About the Event

The impact of philanthropy in Manitoba is profound.

As fundraising professionals, we join together to promote thoughtful and effective philanthropy in our province. One way we demonstrate the impact of our important work is through celebrating National Philanthropy Day by presenting the Manitoba Philanthropy Awards. 

The wonderful stories of our recipients allow us to share the power of philanthropy to our community and to recognize them for their time, commitment and passion for their cause.

Announcing the 2019 Manitoba Philanthropy Awards Honourees! 
Recipients will receive their award on November 15, 2019 at the annual National Philanthropy Day celebration

Marsha Cowan smiling Outstanding Professional Fundraiser

Described as an “innovator and champion of endowment fund building” Marsha Cowan is known for her professional aptitude in fundraising with a particular focus on empowering the Jewish community through philanthropy. Cowan may be most well known for her work with the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba to start a new planned giving campaign The Endowment Book of Life that saw bequest gifts grow exponentially year-after-year and the launch of the Women’s Endowment Fund which has awarded thousands of dollars to 80 different organizations in Manitoba across a variety of causes such as helping survivors of abuse, care for the elderly and supporting emerging artists.

Something you might not know about Cowan is that she was the first female president of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and its first female Chief Executive Officer. You can hear her story at the National Philanthropy Day celebration on November 15. 
Members of the Children's Hospital of Manitoba Guild Inc. at a bake sale
Outstanding Service Group

With over 200 members and over $3 million raised, the Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba Inc. is known for its outstanding service to the children of Winnipeg for more than 100 years. For the first 50 years of its existence the many volunteer members of the Guild funded all the functions of the Children’s Hospital -- operating bills, medical supplies, capital renovations, salaries and so much more. From the time of its opening in 1909 and until the provincial government assumed responsibility of funding for the Children’s Hospital in 1959, the Guild was the sole reason thousands of children received necessary services and care during that time. In fact, the Guild had gained so many dedicated volunteers that it separated into different guild groups in order to accommodate its own growth.

The Guild’s formation is credited to Annie A. Bond who, in 1903, identified a lack of hospital beds for children and realized that a separate hospital devoted to their care was the solution. She, along with many other women of Winnipeg, began volunteering and fundraising to build and operate what is still known as the Children’s Hospital. Find out more on November 15 when members of the Children's Hospital Guild of Manitoba will receive their Manitoba Philanthropy Award.
Manitoba Pork Council logo
Outstanding Contributions to Philanthropy (Under 100 Employees)

Something as simple as “pork on a bun” can make a big difference. For
Manitoba Pork Council, it’s only one of their many philanthropic initiatives that make them an outstanding organization. Countless pounds of pork have been donated by the Manitoba Pork Council for its charity barbecues and organizations such as Siloam Mission and Winnipeg Harvest who work to provide vital nourishment to vulnerable communities. The council has also given charitably to dozens of organizations in Manitoba, supported various agriculture in the classroom initiatives and has provided scholarships to agriculture students through the University of Manitoba, among many other philanthropic initiatives. Find out more about how Manitoba Pork Council has helped communities around Manitoba at the National Philanthropy Day celebration on November 15, 2019 held at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.
Johnston Group logo
Outstanding Contributions to Philanthropy (Over 100 Employees)

Johnston Group is known for strengthening communities through leadership, mentorship, philanthropic giving and through service on a variety of boards and committees. Johnston Group’s financial support of Manitoba charities is vast including significant gifts to a variety of organizations supporting youth programs, health centres, community development, entrepreneur support, major sporting events, charities and many others, all in order to enrich their community.  Last fall, the Winnipeg Free Press wrote that the business “has long been in the top tier of corporate support of community endeavours alongside companies ten times its size.” Find out more about how Johnston Group has enriched communities in Manitoba at the National Philanthropy Day celebration on Nov 15, 2019 held at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.
Jim Gauthier smiling
Outstanding Philanthropist

Known for his care of both people and animals, Jim Gauthier has made an impact on many souls in Winnipeg and Manitoba. Some describe his philanthropy as giving “back to the community quietly and strategically” yet the difference he’s made is no less significant. From supporting the Canadian Museum of Human Rights with a significant gift early in its campaign years to helping the Canadian National Institute for the Blind launch the first guide-dog program in Manitoba, Gauthier’s actions are all evidence of a philanthropic spirit.
Come hear his story and learn more about Jim Gauthier’s life as a philanthropist at the National Philanthropy Day celebration on Nov 15, 2019 held at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.
Paige Procter smiling

Emerging Leader

 “It’s about fighting even when the fight isn’t fair.” At 24 years of age, Paige Procter is wise beyond her years. She’s using that wisdom to raise money and support for those fighting cancer, reminding them they’re not alone. From 2011 to 2018 Proctor raised an astounding $109,000 through her brainchild fundraising event “Coffeehouse to End Cancer” held annually in Grosse Isle, her hometown. Her ability to bring people together in fellowship to support each other and make a difference is what makes her an emerging leader.
Come hear her story and learn more about how Paige Procter turned her love of music into a successful fundraising event at the National Philanthropy Day celebration on Nov 15, 2019 held at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg. 

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