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  • The results are in! Over the past two weeks we asked ... More

  • Hi AFP Open Forum folks!  It's Joanna, here, from AFP ... More

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    Naming Opportunities

    Curious to know how long different nonprofits are honoring ... More

  • I would approach it as an inspiration for others. It's ... More

  • Our account was hacked a few years ago and so we NEVER ... More

  • We are a small 501(c)3 and have done a few very successful ... More

  • We have Virtuous and love it. They are up & coming ... More

  • Thank you all for your input - very helpful! ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: CRM evaluation - metrics, growth & flexibility

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello original poster, I'm a bit curious about your ... More

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  • Patrick, We ask donors to contact us for the stock ... More

  • Hi Esther, Luckily for us, our operations manager ... More

  • Hi Elisabeth, I know exactly what you are talking ... More

  • The Department of Labor has new requirements coming ... More

  • Hello, all. We are looking to acquire a donor email ... More

  • Hello and Happy Holidays everyone, We are just starting ... More

  • Am I correct in soft-credit receipting all IRA and ... More

  • Is this essentially an in-kind donation for services? ... More

  • My AFP Chapter has issued a call for program proposals ... More

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    Salsa CRM

    Would anyone care to comment on their experience with ... More

  • We provide the information up front, along with other ... More

  • We also use Salsa. Can you elaborate on what makes ... More

  • We recently received a substantial end of year surprise ... More

  • We just recently redid our website and went through ... More

  • Thanks Mary, this is a good start for us.  I am still ... More

  • Hi Anne, DonorPerfect is meant for managing donor ... More

  • I'd like to hear how much information your organizations ... More

  • This is a great package! I think it's really impressive! ... More

  • Hi All, I currently work for an org that is wrestling ... More

  • Thank you all for your suggestions! I should have added ... More

  • Could it be this: ... More

  • I think Virtuous is top of the heap, along with Bloomerang.  ... More

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    CRM evaluation - metrics, growth & flexibility

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi  Anne, Salesforce is a great option and the software ... More

  • Following! ------------------------------ Lesley Pollard ... More

  • I recently had a demo with EveryAction and was very ... More

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    RE: In-kind gift question

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Pamela Grow often highlights well-made thank you's ... More

  • I supervise one individual and have attached a high ... More

  • I tried the Foundant tool, which is cheap, but it ultimately ... More

  • Hi Esther, I, too, supervise 2 hourly employees. It ... More

  • Sounds like someone needs to have a difficult conversation ... More

  • I recommend Salesforce. Salesforce is free for the ... More

  • One conversation you should be having (general scenario ... More

  • It really depends upon what kind of life insurance ... More

  • Time to blame the auditors. The biggest red flag in ... More

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    RE: Life Insurance policies

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • A board member has asked us to sign off on a Board ... More

  • Ann, how nice of you to continue supporting this organization! ... More

  • Hey all! I've been pushing for one of my team, our ... More

  • I am also wondering this same thing.  We are a small ... More

  • Hi! I am getting organized and ready for 2020 and ... More

  • I'd say you need more fiscal, legal & liability clarity. ... More

  • I suggest you ask only that they clear such request ... More

  • I've never heard of a Betterment foundation.  There ... More

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    In-kind gift question

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thank you everyone for your insightful suggestions. ... More

  • Elizabeth, I just completed an arrangement in our ... More

  • Amy, that definitely sounds "unnecessarily complex ... More

  • Hello, I work for a small private school (grades 5-12) ... More

  • Since there is long-term, on-going administration cost ... More

  • Greetings fellow fundraisers, I have retired but am ... More

  • Brian, The thing that I have found the most helpful ... More

  • Hi Elisabeth, I put this together several years ago. ... More

  • I have attached our gift acceptance policy for your ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    I ran a small nonprofit that grew in size over the ... More

  • Hi I noticed your post.  One of our clients, Techbridge, ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    I read this to mean that you are unable to take vacation ... More

  • We do - feel free to email me directly and I can send ... More

  • Asia -  We have been using for a myriad ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    Hi Jill We are in Canada, so the stat holidays are ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello all, Our Board of Directors has asked us to ... More

  • Hi Anne, I work with a similar organization that offers ... More

  • Hi! I currently use Donor Perfect and Google Sheets. ... More

  • I am in the process of developing a major gifts committee ... More

  • Does anyone have a current hospital policy that addresses/prohibits ... More

  • This can be tricky but... our local Goodwill has a ... More

  • Hi friends, I am trying to ... More

  • Hi Seth, We deal with a similar issue, esp at holiday ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    Thank you all for your feedback! I appreciate it very ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    Jill, I am in discussion for a position with a small ... More

  • I have been using Asana, which is a project management ... More

  • I work with a small outreach in a low income neighborhood. ... More

  • We use QuickBooks.  There is a "To Do List" that keeps ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    Whoops, was not taking the whole year into consideration. ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    Hi Jill, Our office is usually closed for 7 holidays ... More

  • Hi Asia, Does Donor Perfect have anything like a Leads ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    Hi, Jill, I'm full-time and there are two half-time ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    RFP Template for Fundraising Counsel

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    RE: Holidays

    We are officially closed and have paid days for Christmas ... More

  • We are a local non-profit and in the past we have not ... More

  • Hello, Asia - Have you looked into the Moves Management ... More

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    We are a very small nonprofit (two staff and 5 volunteers) ... More

  • BrightDot has created board expectations and a scorecard ... More

  • You can use a project management software, like, ... More

  • Hi, I have not used it, but the features look compelling. ... More

  • Hi Asia, I'm looking into and have a call ... More

  • We used Charity Auctions for several years and really ... More

  • Wow! Thank you for posting this question. When I ... More

  • ------------------------------ Esther Landau, CFRE ... More

  • You local community foundation may be helpful. However, ... More

  • This comes up a lot in disaster response (both international ... More

  • Does anyone know of a free resource for a Grant Tracking ... More

  • Hi Genna, Specific to your question related to using ... More

  • I believe #GivingTuesday should be mainly-but not necessarily ... More

  • Hi,  I am at a brand new job as a development coordinator. ... More

  • I'm happy to report that Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta ... More

  • We are currently using Charity Auctions. This year ... More

  • I do love the idea of trying to refocus everyone's ... More

  • Abby, Our local chapter has had great feedback on ... More

  • Elizabeth, I would encourage you to contact your local/area ... More

  • The Oct 2019 edition of Advancing Philanthropy was ... More

  • ​I'm curious if anyone experience the same issue we ... More

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    Fundtracker Software

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I too have been in similar situations. As Theresa mentions, ... More

  • Does Network for Good also have resources for online ... More

  • How many records do you have? I am obsessed with Bloomerang, ... More

  • Hi Abby, You may want to consider connecting with ... More

  • We are looking for a low cost auction pay system. ... More

  • We have been so disappointed with GiftWorks customer ... More

  • Seth, Your post made me smile. I've encountered similar ... More

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  • Heather Hill, CNM, CFRE has done a lot of work on ethics ... More

  • Hi Terri, Thanks so much for your insight. ... More

  • As a fundraising copywriter who just wrote email campaigns ... More

  • Hello,  I have a donor that is interested in donating ... More

  • Hi all, We are in the process of reviewing our ... More

  • I'm curious how many organizations have an issue with ... More

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    RE: Forum Post

    Years ago, I worked for a hospice - and as you would ... More

  • Genna - My organization started using Network for ... More

  • Hi Julian, I have a client in New Jersey with a similar ... More

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    RE: Issues with Frontstream/Giftworks

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello, We're in the process of redoing our walk sponsorship ... More

  • It is very important that you know you will make the ... More

  • Hello Jonathan and all who have replied to my question. ... More

  • Good Morning Amy -  Great question.  Your explanation ... More

  • Hi there, I am in a simaliar boat in terms of organizational ... More

  • Endowment funds work very well for this kind of thing ... More

  • Giving Tuesday has never been very successful for the ... More

  • Hi, I'm on the leadership team of the Sheboygan Area ... More

  • We decided to just do a social media presence and no ... More

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    Retirement Campaign

    Does anyone have experience with a fundraising ... More

  • I completely agree, Jenny.  Given the amount of work ... More