Previous National Philanthropy Day Awardees


Jose Luis Hernandez: Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Doug West: Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Brenlyn Knutson: Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy 

Fareway Stores: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy (Large) 

F&G: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy (Small)


Joyce and Terry Lillis: Outstanding Individual Philanthropists

Gerry Neugent: Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Hailey and Riley Gojkovich: Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy 

Sam Chiodo: Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Athene: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy (Large) 

NCMIC: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy (Small)


Doug and Mary Kay Bruce: Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Hubbell Realty Company: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy

Tom Mahoney, Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Vidya Iyer, Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy


Joyce Chapman, Des Moines, IA: Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Wells Fargo, Des Moines, IA: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy - Large Business

McGill Junge Wealth Management, Urbandale, IA: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy - Small Business

Caroly Coronado Vargas, Des Moines, IA: Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

dsmHack, Des Moines, IA: Spirit of Philanthropy


W.T. & Edna M. Dahl Trust: Spirit of Philanthropy Award

Susan Knapp: Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Nationwide and the Nationwide Foundation: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropy Award


Paul Schickler: Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Stacie Palmer: Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

John Deere: Outstanding Corporate Award: Large Business

Bankers Trust: Outstanding Corporate Award: Small Business

Grace McCunn: Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy


The Rasmussen Group: Outstanding Corporate Award - Large Business

Willis Auto Campus: Outstanding Corporate Award - Small Business

Peggy Fisher & Larry Stelter: Outstanding Individual Philanthropists

Mary Lou Neugent: Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Nawadir “Nosa” Ali: Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy


ITA Group - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation

R.W. & Mary Nelson - Outstanding Philanthropists

Rick Ball - Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Christopher Maharry - Spirit of Philanthropy

Fez Zafar -  Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy 



Sammons Financial Group-Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Tom & Linda Koehn-Outstanding Individual Philanthropists

Steve Chapman-Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Johnny Danos-Spirit of Philanthropy

Dylan DeClerck-Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Merchants Bonding Company- Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Steve & Cathy Lacy- Outstanding Philanthropist

Drs. Robert & Rebecca Shaw- Outstanding Volunteer Fundraisers

Chuck Betts-Spirit of Philanthropy

Katie Foley-Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Fred and Charlotte Hubbell - Outstanding Individual Philanthropists

Richard "Rich" Willis - Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

The Graham Group, Inc. - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Maria Lind - Outstanding Youth Volunteer 

The O'Donnell Family - Spirit of Philanthropy



Fred and Emily Weitz - Outstanding Individual Philanthropists

Larry and Kathi Zimpleman - Outstanding Volunteer Fundraisers

The Principal Charity Classic - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

U.S. Bank - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Harrison Kruse - Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Richard L. Deming, M.D. - Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Stan and Jody Reynolds - Outstanding Volunteer Fundraisers

Holmes Murphy & Associates -Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Anne Buscher - Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Kyle and Sharon Krause - Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Cara Heiden - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Bankers Trust - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



James W. Hubbell, III - Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Steven E. Zumbach - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Lorisha Martin - Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Suku Radia – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



Don and Marian Easter - Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Marilyn Kollmorgen - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Hubbell Realty Company - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Talia Yael Leman - Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Maddie Levitt (posthumously) – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



David and Barbara Hurd – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Connie Wimer – Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Kemin Industries – RW and Mary Nelson - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Jessica Stakey – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Jack Taylor (posthumously) – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



Roger Brooks and Sunni Richer - Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Bill and Wicker Van Orsdel - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Krause Gentle Corp./Kum and Go - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Hung Bui – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Tom (posthumously) and Jo Ghrist – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Robert G. Pulver - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Claude W. and Dolly Ahrens Foundation - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Charissa Frideres – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Katherine C. Meredith – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

J. Barry Griswell - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Anderson Erickson Dairy - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Katie Marcouiller – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Patty and Jim Cownie – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



Barbara and Michael Gartner – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Suzie Glazer Burt - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Central Iowa Building and Construction Trades Council - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Allison Lingren – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy



Lois and H. Dale Bright – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Margaret Swanson - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Allied Insurance Company - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Anne Wignall – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Dr. Raymond Pugh – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



Ann Krumm – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

The Honorable Robert D. Ray - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Younkers, Inc. - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Andrew Goedeken – Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

Harold Fawcett (posthumously) – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



Donald F. Lamberti – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

G. David Hurd - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Iowa Farm Bureau and Affiliated Companies - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



John Stoddard (posthumously) – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Donald C. Byers - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

EMC Insurance Companies - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



Mary and John Pappajohn – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Robert Burnett - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Hy-Vee, Inc. - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



Elizabeth and David Kruidenier – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Jim Cownie - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

AmerUs Group - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



Louise Rosenfield Noun – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Don and Margo Blumenthal - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Iowa - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



William C. Knapp – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Dr. Owen J. Newlin - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

The Pella Rolscreen Foundation - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



John R. Grubb – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Ann G. Anderson - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Norwest Bank Iowa, N.A. - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



Richard O. Jacobson – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

James W. Hubbell, Jr. - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

U.S. West Foundation - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation – Outstanding Philanthropic Organization

Helen Danielson – Spirit of Philanthropy Award



Maddie Levitt – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Jack and Cynthia Rehm - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Maytag Company Foundation - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

United Way of Central Iowa – Outstanding Philanthropic Organization



Joseph R. Rosenfield – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

William F. Vernon - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Mid-Iowa Health Foundation - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist



Myron N. and Jacqueline N. Blank – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Robert E. Larson - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Junior League of Des Moines – Outstanding Philanthropic Organization



Martha-Ellen Tye – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Daniel J. Krumm - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Meredith Company - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Variety Club of Iowa – Outstanding Philanthropic Organization



John Ruan – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Robert Houser - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

The Principal Group - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation Philanthropist

Steven G. West, CFRE – Outstanding Fund Raising Executive



Ellen Maytag Madison – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

William C. Knapp - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Gardner and Florence Call Cowles Foundation - Outstanding Corporate/Foundation


Marvin D. Hoeksema, CFRE – Outstanding Fund Raising Executive



Marvin Pomerantz – Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

Maddie Levitt - Outstanding Volunteer Philanthropist

Nancy Stefani, CFRE – Outstanding Fund Raising Executive