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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

  • Following ------------------------------ Virginia ... More

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    Donation Boxes

    When I started at my nonprofit, I inherited the donation ... More

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    RE: Exceed Beyond

    When I was at the Ronald McDonald House (Rochester, ... More

  • We just did the exact same thing. So glad to be with ... More

  • What are your thoughts on fundraising for a second ... More

  • We use etapestry, a blackbaud product for small shops.  ... More

  • Several years ago, I was at a small non-profit.  We ... More

  • Hi Jackie, I've used Raisers Edge and it does have ... More

  • Following ------------------------------ Lesley Pollard ... More

  • Hello, we are working on our first-ever brand guidelines ... More

  • HI Jackie! We left Rasiers Edge 2 years ago, but ... More

  • Hi Jackie,  We just moved from DonorPerfect to Bloomerang ... More

  • Do you have a background in Development and love animals? ... More

  • We recently switched over to Network for Good. For ... More

  • I would suggest looking at Eleo Donor Management Software ... More

  • I can relate to your situation.  After over 10 years ... More

  • Jackie, I am also the ED of a small charity- a ... More

  • Hi Jackie, Several years ago, SOS left Blackbaud in ... More

  • Some states have state exchange deadlines after 12/15. ... More

  • Hi Medha, We maintain a multi-million donor record ... More

  • Jackie, The organization that I work for is a small ... More

  • Take a look at Little Green Light (LGL). It is not ... More

  • Ashley, If you don't already have a database, you ... More

  • Hi Lindsay, I live in DC so I purchase health insurance ... More

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    RE: Leaving Blackbaud...

    Hi Jackie,  We are really happy with DonorSnap, which ... More

  • Hi AFP Community -  I am the ED of a small nonprofit, ... More

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  • Our organization has a general employee handbook outlining ... More

  • I use CiviCRM  - it is not free to install unless ... More

  • Hello dear nonprofit experts, I am a strategic database ... More

  • Hi Ashley, I am an independent data/database consultant ... More

  • We may be old-fashioned, but we try to adhere to the ... More

  • Thought provoking question and reminds me of the old ... More

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    RE: Gift Cards

    We do the same. ------------------------------ John ... More

  • Check out Salesforce's Non Profit Success Pack - up ... More

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    RE: Gift Cards

    We enter them in as GIK and assign a market value to ... More

  • I recently heard a statistic that orgs should say "thank ... More

  • Ashley, we use Salesforce's free nonprofit CRM, and ... More

  • Totally agree inappropriate and will turn donors away.  ... More

  •, a former agency I worked for has a heart ... More

  • We track our gift cards as cash, and require return ... More

  • I personally think that a Thank You should be a Thank ... More

  • Thank you for sharing Amy! You annual appeal piece ... More

  • I believe Salesfoce's Nonprofit Success Pack is free ... More

  • What do you all do for health insurance if you’re independent ... More

  • I am looking for a free CRM program that I can use ... More

  • Fund-raising is growing more and more challenging. ... More

  • Oh, interesting, I didn't realize that, Brian. I configured ... More

  • Hi Amy,  Congrats on your great idea and to what hopefully ... More

  • Judy, Stipe is a great option. Our company (we are ... More

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    RE: Gift Cards

    We would consider them a GIK and soft credit the donor ... More

  • Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona awards a weekend ... More

  • Hi Penelope, great to see this statistic. I've always ... More

  • The best thing about your important post is that you ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, these things should be covered in your ... More

  • Hi Lindsay. I agree. To me it's like if one of my kids ... More

  • Great input team. It appears we are all working off ... More

  • ​Suzan, I'm three months into a new job and am now ... More

  • I used to live in Tucson and have seen Nina's work. ... More

  • We don't do your typical letter appeal because you're ... More

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    Gift Cards

    How do you track gift cards? Do you consider them cash ... More

  • Ruby - or any other responder - would you be willing ... More

  • I also have spoken with Morgan Stanley and Fidelity ... More

  • Last spring we looked at event platforms to replace ... More

  • I agree with Brian each has to be handled on a case ... More

  • It seems every year about this time we tend to have ... More

  • I can recommend Academic Impressions. No matter their ... More

  • It sounds like many of us are experiencing the same ... More

  • Advancement Resources is head and shoulders above anything ... More

  • What are your thoughts on a 2nd ask in a thank you ... More

  • I like to send out just a THANK YOU once a year. It ... More

  • There is also STRIPE. You will need ... More

  • We are seeing "major donors" bunching gifts or utilizing ... More

  • Following ------------------------------ Stephanie ... More

  • I really took a lot away from Indiana's Lilly Family ... More

  • I've always treated it on a case by case basis. I have ... More

  • Ally, I've seen similar processes with my clients as ... More

  • ​We're seeing the same thing. Gifts are coming in slowly ... More

  • I think by default the profile doesn't include Company ... More

  • Hi Suzan, My firm, Spark Point Fundraising (, ... More

  • I'm seeking some intensive PD for major individual ... More

  • Hi Ally, I worked in banking prior to development, ... More

  • I have used "open asks" to send a direct mail appeal ... More

  • Hi Amy, I am an artist who creates donor recognition. ... More

  • We have had a slow down in our year-end giving and ... More

  • I am looking for a simple but legal retention schedule ... More

  • Is GiveSmart terribly expensive? Can you please explain ... More

  • We have used BidPal and GiveSmart.  Both were fine. ... More

  • We use Raisely and it works ... More

  • Good Morning - Does anyone have any policy that ... More

  • We have been using GiveSmart for almost a year and ... More

  • Hello, I recently started a new role at a legal services ... More

  • I've been at this for 26 months at Children's Hospital ... More

  • Hello fellow fundraisers, I am looking for a grants ... More

  • Our year-end giving is very sluggish this year and ... More

  • I would love to see the same material, please! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Based on where we were last year on 12/13 we are doing ... More

  • Interesting question. I'm sending out our second letter ... More

  • We are seeing a really slow start to our December. ... More

  • Hello friends, I love Gift Acceptance Policies.  I ... More

  • We have used Handbid for our past couple of auction.  ... More

  • We're off to a slow start this December. Our donors ... More

  • James, Thanks for your feedback we are currently trending ... More

  • I agree with all the suggestions/advice.   We have ... More

  • We are running ahead of last year. But I would think ... More

  • Krystyna, We are a mid size NPO. We operate four art ... More

  • Does anyone use 360 Match Pro from Donor Perfect or ... More

  • Brian, I'm getting similar vibes from our donors, too. ... More

  • Great question.  I agree with everyone.   We don't ... More

  • We have used Greater Giving for three years and it ... More

  • Ward Home, located in Pittsburgh, PA, highly recommends ... More

  • We use GivingFuel for the front end (the donor experience) ... More

  • We have a "Legacy Walk" that runs from the street in ... More

  • We just did a demo with GiveSmart yesterday -- I was ... More

  • We also include major donors in our year end appeal ... More

  • I'm getting the same sense Brian.  I will be curious ... More

  • I really enjoy knowing what nonprofits the posters ... More

  • We currently use PayPal for all online payments and ... More

  • We do not close, except for Christmas Eve and Day, ... More

  • Hi Christine, Glad it helped! NTEN is the premier ... More

  • We are in need of recommendations for mobile bidding ... More

  • Great advice Phoenicia, we are starting a similar business ... More

  • Hello Patricia, We're open for business until 5 PM ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    "Our first order of business was to focus on Bequests ... More

  • Medha, This is super helpful.  I really appreciate ... More

  • Lauralee,  You nailed it.  This is an excellent beginning ... More

  • My current org uses Weebly; I've also used Wix. Both ... More

  • We, too, are closed between Christmas and New Year's. ... More

  • Shameless plug here - my firm does prospect research. ... More

  • Brian: Thanks for that clarification! I'm honestly ... More

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    Naming Policies

    Good Morning, Can anyone share a copy of their Naming ... More

  • You can do that with checks, where postmark is sufficient ... More

  • Patricia: Our offices are closed Dec. 22-Jan 1. Our ... More

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    End of year gifts.

    I am curious what others are experiencing with their ... More

  • I work at a school and we come in on the 31st to process ... More

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    "Buy a Brick" program

    ​Hi, all, I work for a small graduate university offering ... More

  • I agree with Aldervan. The gift acceptance policy has ... More

  • Before the college changed policy two years ago, our ... More

  • Hi Christine, Great question! I work with small to ... More

  • We are reviewing our website budgets and fundraising ... More

  • As promised I have included some of our basic materials. ... More

  • I highly recommend checking out  books from the Journal ... More

  • Also to start cultivating relationships, join and get ... More

  • Hi Ron- I started a program at a previous organization ... More

  • That makes sense, thanks Linda! ------------------------------ ... More