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    Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the AFP family come together in this Open Forum to support each other, both professionally and emotionally, as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis. The knowledge and advice that we've seen provided has really ...

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    Our strategy for our year-end appeal is to focus on getting monthly donors. We are looking for a name for monthly donors - like "Champions" or "Ambassadors" or something like that. Our organization's name is GRIP, so we have thought of GRIPPERS - but ...

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    Hi Michelle, Would you be willing to share the language you're using to ask people to move their donations over to a new processor? I may make this another post, but I'm working on the best way to ask people to renew/start their donation up again when ...

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    My organization is ready to establish a "real" endowment fund. We'd like to request "bids" or proposals from 3-4 local banks/investment managers. Does anyone have an example of an RFP for such an undertaking? Or links/resources I could review? Thank you ...

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    Afternoon! We are holding a virtual fundraiser in February 2021.  The event committee is still soliciting our "swag bag" and our donation and ticket links will be going live shortly.  How do I communicate an uncalculated FMV to a donor?  We will send ...

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    Hi, Sophie, Question about state solicitation registration compliance. At Cypress Cove we have a donation page buried in our website that rarely gets used.  Our new management is looking to raise our national profile as a thought leader and innovator ...

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