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    Gifts to Donors

    The nonprofit I work with has a practice of honoring ... More

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    Alexa Donations

    Has anyone signed up for the new Alexa Donation feature? ... More

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  • Leah, I too would love to have copies.  My e-mail is ... More

  • Hi Folks,  Assuming you have determined you are not ... More

  • Interesting question. is there a source that would ... More

  • Thank you! ------------------------------ Jill Vassar ... More

  • I would love to have some examples as well! My email ... More

  • I think that the adoption of the Higher Logic community ... More

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  • Greetings: I have always been instructed that it is ... More

  • I wonder why an employee couldn't make a pledge for ... More

  • I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  I'd love to have the ... More

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  • We use Kindful. It has worked great for us. ------------------------------ ... More

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  • ​Greetings! I am currently researching and looking ... More

  • I would love to have a copy of that webinar, if possible! ... More

  • ​We used to use Stelter but I found that all the articles ... More

  • Hi Leah, If you could send me a link to the dropbox, ... More

  • Yes, we are promoting via FB, Instagram and boosting ... More

  • ​We are looking at revising our job description for ... More

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    RE: Stelter for PG

    I am building PG program from scratch and considered ... More

  • When asking for materials to be sent to an individual, ... More

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  • I would like to see those too! Thank you, Margo ... More

  • Hello Crystal, I would also love to see your letters. ... More

  • In a recent position I held, a culture of endowment ... More

  • Hi Zoe, I send my print newsletter out separately ... More

  • Your assessment seems spot on. I think there was some ... More

  • Would appreciate the share as well. ------------------------------ ... More

  • I'd love the dropbox folder as well, if possible. Thanks ... More

  • Leah, I too would appreciate receiving a copy of those ... More

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  • I am not sure what *should* be the case, but I can ... More

  • I would love to see your sample letters as well.  Thanks ... More

  • Thank you, Mike.  As I am fairly new to my position ... More

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    RE: Stelter for PG

    We have been using Stelter since 2011 (two brochure ... More

  • I work with a small, relatively new, nonprofit organization.  ... More

  • Crystal, may I also have the link to your sample letters? ... More

  • I think the question is not as simply answered as you ... More

  • Hi there - I agree with most of what everyone has shared. ... More

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  • Hi Folks, Given the small size of the organization, ... More

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  • We send each item as it's own piece. We send several ... More

  • This is a great question. I think your establishment ... More

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    Stelter for PG

    ​Hi All: I'm wondering how many of you use Stelter ... More

  • ​I'd love to see samples, too! Thank you for all who ... More