Celebrating our Tenured Members

Thank you and congratulations to our tenured chapter members!

Member for 30+ Years

Jayne C. McQueen


Members for 25+ Years

Mary Harris Edwards, CFRE

Jamie Inman, CFRE


Members for 20+ Years

Paula Jakubchak

John Dean Jaraczewski

Amanda M. Osborne, CFRE

Melissa Ryan Penland

Todd Stephens, CFRE


Members for 15+ Years

Stephanie Cain, CFRM

R.J. Gimbl, CFRE

Paul Grier

Barbara Martin, CFRE

Susan Spires, CFRE


Members for 10+ Years

Joy Blue, CFRE

Coby Hennecy, CFRE, CPA

Mary Hipp

Lisa O'Connell

Erin Predmore, MED

Amanda Richardson, CFRE

Lauren Scoggins, CFRE

Ryan Thackray, CFRE


Members for 5+ Years

Martha Armstrong

Taylor Bancroft, MMUS, BMUS

Noel Brooks, BA

Janice Butler, BA

Kelly Byers, CFRE, MA, BA

Emily Collins

Taylor Cook, MBA, CFRE

Maddi Currier, MA, CFRE

Kelly Curtis

Troy Hanna

Cady Nell Keener

Bethany Sparks Kern

Amanda Manly

Rachel Martin, MPA

Ben McCarthy, MFA

MaryEllis Petrosian, CFRE

Chelsea Rudisill, CFRE

Lynne Shackleford

Susan Sharp, CFRE

Scott Stephens, MA, CFRE

Mary Thomas

Kimberly Ward, BA