Be the Cause Campaign

Be the Cause In recent years, members of the Greater Tri-States chapter made contributions exceeding the goal of AFP International to the Be the Cause Campaign. We also have had 100% participation by our Board of Directors!

Thank you to all those who contribute! 

Each year, AFP Global challenges our chapter to a low and high goal each calendar year. The AFP Greater Tri-States Chapter will receive 15% from the first dollar raised, 25% if we meet the low goal and 100% Board participation, and 35% if we meet the high goal and 100% Board participation. This comes in the form of a grant to our local chapter. With your support we have reached that goal.

This campaign provides various benefits including funds for professional development and training, most notably funding of the Chamberlain scholarship. The Chamberlain scholarship allows our chapter to help send one chapter member to the AFP International conference each year. Our chapter receives 15% back from the first dollar raised, with the opportunity to receive up to 35% if we meet our goal above and also reach 100% Board participation.

2024 Be the Cause campaign is underway. If you have not already had the opportunity to make your gift yet this year, during the annual conference is a great time to do so. During the AFP ICON Conference, April 7 - 9, Blackbaud makes a matching contribution of $10 on every gift of $20 or more to Be the Cause.

This year, we need $1,466.25 in gifts (the extra $10 counts!) to reach our high goal, which maximizes (35% of total raised) dollars our chapter receives back to help fund local programming and scholarships.

In 2022 and 2023, our Board participation was 100%. Because the chapter met the goal in previous years, our chapter received a grant to use towards the needs of our chapter. Thank you for your contributions in 2022 and 2023.
For additional questions about the Be the Cause Campaign or what it supports, email Jeff Schneider at the address below or visit:
To make your donation today, please visit, we need your support and any amount you’re able to contribute helps! Thank you all for supporting this great cause!
Jeff Schneider
Membership Chair