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Our goal is to create partnerships that enhance and support philanthropic endeavours in Manitoba -whether through shared resources, discussions of fundraising ethics and best practices, or simply by meeting new people who are passionate about fundraising.

Each year, we pair mentors and mentees together to create mutually beneficial learning opportunities. Partners often have a shared interest in specific areas of fundraising such as annual giving, major giving, board governance, special events, campaign planning, etc. The program also pairs novice/new fundraisers with seasoned professionals and partners are encouraged to meet at least 4-6 times throughout the year to share knowledge and ideas.

For mentees, you will:


  • Expand your networking opportunities with other fundraising professionals in Manitoba; 
  • Set new goals related to your career; 
  • Gain new perspectives on your challenges and setting priorities; and 
  • Obtain personal recommendations on educational resources.

For mentors, you will:

  • Gain leadership experience in our community; 
  • Connect and network with new professional fundraisers; and 
  • Share your knowledge and resources to benefit fundraising organizations throughout Manitoba.

Former participants have said:

“There is real value for being both a mentor and a mentee. I can grow my leadership and coaching skills, while for someone new to fundraising, having access to someone you can go to for help is amazing.”

 “Anyone with less than five years’ experience, or someone who wants to advance their career, should sign up.  You can never have enough fundraising friends!”

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