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  • Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the ... More

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  • Hi Delores, It is a great opportunity to share your ... More

  • My client is seeking general grant writers and grant ... More

  • Thank you for your perspective, Toni! I think we are ... More

  • Thank you for your feedback, Chris! I agree - reaching ... More

  • We are considering Salsa CRM and Engage for our small ... More

  • We only provide IHO/IMO donations to family members ... More

  • Absolutely notify the honoree or family that a gift ... More

  • Hi Christina,  Endowment is one of the best ways to ... More

  • We just closed a successful annual appeal campaign ... More

  • Hi Amy! Thank you for your feedback! We have a good ... More

  • Jennifer A couple of answers: We send a Thank You ... More

  • Good Morning Jennifer, When I receive an "incomplete"  ... More

  • With gifts in honor or memory of someone, I always ... More

  • Hi Mary, I think you are right - and I just needed ... More

  • Jennifer, Our process is to do as much as we can to ... More

  • This speaks to the importance of developing policies ... More

  • Hi Sarah, We have not but it is certainly a good ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, I think you might be erring too much ... More

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  • We just started to discuss this at our board meeting ... More

  • We are looking for advice as to how to better acknowledge ... More

  • Thank you, Wendy! I appreciate this guidance. ------------------------------ ... More

  • The earlier part of my career was in private high school ... More

  • Good Morning!  Has anyone added a section to your ... More

  • You can research it and prove me wrong, but a foundation ... More

  • It is an unrestricted gift. If the Board wants it to ... More

  • Congrats Christina - those are lovely surprises to ... More

  • I am looking into this issue now too as a memo/FAQs ... More

  • I would treat that as an unrestricted gift if no purpose ... More

  • But there is no donor intent to restrict the gift. ... More

  • Does anyone have experience in accepting "rolling Stock ... More

  • I'm wondering what the experience/actions of other ... More

  • I bow to your wisdom, Robert. If you don't mind, I'm ... More

  • Michele, I would caution you on your advice on nondisclosure ... More

  • Sounds like its time for some primer Fund Development ... More

  • I think you can recognize people with categories in ... More

  • Your admin is wrong. Current students should be listed ... More

  • Generally, this type of gift can be temporarily restricted ... More

  • Katie, since you are a RE customer, you are paying ... More

  • A good answer about community and corporate support ... More

  • I think I would not jump in to ask these people to ... More

  • @Robert Hartsook JD EdD is right. If you have a good ... More

  • Hi John, Congrats on the $10K gift.  IMHO, to ask ... More

  • I would agree with the predominant advice here, but ... More

  • Once again, this gives me an opportunity to remind ... More

  • YES!!  Use the GUEST registration since you are not ... More

  • Hello, colleagues! I'm writing today to ask if anyone ... More

  • Is this open to all AFP members?  I thought so, but ... More

  • Hello! I've been through three Auctions using the RE ... More

  • Absolutely not. If you stand firm on this based on ... More

  • I would chime in with everyone else here and say that ... More

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    Data Policies

    Hi, I am wanting to establish policies around handling ... More

  • In 25 years, I've only had one board member want access. ... More

  • While acknowledging that no two organizations are the ... More

  • Congratulations on re-engaging the donor. It may be ... More

  • Absolutely not, never,  the message between the lines ... More

  • This is pretty slick and free. We are doing this soon. ... More

  • When I first read your subject line, my reply was, ... More

  • Good morning.  We are considering using NPSS to do ... More

  • Hello, John, Congratulations on securing a renewed ... More

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  • Hi! We received an email from Grapevine Giving about ... More

  • I would consider corporate diversity and inclusion ... More

  • Does anyone have a board policy that directs legacy ... More

  • Hi John- You might consider using the ... More

  • In the scenario you describe, my instinct is to say ... More

  • I would not share the entire database.  We share sections ... More

  • Thank you Lesley! More

  • Hi! I have a question about matching donations. For ... More

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    Access to donor database by Board

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello! I am hoping my fellow AFP members can help ... More

  • We ran annual receipts from our software program which ... More

  • Re your last question. What kind of donor database ... More

  • Lisa, When we get a ... More

  • Heather - this is embarrassing hahaha!  The wording ... More

  • I appreciate all of your comments. My coworker and ... More

  • Wonderful. Thank you so much!!! More

  • I suggest contacting The Giving Block. They can walk ... More

  • Curious about what some of you do to recognize anniversaries ... More

  • We send an acknowledgement "receipt" within 48 hours ... More

  • Annual receipt letters are a wonderful stewardship ... More

  • I'm glad you brought this up.  We are reviewing our ... More

  • Hi John, We installed a DAF Direct widget on a page ... More

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    RE: Benchmarking

    Marie, When I was in graduate school, I did my thesis ... More

  • Hi Debbie, Just like how staff has different opinions, ... More

  • Following! ------------------------------ Colombe ... More

  • Here is our stewardship plan - all gifts are acknowledged ... More

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  • Following.... ------------------------------ Christy ... More

  • Hi John,  We added direct links to the top 13 DAF ... More

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    RE: Benchmarking

    Hi Marie, Depending on two events for 72% of your ... More

  • Hi Debbie, In what ways do your younger staff not ... More

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  • We recommend clients install on their ... More

  • Without knowing what and how exactly you are thanking ... More

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  • I agree with what others have suggested about adding ... More

  • Lorraine - As someone in Southern California I can ... More

  • Thank you, Robert. I appreciate your insight. ------------------------------ ... More

  • We run a camp program and have faced this issue too. ... More

  • I like Laura's suggestion about having a new member ... More

  • We want to set up a button for DAF donations since ... More

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  • Hi Debbie -- what are the people who are opposed to ... More

  • We are currently reviewing our practices for acknowledging ... More

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    Hi everyone! I have been asked to provide some industry ... More

  • Hi, Erin.  We offer different levels of access at ... More

  • What is the best way to accept bitcoin as a 501(c)(3) ... More

  • Hi There, I'm also an RE user and I would like to ... More

  • I see two issues. First is does mailing to the students ... More

  • Hello everyone, I am only a few years into fundraising, ... More

  • Hello All, I work for a youth justice nonprofit. ... More

  • I would also like to review your Development Plan.  ... More

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    Charity Navigtor

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello, RE is one of the most robust databases out ... More

  • From a Raisers Edge standpoint, it is far easier to ... More

  • Hi. I built a tool that analyzes and reports metrics ... More

  • Amy - I think you might have grabbed the url for the ... More

  • As a parent, I know that my sons were not solicited ... More

  • I would check with other attendees who have attended ... More

  • We're not an educational organization so we typically ... More

  • Hi, Erin - My take on this is, if it is a fundraiser, ... More

  • My experience with salary guides is they historically ... More

  • Students may find a way into your database even if ... More

  • Yikes - sorry for my error. A multi-tasking fundraiser ... More

  • For more than twenty years institutions have gravitated ... More

  • Hi All, I am working with Megan on this project so ... More

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    RE: Current students in database

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thank you, Amy. The link you included was for Association ... More

  • I liaise with a small nonprofit partner that holds ... More

  • Hi all, There's currently a heated debate raging in ... More

  • A few respondents have asked what you're trying to ... More

  • That is such helpful information. Thank you so much. ... More

  • Hello! My organization is hosting our annual luncheon ... More

  • Thank you - super helpful! ------------------------------ ... More

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    My company Your Golf Event coordinates golf outings ... More

  • Thank you so much - super helpful! ------------------------------ ... More

  • thank you - also super helpful! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thank you - that is helpful! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hello Anne-Marie, If you haven't already done so, you'll ... More

  • Hi Anne-Marie, That is such a good question. As ... More

  • Association of Fundraising Professionals compiles a ... More

  • Hi Anne-Marie, I work for a direct mail strategy firm. ... More

  • Hi - I typically wait five years. If you aren't able ... More

  • Hi everyone, I'm wondering if you have a favorite ...