Member benefits

Top 5 benefits your AFP membership unlocks

1. Free resources

From free online courses like introduction to fundraising, marketing, and workshops on building negotiation skills to a free mentorship program, AFP has resources for fundraisers at any skill level.

2. Access to funding

Our AFP Manitoba members have travelled across the United States and Canada to attend fundraising conferences and workshops thanks to grants and scholarships funded by the generosity of our members through the Every Member Campaign.

3. Best practices in the fundraising sector

With every member signing AFP’s Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, membership with AFP is a mark of integrity to your organization and potential employers. Also, AFP has a variety of free Tools & Resources to help you do your job well!

4. A network you can count on

AFP Manitoba is more than an opportunity to “network”. It is a network of like-minded individuals – willing to provide information, support and guidance to help you in your own work experience.

As an AFP member, you can find peers that share in your struggles and help you find your footing; a community where you can be refreshed to take on the challenges of tomorrow; where you can go for inspiration, resources, policy, and ideas.

5. A place where YOU can succeed

It’s all about YOU, the fundraising professional. AFP’s educational, networking, and career planning programs will take you where you want to go!

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