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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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  • Cheryl, accepting donations of appreciated stock is ... More

  • Hi Anon, I think Toni had some really great advice. ... More

  • keeping it simple; 1) Open a brokerage account, TD ... More

  • Greetings, Has anyone had a donor return an auction ... More

  • Hi Cheryl, In order to receive a gift of stock, your ... More

  • We regularly accept stock gifts as a donation to our ... More

  • Hi, Kathy - I love that the Chronicle of Philanthropy ... More

  • We have discovered at BrightDot that in situations ... More

  • Hello! I am wondering what the groups thoughts are ... More

  • AFP has a ready reference booklet on Developing Fundraising ... More

  • You're the best!  Thanks! ------------------------------ ... More

  • We are in need of an update as well! If anyone is willing ... More

  • Hello, Our organization has been offered an opportunity ... More

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    RE: Legacy Gift

    Latasha,  I would love to help you with this!  I work ... More

  • Dear Anon,   I can think of many and would be glad ... More

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  • Hi Amanda, I personally think that individual BOD ... More

  • At our gala we are honoring a foundation that does ... More

  • If you trust your board for oversight and governance, ... More

  • Hi Amanda, It is true that Blackthorn has a payment ... More

  • Hi there. I am available to contribute if needed. I ... More

  • I redacted the dollar amounts, but this is the format ... More

  • We used it for a couple of months. It was simple, which ... More

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    Board Fundraising Ideas

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi there! I have had experience in fundraising both ... More

  • Gabriel Group in the St. Louis area does a great job ... More

  • We are moving from DonorPerfect to Salesforce as well.  ... More

  • Sometimes ours are requested as part of grant applications. ... More

  • Hi Daniel, We use Classy too. Happy to chat about ... More

  • Hi Medha, I believe the goal for Blackthorn was for ... More

  • Hi Mandy, My organization has used DonorPerfect for ... More

  • Hey there, Does anyone do individual progress reports ... More

  • Carol Wiesman of Board Builders is an excellent speaker ... More

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    Grant Hub

    Does anyone use Grant Hub? What do you like/dislike ... More

  • Hi Ellen, This is excellent information regarding ... More

  • Thank you all for your input and advice - it only confirms ... More

  • Hi Billy, you've already received some great insights. ... More

  • To me, the email sets the wrong tone with the board ... More

  • I agree with Bill that donor thank yous are extremely ... More

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    RE: Member Dues

    Hi Nancy, Thank you! Alan Alan Raisman Manager ... More

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    RE: Giving levels

    In my career, I have found this to be extremely common ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, We're in a near-identical situation. ... More

  • Hello AFP Members, I am excited to prepare for ... More

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    Annual Report

    Hello --  In the digital era, tell me, who are you ... More

  • Hi Daniel, I work at Berea College, and we use Classy. ... More

  • Good Morning, Can anyone share the vendors they ... More

  • Thanks, everyone, for your responses! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Karen, As of May last year, GDPR compliance went ... More

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    RE: Member Dues

    Hello, Alan, I have been a proud member of AFP for ... More

  • Hi, folks! I am new to development and fundraising ... More

  • I prefer to highlight the benefits to our clients. ... More

  • Hi all, I am on the board of a small and not very ... More

  • Hello, I Would be interested in learning more about ... More

  • Rev Brian I am CEO of a small Non Profit in Florida ... More

  • Our office has been looking into using the online fundraising ... More

  • Good morning.  I would like to talk with you about ... More

  • Looking for qualified speaker who will come to one ... More

  • Thanks for everyone's feedback. You've all given me ... More

  • Hi, I'm a doctoral student at Talbot Seminary (Biola ... More

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    RE: Giving levels

    Interested as well. I've posted this question before ... More

  • Hi Heather. Our chapter holds an awards and recognition ... More

  • Catherine, I am the DD at a private K-12 school and ... More

  • Hi Nickie!  Would you feel comfortable uploading it ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, The only real con I see is that it ... More

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    RE: Giving levels

    Following. Interested as well. ------------------------------ ... More

  • HI Alan - We use to get the $500 software fee waived ... More

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    Member Dues

    I am going to no longer be a young professional, and ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, Can I ask what you spent before? We ... More

  • Thanks, I'm also interested in this topic. We are planning ... More

  • Susan: It is interesting that many nonprofits still ... More

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    Speaker Needed

    Looking for a qualified speaker to donate their time ... More

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    Donor Personas

    I'm preparing some materials for a fundraising task ... More

  • Hi Anna, We are similar in the fact that donors=members ... More

  • Has anyone used AppealMaker software, or a competitor's ... More

  • This has been a discussion at our non-profit as well. ... More

  • Hello!  I am curious to see what some of our other ... More

  • Hi Esther,  I completely get your frustration. I think ... More

  • I am on the Board of a NPO that is in turmoil.  The ... More

  • Hi Christine, It seems like you have the need for ... More

  • Dear Anonymous, Thanks for the follow-up message. ... More

  • Hi Amanda, What function are you trying to achieve ... More

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    RE: Engaging New Corporate Donors - Best Practices

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • My organization moved from Blackbaud's etapestry to ... More

  • We currently have DonorPerfect and while I just arrived, ... More

  • Hi John! I just emailed it over! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Use GiveLively, its 100% free and has great customization ... More

  • Hello all, My agency supports people with disabilities. ... More

  • Hi Kit - It must be the season for working on Donor ... More

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    RE: Patient Lists

    Yes. Under HIPAA, you have the same rights to clinic ... More

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    RE: Vendor sponsors for fundraising event

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi Anna, I am new in my role with a riverway and we ... More

  • Thanks! Leslie L. Garman, CFRE 515-238-1166 mobile ... More

  • We just re-did ours a few months ago. I will email ... More

  • Hello, All. We're revising our gift acceptance policy. ... More

  • Leslie: We use Give Lively. No issues! Kit ------------------------------ ... More

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    Giving levels

    Hi all, I am conducting research regarding ... More

  • This can be touchy and I've had board members be all ... More

  • Great reminder! I've been meaning to include that in ... More

  • Two of our large food vendors have declined participating ... More

  • We are looking at adding the Event Module to our Raisers ... More

  • The form is required only if you sell the item within ... More

  • I have also used Bidding for Good for several years, ... More

  • I would share this information with the chair since ... More

  • My organization is moving from DonorPerfect to Salesforce ... More

  • Hi Amy- We switched databases last year but ... More

  • These are great Mary, thank you for sharing!   Cheers, ... More

  • Hi, we use Bidding for Good for all of our silent auctions. ... More

  • I understand that being cognizant of the costs related ... More

  • Hi Esther, I can hear your frustration with your ... More

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    RE: DonorPerfect

    Hi Amy, I manage our DonorPerfect software for Keystone ... More

  • I would recommend you suggest a give or get approach ... More

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    RE: DonorPerfect

    Hi Amy; We were in your situation exactly.  Moving ... More

  • Oops you already shared it. Thank you!! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Mary, Do you mind sharing the development document ... More

  • Hi Terri, What kind of support are you looking for?  ... More

  • Locally in RI our United Way offers trainings through ... More

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    Patient Lists

    Our hospital provides us a list of patients with their ... More

  • Ah, I just noticed that you shared it above. Thank ... More

  • Mary,  I am curious about the "board development packet" ... More

  • At BrightDot we have created 7 very clear and measurable ... More

  • Hi Alan, Thanks for your reply. Our thank you letters ... More

  • Monica, Greater Giving quoted me an all inclusive ... More

  • Hi Kristy, In our "Board Member Responsibilities" ... More

  • Hello everyone! I work for a membership-based art ... More

  • Hey y'all. Just sat in on my Board's strategic planning ... More

  • My non-profit is small and has only been around for ... More

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    My organization is moving from 'old' Raisers Edge to ... More

  • HI Marie, You have had some good responses here.  ... More

  • HI Lisa, You have received quite a few responses.  ... More

  • With the right information on gift capacity, an organization ... More

  • Hi Leslie and Katalyn, I've attached our packet. ... More

  • Alan and other small to medium NPO's, What are your ... More

  • Following! I would like to see this as well. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Historically, the only information we've shared with ... More

  • Hi Lisa, I believe in building long term relations ... More

  • Having been a dedicated prospect researcher, the first ... More

  • Hello Mary, Great tips!  Would you mind sharing your ... More

  • I used to be firmly in the 'no ask' - even a BRE until ... More

  • I am curious how ROI is assessed when purchasing these ... More

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    RE: Data services

    Mary, coincidentally I just so happen to be a Grand ... More

  • Yes! Take a look at Touchpoints ( ... More