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  • Hi, everyone. We are excited to see so many members ... More

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    Give Lively

    Is anyone using Give Lively?  Considering using their ... More

  • If you know a really talented website person we are ... More

  • Hi all, looking for recommendations for a Marketing ... More

  • ​We have concrete benches and tables that can be named.  ... More

  • Thanks for this great thread! ------------------------------ ... More

  • I don't know about the legal aspects of having development ... More

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    RE: Naming of Benches

    We just ran a campaign to build a plaza with benches ... More

  • ​Hi Elizabeth, I work at a large hospice and liaison ... More

  • Hi Sam, We have used Salesforce NPSP (and earlier ... More

  • Looking for input from fellow Raiser's Edge + IATS ... More

  • We just implemented the nonprofit success pack and ... More

  • Good morning, I presented at an all staff meeting ... More

  • Good morning Elizabeth, Here are some things to do ... More

  • I totally agree with Laura (as I usually do because ... More

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    Naming of Benches

    We are considering adding our new steel outdoor benches ... More

  • Good Afternoon, My organization is implementing a ... More

  • Hi Nicole, The question is all about fit.  It's sort ... More

  • Hi Nicole, I agree with the comments posted here. I ... More

  • Morning Sophie, This is from our Gift Acceptance Policy. ... More

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    Pledge Reminders

    Taking into account security and donor confidentiality, ... More

  • Hi! I just signed up for this webinar on Capital Campaigns ... More

  • Sorry Nicole.  His website is what I listed, not his ... More

  • Nicole, I'd suggest that you talk with Ed Hohlbein ... More

  • ​Hi Katherine, Would you please share it with me as ... More

  • I've got the opportunity to meet with our whole staff ... More

  • In our experience, there is no "one size fits all" ... More

  • Let's unpack this a bit.  Colleen is correct--in some ... More

  • Hi Nicole, I work with organizations and provide data ... More

  • In California at least, it is stated in the Attorney ... More

  • I would also love to see this policy. My email is ... More

  • I have heard that Development Consultants working on ... More

  • I have done many of those over the years for our clients.  ... More

  • We're looking for some advice on calculating the benefit ... More

  • I'm curious to hear from those non-profits that have ... More

  • Hello, We're looking to recruit new board members ... More

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    Donor Software

    Hi All, We use DonorPro/Salsa Labs - it can ... More

  • Looking for feedback on switching from RE to Salesforce. ... More

  • Hi all, I'm curious if anyone has any literature or ... More

  • Hello AFP Friends,  We are considering sending a mailer ... More

  • How about "Your Impact" Catherine ... More

  • Hi-  Looking for help from those using Altru.  Would ... More

  • I would also love to see them, if you don't mind! ... More

  • I was wondering if anyone has a sample of an effective ... More

  • How about: Mission Impact Update This is what's happening! ... More

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  • Check out Lowell Aplebaum, the CEO and strategy catalyst ... More

  • Omatic Software has a staff-augmentation team and specializes ... More

  • An elementary school in our district had a severe roof ... More

  • Hello, Embarking on a capital campaign and ... More

  • We are also looking for wealth screening tools at my ... More

  • Some ideas: your support in action, insider update, ... More

  • Emily, I can't offer advice on, say, holding a garage ... More

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  • I do have one name for you: Brittany Schwartz ... More

  • I'm wondering if anyone out there has participated ... More

  • Hi Friends, We are looking for retirement plan options ... More

  • In a previous job, where I worked for a symphony we ... More

  • If you'd be willing to share, I'd like to see them ... More

  • ​What about "highlights from the ____" or "What's new ... More

  • We also use Donor Search at the Humane Society of Tampa ... More

  • You might want to consider Blackbaud/Targeted Analytics ... More

  • ​Hi Everyone, I'm working on an email to send out ... More

  • Yes, I subscribe to IP and found it really helpful. ... More

  • Any guidance on best practice protocols for individuals/donors ... More

  • Good morning Marion, I just attended the Giving 2018 ... More

  • Could I get a copy of your response as well? Thank ... More

  • Hello, Joan, If I understand your scenario correctly, ... More

  • ​Fund-a-Need is pretty common here in Memphis.  Right ... More

  • We are thinking about doing this at an upcoming dinner. ... More

  • If you are receiving the entire donation and not paying ... More

  • Spectrum Works is hiring a Director of Development ... More

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    Does anyone have any experience with DipJar? ... More

  • Hello! Brooklyn Botanic Garden is hiring a Database ... More

  • Thank you Julia for catching my typo in Barbara McNichol's ... More

  • I know the IRS rules about the tax deductibility of ... More

  • There may not be a law regarding this, but it is good ... More

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  • When I still lived in the city and was between jobs ... More

  • I'm looking for experienced fundraisers who have been ... More

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    Welcome packets

    Hi there! I'm interested in those of you who use Welcome ... More

  • ​We have featured program sponsorships (duration one ... More

  • Sophie, I will email you directly. Thank you, Katherine ... More

  • Works really well - odd dollar amounts that correlate ... More

  • We started with a postcard to those 70 and older reminding ... More

  • At my previous organization, we would always include ... More

  • I worked for an organization that did Fund a Need as ... More

  • I have only done this in the context of a dinner. We ... More

  • Has anyone done a "mission auction" where stuff isn't ... More

  • ​I work for a CCRC in Los Angeles called Hollenbeck ... More

  • Just a note, Nina's link has a typo, the correct one ... More

  • Hope you can render an opinion here. My association ... More

  • What is the most effective way that you have promoted ... More

  • Does the person have to come in office/live in the ... More

  • Can anyone recommend an individual with raisers edge ... More

  • IMHO, IP is worth the subscription price just for the ... More

  • Curious about a subscription to Inside Philanthropy. ... More

  • Hello all, Do any of you have an endowed funds policy ... More

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    RE: ADA compliance

    You can close-caption easily through YouTube but you ... More

  • I have used ALC for a number of years and been very ... More

  • is very good with list sources, ... More

  • There is no law but if this is common practice for ... More

  • I would love to be part of this group. I am not new ... More

  • Within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) there ... More

  • ​Hi, I use Names in the News out of Oakland, CA. ... More

  • I feel compelled to chime in on this one. First, there ... More

  • Hello Jeanne, Perhaps you can partner with Chris Roelke ... More

  • Latasha, you can find considerable resources for this ... More

  • hi, there are many wonderful list brokers who can get ... More

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    RE: ADA compliance

    Hi Ivon, There is no federal regulation regarding ... More

  • Dear AFP, I have a client interested in doing a ... More

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    ADA compliance

    Hello: Can someone tell me if there is a law that ... More

  • Very good suggestion, Patty!  Inviting donors to events ... More

  • Thank you all! If you have samples of specific verbiage ... More

  • "For major donors, invite to some events and to your ... More

  • I think what you may be referring to is a Board Consent ... More

  • ​Washington state also prohibits selling raffle tickets ... More

  • Dear Donna, Salesforce works very well for our organization. ... More

  • Does your organization have charters for each of the ... More

  • Thanks Karen ! ------------------------------ Jeanne ... More

  • Thanks for your feedback! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Jeanne, We have a Donor Search subscription and ... More

  • Hi Miranda, In addition to appreciation, stewardship ... More

  • Hi Donna, Sorry to know about your frustrating experience. ... More

  • Hi,  I am looking for some formal policy or statement ... More

  • ​Hi Tracy- Per our Wisconsin Raffle License regulations, ... More

  • Our organization gives this option. We have over a ... More

  • Please add me to your list as well! Would love to hear ... More

  • Always an interesting challenge! We've experimented ... More

  • Donna, There is an Activities Record in SF Classic. ... More

  • We currently use iWave, but I'm evaluating a switch ... More

  • Who is your CRM tool? We use Blackbaud's ALTRU and ... More

  • Good morning Donna -  I understand your frustration ... More

  • We also use Salesforce's Activity records, basically ... More

  • Great morning Tracy -  Hope you are well.  Yes, I ... More

  • -- Tracy S. Ebarb, CFRE, CNE, CDE, CNC ... More

  • When I was looking at wealth screening services I looked ... More

  • Aloha Donna, We use a SF Activities Object which allows ... More

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  • I am looking at wealth screening services.  I'm looking ... More

  • Hi everyone, I'm frustrated and seeking help. ... More

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    ​Our organization uses Donor Perfect (roughly half ... More

  • ​We moved from Auctria to Greater Giving, this year.  ... More

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    RE: Giving Clubs

    Hi, I am located in Lancaster PA and several organizations ... More

  • Thank You John and Chad for this excellent advice! ... More