Chapter Award Winners

The highest award that AFP-GBR bestows is the  Brother Donnan Berry Award, named for one of our founding members.  Presented for Service to Chapter, these members have been recipients of this honor since 1997: 

1997: Stanton Cadow 

1999: Emily Distefano 

2000: Allison Callegan Traxler 

2001: Quinn Rainwater 

2002: Moffitt Aycock 

2003: Cecil Phillips 

2004: Michael Acaldo 

2005: Mila Sexton, CFRE 

2006: Keila Stovall and Denise Dokey 

2007: Susan Mintz Kantrow 

2008: Pinki Diwan 

2009: Cecil Phillips 

2010: Gwen Fairchild 

2011: Molly Sanchez, CFRE 

2012:  Danielle Mack, CFRE 

2013:  Carl Stages 

2014: Jane Henslee 

2015: Dan Krutz 

2016: Lynn Weill  

2017: Charlene Guarisco Montelaro, CAP 

Every year, the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter of AFP selects one member to receive the  AFP Foundation Chamberlain Scholarship  to attend AFP's annual International Conference. Former recipients are: 

1998: Robert W. Moore 

1999: Allison Callegan Traxler 

2000: Germaine Mitchell 

2003: Ayana McHenry 

2005: Theresa Slater 

2006: Cecil Phillips 

2007: Sheri Lazare 

2008: Barbara Auten, CFRE 

2009: Katie Thompson 

2010: Alecia Kleinpeter 

2011: Melissa Parmelee, CFRE 

2012: Lauren Michaud 

2013: Cindy Macha 

2014: Eunice McCarney, CFRE 

2015: Charlene Guarisco Montelaro, CAP 

2016: Melody Watson 

2017: Brittany Sykes