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  • These are the experts in that subject: ... More

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    RE: Grant Writers

    Ambria, I presume you tried to use the AFP Consultants ... More

  • Susan, so the Basic plan with Typeform is only $15/month ... More

  • Mid-range gifts are not universally defined - but your ... More

  • Hello, fellow fundraisers, Have you done a presentation ... More

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    Classy platform

    Hi all,  I'm wondering if any of you use Classy as ... More

  • Can you please advise if and how your organization ... More

  • Hello, does anyone have a template for Gift Acceptance ... More

  • isn't free, however, it has a generous ... More

  • HI! I am with Auction & Event Solutions (AES). We are ... More

  • Early in my fundraising career, after a transition ... More

  • Hello, Tracy is right on target - have personal conversations ... More

  • Does anyone have advice or feedback on these app-based ... More

  • I think it depends upon the community, although I would ... More

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    RE: Online auction apps

    Thank you very much. Sent from Mail for W ... More

  • I have not, but I have used OneCause (BidPal) and Community ... More

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    Naming rights policy

    Hoping someone can share information regarding a naming ... More

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    Grant Writers

    Hello! Can anyone tell me if there are professional ... More

  • Hello Fundraisers!  Though it is a niche conference, ... More

  • Hi all, Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday.  ... More

  • Hi, I use Alchemer, formerly SurveyGizmo. They have ... More

  • If a donor restricts their gift to your organization, ... More

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  • Yes, much of the time, business leaders have issues ... More

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  • I was going to suggest what Michelle did.  We use classes ... More

  • Using appeals to segment donors funds is not ideal ... More

  • You do need to keep track of restricted gifts somehow. ... More

  • I don't think you can legitimately say that a donor's ... More

  • Breakfast is absolutely the better time to attract ... More

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    PayPal alternatives

    With PayPal's recent fee increase, what are alternatives ... More

  • Stephanie KImmel's response below is insightful. When ... More

  • I would be hesitant to assume that adding more programs ... More

  • Since they're opting to make an additional donation ... More

  • I'd ask your board to create a development committee, ... More

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    RE: Event photos

    We've only done this kind of thing for minors who are ... More

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    RE: Funding Buckets

    Don't let the accounting department run your nonprofit. ... More

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  • A few things jump to mind: 1. As a potential donor, ... More

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    Funding Buckets

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I think for business leaders, you'll get the most in ... More

  • I would invite smaller gift-in-kind donors if you are ... More

  • Are these individuals, or businesses? In my experience, ... More

  • It really depends on what you mean - there are a lot ... More

  • Hello all, We are looking for free survey platforms ... More

  • Please share how you have recognized donors to a comprehensive ... More

  • Hi Casey: How does VolunteerHub's pricing work?  We ... More

  • We are trying to understand how to maximize what Salesforce ... More

  • Do you think that a university fundraiser at a breakfast ... More

  • Hi Sarah, I'm the OP and am not so nervous anymore ... More

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    Online auction apps

    I have customers who are interested in using either ... More

  • The best source (that I know of) that tracks compensation ... More

  • Hey Lynda! Thanks for being consistent and persistent!  ... More

  • Hello Everyone, I am curious if your organization ... More

  • Hi Leslie, this sounds like a great idea! Depending ... More

  • Hi Mark,  Check out , a ... More

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    RE: AFPLead

    Hello, Heather, I attended the first LEAD (at the ... More

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    Charity Engine

    Does anyone use Charity Engine for fundraising data ... More

  • We just finished a large renovation of our public library. ... More

  • We use VolunteerHub. It's user friendly and allows ... More

  • We use Mon Ami for our volunteer software and it reports ... More

  • Hi, Emily, I assume the winning team must earn ... More

  • I'm SO interested to see if anyone knows the answer ... More

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    Recommendations for Renovation Campaign

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Good Morning Members, I am a new member of AFP. My ... More

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    RE: Grant Writers: Recruiting, Rates, Returns

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • We are having an event in August that includes an evening ... More

  • I am located in the greater Boston area. I pay a Boston-based ... More

  • The last organization I was with implemented Bloomerang. ... More

  • Hi, Emily,   I read case studies at ... More

  • Some of the steps involved include: --Screening your ... More

  • Following: We are looking into the same issues as ... More

  • Thanks for posting, Nikki. I am in need of this information ... More