CFRE Scholarship

The AFP Northern Arizona CFRE scholarship reimburses an AFP Northern Arizona member for one half of the cost of taking the CFRE exam after the credential is successfully achieved. Applicant must be a member of the AFP Northern Arizona chapter to apply.

Purpose of Program
To encourage fundraisers in Northern Arizona with 5 or more years of experience in the fundraising profession to pursue and attain the CFRE credential from CFRE International.

Who may participate?
Members of the AFP Northern Arizona Chapter who meet the criteria to take the CFRE Exam as outlined by CFRE International.

Program Contact
Jim Anderson, CFRE (888) 883-2690 x102

Scholarship Redemption Process
Once a chapter member who has enrolled in the CFRE Scholarship Program successfully passes the CFRE exam, he or she should submit to the Program Contact:
- A copy of the letter from CFRE International verifying successful achievement of the CFRE credential
- A copy of the test exam receipt (showing transaction amount)

A reimbursement check will be sent within 30 days for exactly 50% of the examination fee.

This scholarship was created in celebration of Alice Ferris achieving her ACFRE Credential in 2010.

For additional information:
CFRE International