Why do we celebrate National Philanthropy Day?


Consider the impact of the charitable sector and the increasing role it plays in our societies and countries around the world. Billions of dollars given every year. Millions of programs and services. Connecting individuals to causes, and to each other. Fostering civic participation. Improving the quality of life for all people.

In the United States alone, there are more than 1 million charitable organizations, and Americans give more than $300 billion annually to charitable causes (Giving USA Foundation). In Canada, more than 88,000 charities provide countless services to millions of Canadians, who in turn contribute more than $10 billion annually to those organizations (Canada Revenue Agency). In Latin America and Asia, with governments no longer able to provide enough funding for social services, charitable sectors are growing rapidly and creating programs to meet the needs of their countries’ citizens.

The quality of life for all people—everything from education, healthcare, the environment and the arts, to name only a few—would be far less if not for these organizations.


You are invited to join in the celebration. National Philanthropy Day® will be celebrated in November in Dubuque. The whole tri-state area is invited and we encourage each of you to submit your nominations today. The online nominations forms can be found on Invitation to Nominate. If you would like to learn more about philanthropy in your community and learn more about the importance of giving and volunteerism feel free to contact any of the members of this committee.

National Philanthropy Day® is formally supported by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and hundreds of other nonprofit and for-profit organizations throughout North America. Click here to learn more about AFP, the leading professional association in the world dedicated to harnessing the spirit of philanthropy.