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  • My answer is no. No gift is too small.  I did have ... More

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  • I very much agree with Mary, it is a benefit to them. ... More

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    RE: Gala ROI data

    ​ We are a SMALL 44-bed, rural hospital foundation. Our ... More

  • A volunteer at an organization that will remain nameless ... More

  • Do you reimburse your board members for their travel ... More

  • My university doesn't plan to build more buildings. ... More

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  • Search firms will assist with Board recrutiment.  However, ... More

  • ​In my experience the tickets are usually priced to ... More

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    RE: PSA

    Hi, Charity. Here are some PSAs I wrote for Silicon ... More

  • Following! ------------------------------ Elise Embry ... More

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    Gala ROI data

    Hi Everyone! Just a friendly reminder! Below ... More

  • Hi Friends, wondering if anyone has advice on event ... More

  • Hi all, Throughout the year, our organization hosts ... More

  • Hello, AFP Community! I am the new (and only) Development ... More

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  • Boatd members should all be making gifts from their ... More

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    RE: PSA

    What length?  Are you promoting an event or just your ... More

  • Good afternoon, everyone. Several of you have requested ... More

  • I am interested to find out if others set "return on ... More

  • Esther, We implemented Double the Donation this past ... More

  • Andrea, I would love to chat with you about our experience ... More

  • Hello everyone, Several of you contacted me about ... More

  • Hi, Laura. I'd appreciate the white paper as well. ... More

  • Hi Esther, LOL! Thanks for clarifying. Apologies for ... More

  • Thanks for sharing the idea of a 'video book' as a ... More

  • Medha, Thanks, but I'm referring to a software ( ... More

  • As someone who has spent years designing web based ... More

  • Hi Andrea, I would suggest you start with the free ... More

  • Hello, I've worked with an organization that uses ... More

  • Hello everyone! Has anyone integrated a matching gift ... More

  • has invited you to edit the ... More

  • replying to follow ------------------------------ ... More

  • We are a small, two person shop and implemented a CRM ... More

  • The program would include lawyers, finical advisors, ... More

  • Hi Lisa, We have an Amazon Smiles constituent record ... More

  • Each platform is a big different. With Amazon Smile, ... More

  • I would define board giving as individual giving at ... More

  • Hi Andrea, Congrats on this new venture! It's exciting ... More

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    RE: PSA

    Hi Charity, I'm going to toot the horn of my fantastic ... More

  • Hi Julie, Were you able to reach your fundraising ... More

  • I live in Latin America and a number of privately-owned ... More

  • Good morning, Kim. This is one of the most important ... More

  • Hello, All. I'm ne to my organization and revising ... More

  • Not necessarily, but make sure you send them more than ... More

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  • I am part of a new nonprofit that is starting from ... More

  • Hi All, I am looking for industry standards in regards ... More

  • Lisa, if there's a drop-down menu, there wouldn't be ... More

  • Hi Kate! The only definition on my stewardship ... More

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    Good Afternoon! I'm looking to see if anyone has samples ... More

  • Good morning, To honor our campaign volunteers we created ... More

  • If you go with Network for Good, be sure you ask about ... More

  • Hi Ken!  We're talking a lot about this at the organization ... More

  • When is an appropriate time to send a second ask to ... More

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    RE: Database

    Hi Meredith and Hillary, This topic keeps coming often ... More

  • Thanks for your feedback Ken. I'm of the same school ... More

  • My gut tells me the same thing, that more clicks depress ... More

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    RE: Database

    Hello, I have assisted several clients with finding ... More

  • Hi Mary, Thanks for your feedback. Do you find most ... More

  • Thank you for all of the suggestions. I have found ... More

  • Hi Haley and Karen, As Chair of the 2019 AFP Be the ... More

  • I agree with Reid regarding NextAfter. No stats on ... More

  • Hello, Here is a link to IRS information about what ... More

  • How do you define board giving? Must it be from the ... More

  • I've worked in Spektrix for four years and would not ... More

  • ​How are you recording donations from community giving ... More

  • Does anyone use Double the Donation? We are considering ... More

  • Our big Donate button allows people to either sign ... More

  • Can you keep me updated with results. I often do ... More

  • Lisa,  I don't have any specific stats to share - ... More

  • Here is the one we use and distribute in the wider ... More

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    RE: Database

    Hello Meredith, I noticed that in the previous discussion, ... More

  • Thanks! ------------------------------ Chris Ferguson ... More

  • Thanks everyone for your input! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Chris, I missed the second part of the question -- ... More

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    RE: Database

    Switched from RE to DonorPerfect.  Great software, ... More

  • Good question. The IRS requires that you provide a ... More

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    RE: Database

    Do you work with me and I don't know it?!? I am in ... More

  • ​Here is almost all you'd ever need in the way of acknowledgement ... More

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    RE: Database

    Thank you for this list!  Very helpful. ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Database

    Thank you for compiling the responses and re-posting ... More

  • Are you just talking about events? We are a healthcare ... More

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    RE: Database

    There was a long string on this subject a couple weeks ... More

  • Debi -- as you make your decisions, you may find this ... More

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    Donor Databases

    Looking to speak with a few users of Donor Perfect ... More

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    RE: Database

    Meredith, I'd love to chat about our experience with ... More

  • We held our annual luncheon last week. Tickets were ... More

  • Hi,  I agree with Margaret the thank you is best conversational. ... More

  • Hey Angi, I was on my out of an org that was transitioning ... More

  • We currently use Arts People. It is a ticketing system ... More

  • Hi All, I'm curious if anyone has stats on whether ... More

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    Hi, I am starting to research databases for ... More

  • We are evaluating our Gala's ROI so I would love to ... More

  • We are discussing the current thought on how to acknowledge ... More

  • Very helpful, Patty. Thank you! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Our small nonprofit is trying to establish a third-party ... More

  • I'd like a copy of that white paper on naming as well. ... More

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    RE: Grant Station

    Hello, As a member of Grants Professional Association ... More

  • Hey, We use a mix of both. Staff have images and bios ... More

  • Thanks! We'd been looking at DonorPerfect / Agile Ticketing. ... More

  • Thanks! We use a Blackbaud product now for donor management. ... More

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    RE: GuideStar

    One of my clients reached Guidestar Platinum level ... More

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    RE: Grant Station

    Linda, I haven't used GrantStation myself, but FYI, ... More

  • Courtney, about a mixture of both ideas: put the current ... More

  • "Mailchimp allows you to create multiple lists and ... More

  • Read Donor Centered Fundraising by Penelope Burk. ... More

  • I'll be attending for the 4th year in a row.  I assume ... More

  • Thank you for wonderful tips! Regina Sent from ... More

  • I found Vendini to be good for a scalable, lower cost ... More

  • I have been in development for 20+ years and have found ... More

  • Did anyone ever receive this? If so, it would be great ... More

  • This has been my experience, too.  If I mention it ... More

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  • Hi Bronwen! I'm new to fundraising, actually transitioning ... More

  • My organization would not mix charitable and business ... More

  • I agree with Lauren.  A community foundation is the ... More

  • Thanks Mary! I've used Tess in the past, but I ... More

  • Hey Wesley, Most Community Foundations offer these ... More

  • Hi Sam, Patron Manager platform of Salesforce CRM is ... More

  • Hi Laura,  Please send me the naming opportunity white ... More

  • Hi Sam, We switched to PatronManager last year, which ... More

  • We at the Minnesota Orchestra transitioned last year ... More

  • Hello all, I need some insight into best practices ... More