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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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  • I'm looking at trialing a Sponsorship Platform to see ... More

  • Hello - my organization is turning 30 this year and ... More

  • Hi Greg, Our Directors have always felt a multi-channel ... More

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    RE: 3rd party events

    We have a Third Party Letter of Agreement that we require ... More

  • I suppose there could be reasons to not include those ... More

  • I have to say that I agree with Wayne.  Besides, I ... More

  • Alison, I am probably not going to give you the ... More

  • Thank you for the suggestions.  I will probably try ... More

  • Hi Greg, We mail a thank you/tax letter signed by our ... More

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    3rd party events

    Good morning all, Looking for any advice on creating ... More

  • Hello, my organization just combined its fundraising ... More

  • ​I would be interested in hearing ideas as well. We ... More

  • Hi, Carol. In one previous org, we've brought ... More

  • Hello, It's been a while since I've researched establishing ... More

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    RE: Grant Trainging

    I have been requested to become a "certified" grant ... More

  • Hello all, Several colleagues and I have ... More

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    RE: Donor Appreciation

    Have you considered changing the time of day for your ... More

  • Curious to know who sends Mail (post) to donors who ... More

  • Good Morning Everyone, In light of Father's Day yesterday,  ... More

  • ​Greetings Everyone, My company is coming up on a ... More

  • My hospital foundation's Cash Cow staff lottery has ... More

  • Lisa, I would encourage you to reach out to Jim LaJoie ... More

  • I should clarify! Not medical insurance, but Insurance ... More

  • Rebecca, I did something similar to what Peter described ... More

  • You can  segment your donor base and run an event more ... More

  • My non-profit started using Just Works about a year ... More

  • Hi Mercedes. There was an earlier discussion along ... More

  • Some years ago I saw samples at a conference from a ... More

  • Rebecca How many different endowment funds are ... More

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    Nonprofit Insurance

    Can anyone recommend a company they’ve worked with ... More

  • We new have space, having previously rented for thirteen ... More

  • I concur with Louis - when I do follow up emails, I ... More

  • Not something I've ever done at my non-profit, but ... More

  • Fabulous! This is a great opener for our next AFP meeting. ... More

  • Hi Rebecca,  The one's I like the most are sort and ... More

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  • Hi Lisa,  Hard to strategize without knowing more ... More

  • Hi Lauren, Have totally been there and found the same ... More

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    Donor Appreciation

    Hi everyone, We typically hold 2-3 donor appreciation ... More

  • Hello, I am curious if others have success with ... More

  • Why $12.50? I'm curious as to why not $10 or $15? ... More

  • Thanks Betsy, I have something similar to whay you ... More

  • I am currently working with a library on a renovation ... More

  • I am interested in this as well as our Governance Committee ... More

  • My CEO shared this with me this morning and it made ... More

  • Our story is complicated but in a nutshell, our Foundation ... More

  • We are about to roll out a monthly giving program, ... More

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    RE: Grant Trainging

    Agree with all the previous comments.  Additionally, ... More

  • Good morning! I'm creating a new piece for endowment ... More

  • Hi Amy,  An important role and responsibility of all ... More

  • I've been researching best practices, which seem to ... More

  • There are plenty of good trainings.  Look for webinars ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, First question - are you ready to ... More

  • Our expectation is that board members give at a level ... More

  • You will find great tips and tools on the Apra website. ... More

  • I took a one-week training through the Grantsmanship ... More

  • We also require a personally significant donation each ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, You should check out the New Researchers ... More

  • I agree with Lisa. Perhaps on the financials page, ... More

  • We had a board expectations list that they signed when ... More

  • I've used IWave for six years and believe it's an excellent ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, I would suggest that you come up with ... More

  • I would suggest the matter be handled in a letter/note ... More

  • Hi Hillary, Do you know if Canadians who make a donation ... More

  • Hello AFP Community, My organization has recently ... More

  • Thank you Nancy! ------------------------------ Laura ... More

  • I have always felt that you report gross to the public ... More

  • Yes, but you also want stakeholders to know how much ... More

  • Here in Tucson, the public library has wonderful grant ... More

  • Mary has good suggestions. It might also help to first ... More

  • Interesting responses. I have only reported the net ... More

  • I grabbed this from Center of Nonprofits ( ... More

  • Hi Sam! Thanks for taking the time to reply. That's ... More

  • Thanks so much for your feedback! I am definitely trying ... More

  • Hi Andrew, I'll throw our hat in the ring too! I work ... More

  • Hi Stephanie, I'll preface this by saying that I have ... More

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  • Hey Mercedes, I ran into a very similar issue at a ... More

  • Hey Holli, This post may be useful - it even includes ... More

  • Thank you all for your help! Still creating a new ... More

  • Hi Amy,  Our organization has a board member fee as ... More

  • Thank you Mary, that's great! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi there, The industry standard is 140-160, with a ... More

  • Hi Laura, Such an interesting question! I have ... More

  • Gosh - we don't do donor walls (small office, no space) ... More

  • Colleagues,  I am preparing this year's annual report ... More

  • Good morning! I am looking for some data on board ... More

  • Last November we purchased Bloomerang and intend to ... More

  • Good Morning, I'm in the US and what you just described ... More

  • Hello, Several thoughts: 1. Ditto the Grant Professionals ... More

  • Agree with @Kaci Brady on this - we share how much ... More

  • Would emphatically recommend Charity Dynamics - ... More

  • Great idea about sharing list with your grant writer. ... More

  • Yes, and! I reviewed your website - what a fun mission! ... More

  • Your grant writer will be elated if you share your ... More

  • Hi,  Candid, the new partnership between Guidestar ... More

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  • The tax law in the US that outlines the distinction ... More

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  • I went to the Foundation Center in NYC; they offer ... More

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    RE: Grant Trainging

    The Grant Professionals Association is an excellent ... More

  • There are a number of shops. I do think you might end ... More

  • Thanks so much, Mike. Great article! ------------------------------ ... More

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    Grant Trainging

    Do any of you know of a great source for Grant Writing? ... More

  • Hi Kaci - would you mind sharing which mobile bidding ... More

  • Kathy, Has one or the other been done previously? ... More

  • Hi Ann, So much depends on the mix of prospects. ... More

  • Jane, You are smart to be cautious about how you ... More

  • Hi! A previous administration in our museum decided ... More

  • Hello, Scott!  I am an experienced fundraising consultant.  ... More

  • I have always reported gross revenue. It was my Ed ... More

  • I am looking for recommendations on consulting services ... More

  • Jane, you've actually brought up a number of issues: ... More

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    Donor vs Sponsor?

    Can someone offer the legal definition/distinction ... More

  • Our consulting firm would say that once you hit 100 ... More

  • Ann, That is an age old question, and one that has ... More

  • Hi Kaye, Unless requested by the surviving spouse, ... More

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    Interview Questions

    My executive director will be conducting interviews ... More

  • Hi Scott, I have two that I typically recommend to ... More

  • When we are thanking our sponsors, patrons, etc. We ... More

  • Hi Jane - corporate sponsorships usually come out of ... More

  • Both numbers are important to report for full transparency. ... More

  • Hi Jane, We normally target local businesses and organizations ... More

  • Talking to the donor is good to see if they want to ... More

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    RE: Event Name

    We have a speaker series that is periodic in nature ... More

  • Patient stories are very powerful. Even if you do a ... More

  • I totally agree with Kenneth. Separate the two...condolence ... More

  • Julia, I'm not an expert on the laws but I would ... More

  • I would target local businesses and corporations. Typically ... More

  • Scott- How exciting!  Have you issued an RFP?  Happy ... More

  • This might be a good opportunity to have a touchpoint ... More

  • ​My two cents: Donors differ from each other as do ... More

  • Forgive the typo. Realized "upset" turned out as "upset." ... More

  • I am soliciting corporations, organizations and individuals ... More

  • Hi Zachary, Does your state have a Council for Nonprofits? ... More

  • I, too, am looking for donor strategy documents, but ... More

  • HI everyone. Quick question - what is your opinion ... More

  • Do you report Gross revenue or Net revenue totals to ... More

  • Please reach out as soon as possible if you or anyone ... More

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    Event Name

    Good Afternoon, We are switching up our annual fundraiser ... More

  • That is great, Jessica! I am new to the non-profit ... More

  • Wow! That is incredible information. I specifically ... More

  • Dear , Please allow me to re-extend condolences on ... More

  • Thanks so much for the advice.  I think I need to clarify ... More

  • Everyone is offering great suggestions and advice!  ... More

  • Kim, Thanks for your reply. This helps A LOT. Here's ... More