni association of about ... More

  • Does anyone have any thoughts on the online fundraising ... More

  • Can those who work at Hospital's share with me the ... More

  • We started using GiveLively. It is free (they are a ... More

  • Hi!   I'm researching the same subject.  Did anyone ... More

  • Thank you for asking this question!  We are working ... More

  • Depends on the CRM you are using but most have online ... More

  • Absolutely! We see this in our community all the time. ... More

  • I would send each donor a letter with the following: ... More

  • We did this - New Mexico native American made jewelry ... More

  • ​Hi Janet, Oh Boy! I feel for you! I don't know ... More

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  • CARS ( is a company out of San Diego who ... More

  • Hi! I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations ... More

  • I had also thought at one point that donors don't care ... More

  • In a recent professional development conference I heard ... More

  • Hi Jonathan, The Council on Foundations has a free ... More

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    RE: Bylaws

    Are there any examples in the AFP Resources section? ... More

  • Hi Alan, We often do that. For instance, we'll do ... More

  • Our nonprofit uses Bloomerang, which has a great online ... More

  • Hi, As for the number of years, I would say at least ... More

  • Do you use use a donor database like DonorPerfect or ... More

  • Hi Jonathan, The QCD is a great way for folks who are ... More

  • My previous organization used: ... More

  • We have a partnership at the national level with Melwood. ... More

  • NextAfter has a great course that talks about donation ... More

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    RE: Car donation vendors

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello colleagues, We are a small non-profit and haven't ... More

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    RE: VolunteerMatch

    We are looking for a new volunteer system and are interested ... More

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    We are considering paying for a yearly subscription ... More

  • We have been receiving a number of comments about our ... More

  • Technically, yes, there is a difference (minutes are ... More

  • Hi AFP Community, I have recently found success talking ... More

  • Research tells us that matching and challenge grants ... More

  • ------------------------------ Daphne ... More

  • Patrick...just came across this - if there is still ... More

  • Thanks to everyone who has replied. It is a matter ... More

  • I know, right? I went personalization crazy! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Mia We mostly see this top down at events across ... More

  • Thank you for attaching the samples - I love the personalization ... More

  • Hi, all, Can anyone recommend a middleman to handle ... More

  • Thanks! ------------------------------ Savannah Stark ... More

  • Hi Savannah, Sorry to know about your troubles with ... More

  • Yes - we have had a lot of issues with Classy and SF. ... More

  • Odd.  I've never heard that.  I would assume that the ... More

  • We did our first ever Lapsed donor appeal. Even though ... More

  • Kathleen - I would say it depends on the scope of your ... More

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    RE: Bylaws

    Thank you, Kathy.  I know I need board approval, I ... More

  • Check with your area community foundation to see if ... More

  • I would add an insert of the missing names to your ... More

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  • This is Raiser's Edge-specific, but there are some ... More

  • Hi Danielle! I've found both PledgeIt and RallyUp to ... More

  • We discovered that due to a new database transition ... More

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    RE: Challenge campaign

    A challenge/matching grant is a great tool for stimulating ... More

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    RE: Bylaws

    You can make suggestions to amend the bylaws. However, ... More

  • Hey everyone, Would any nonprofits be willing to ... More

  • I recommend going from the highest to the lowest, for ... More

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    Challenge campaign

    We have a resident willing to put down a significant ... More

  • We conduct a fund a need / raise the paddle every year ... More

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    I've been in my position for just over 7 months and ... More

  • Sondra, That sounds like a great solution. I have ... More

  • Nancy, good to know what you said about the fund and ... More