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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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    RE: Conditional pledges

    Congratulations on securing this important pledge.  ... More

  • I would not book. Aldervan Daly ------------------------------ ... More

  • This is a great topic! I have often thought about how ... More

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    Conditional pledges

    My organization is raising money for a project that ... More

  • Stephanie, Thank you for the recommendation! I will ... More

  • During a conversation with a CFO, I was told that because ... More

  • Mike and Nikki-- This is super helpful. I put myself ... More

  • Hey all - that .30 transaction fee is for the underwriting ... More

  • Thank you for explaining and including the AFP Ethics ... More

  • Agree with all the above about personal, handwritten ... More

  • Hi Scott, I've attached the AFP Ethics Committee Guidance ... More

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  • ​No way abandon annual giving! You will dry up your ... More

  • Hi Nickie, I agree with everyone in lauding your "notes ... More

  • ​The cards are great. The kids might also make some ... More

  • A couple of things that are quick to do are energy ... More

  • hi, donor box and give lively work with stripe as well ... More

  • Would something like Stripe work? ------------------------------ ... More

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  • Your initial response is correct. Unless the donor ... More

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  • Hi Katie, In my view, strategic events: 1. Produce revenue ... More

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  • My experience is that every grant is different. Government ... More

  • Fantastic question. Have you contacted AFP directly ... More

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    RE: 2017 Tax Reform

    We've been okay in terms of smaller donors, up 4% from ... More

  • Kid-drawn cards can be incredibly effective. We usually ... More

  • We use WooCommerce as the back end of our website. ... More

  • P-E-R-F-E-C-T (with a bonus helping of cuteness)!  Well ... More

  • Wayne, You're definitely right- we are going with ... More

  • We had a similar issue - too many events without a ... More

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  • Have you checked with your bank? They probably have ... More

  • Nickie, There is nothing better that you could do ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, I recommend Chris Baylis of the. sponsorship ... More

  • For events, we regularly have our students write a ... More

  • hi, check out the following: ... More

  • Dear Nickie, What age are your kids in the youth ... More

  • This is a great request. I'd be interested as well. ... More

  • Could you not use the Event Ticketing page for tuition ... More

  • We are an incredibly event-heavy organization, and ... More

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  • Hi Stephanie, I was wondering if you have an example ... More

  • Hello, Ken, I am going to respond based upon my current ... More

  • Thanks all for the great advice. I haven't done anything ... More

  • I have more luck with Thursdays.  Fridays and Saturdays ... More

  • Oh boy, I've been there before!  I want to pick up ... More

  • Hi all - we have just switched over to Network For ... More

  • Colleagues, I am looking for the easiest way to auction ... More

  • ​Hi Janet, A designed gift, 100% should go to where ... More

  • Sami Sinek sounds great (Mike Montalto's recommendation). ... More

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  • Lisa, I work with a foundation that is classified as ... More

  • Hi all, My non-profit is going to be the beneficiary ... More

  • Can you tell us a little about what your organization ... More

  • Thanks so much!  Appreciate this very much as we prepare ... More

  • While I agree that the name would be best, unfortunatley, ... More

  • Great suggestions Nancy! Thank you. ------------------------------ ... More

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  • Hi Miranda, this is a great topic, thanks for pursuing ... More

  • Scott, You have received many thoughtful replies, ... More

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  • Stephanie, Dr. Russell James at Texas Tech has published ... More

  • Yes. ------------------------------ Tim Logan, ACFRE, ... More

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  • Thank you all so much! These suggestions are very helpful. ... More

  • Most Peer to Peer fundraising companies charge Platform ... More

  • Hi Jocelyn! I just finished helping a small historical ... More

  • DRG in New York is great -  Steve Goldberg is a steady ... More

  • Thank you that totally makes sense! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Although the nature of these roles is very relational, ... More

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    2017 Tax Reform

    What kind of impact have organizations seen on their ... More

  • Thank you so much, Fred and Erin! Very helpful feedback! ... More

  • You can't give tax advice to the corporation, so I ... More

  • I should have been clearer. The problem with sponsorships ... More

  • I am not an attorney, so this is just my opinion based ... More

  • The IRS rules don't have actually address the value ... More

  • Hello, I suggest flipping the lead to managerphilanthropy@ ... More

  • Hi, Shamika, Unless you are looking to transition ... More

  • Giving USA publishes an annual survey of state laws ... More

  • While I agree about leaving the budget at the office, ... More

  • For what it's worth, we are hiring a Director of Development ... More

  • Check out formal IRS definitions of sponsorship. You ... More

  • A client asked the following after explaining that ... More

  • I am the Founder of a non-profit organization that ... More

  • Hi Everyone! I am working on a research paper about ... More

  • I would be interested to hear suggestions in this area ... More

  • In my experience it depends on the type of fundraiser ... More

  • Hello! I am making changes to the titles in my department ... More

  • Hi Samantha, Before my first day at my current position, ... More

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  • ------Original Message------ A huge thank you to everyone ... More

  • Hello Kristina, I was contacted by a non-profit ... More

  • I would not include a membership in the  "off-the-shelf) ... More

  • I had a similar experience with one client. We did ... More

  • Ken, Catherine, and James, Thank you all for ... More

  • Are you legally obligated to register to solicit in ... More

  • Hi Jocelyn, Congratulations for making the decision ... More

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    Supporting 501c3

    Does anyone work for a "supporting 501c3" or have experience ... More

  • We have started to receive some questions from donors ... More

  • We officially signed on with Neon.  I am a Raisers ... More

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  • I may be old school, but I would simply call the donor ... More

  • Also, look for recruits via your local AFP regional ... More

  • I think Sponsorship and Membership are similar "animals" ... More

  • Thanks for your advice and feedback everyone! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hello, As was mentioned I am not sure where you are ... More

  • Following this post.  My organization is in the same ... More

  • Hello, Kristina, I can't tell where you are located, ... More

  • Be very careful!  Typically, agencies are uber-expensive ... More

  • My colleague Ron Guisinger would be happy to talk with ... More

  • Hi all, I have been trained to always keep membership ... More

  • Here is a sample Job Description which you can edit ... More

  • I have come to believe that a strong AG program is ... More

  • I forgot to mention that our fundraiser is in November, ... More

  • We had our gala on a Saturday for many years.  One ... More

  • Thanks for your feedback - you have confirmed our instincts ... More

  • Hi Everyone, We think it may be time to revamp our ... More

  • Hi all: I am looking for advice. I was asked earlier ... More

  • Does anyone have an annual review document that is ... More

  • Does anyone have an agency they can recommend for Development ... More

  • Yes.  The first time one of my boards tackled this, ... More

  • I agree with Ken, but it was unclear to me as to whether ... More

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    Donor development

    Sent from my Jerry!s Ipad More

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    Designated Fund

    Donors .... now a way to donate to specified charities ... More

  • Hello all, Our Board Nominations committee has ... More

  • Hi Jess, I agree with my colleagues, I had some very ... More

  • We have a few donors like this.  They are usually married ... More

  • Thank you for the advice, Mike!  We do not currently ... More

  • Jess, I would not include *anything* in your appeal ... More

  • This message was sent securely using Zix (r) ... More

  • Hi all, New to AFP (and to fundraising!) -- I hope ... More

  • We are revamping our advancement committee as well ... More

  • Hello, I am planning my next fundraiser and wanted ... More

  • I would probably wait it out then for at least another ... More

  • Hi Laura We have worked with the NPO community for ... More

  • Hello everyone! We are hosting a two day membership ... More

  • We talked about the gift and then actually asked for ... More

  • I agree with Mary Beth. If you want to see this organization ... More

  • Has anyone ever been involved on a campaign with another ... More

  • ​Hi Mary, Did you ask for the gift in your meeting? ... More

  • Hello, Interesting about offering a premium for a ... More

  • Good morning, Good question--which I will follow ... More

  • I have worked with nonprofit boards for 25+ years and ... More

  • I obtain the signatures on a white piece of paper and ... More

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    Interviewing for a grant writers job with a not for ... More

  • Hi Paula (et al), I work for a 501(c)(3) offshoot/charitable ... More

  • Can anyone share some best practices/advice on matching ... More