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    Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce these online community forums and provide a place for our members to share information and insights, learn more from colleagues on particular topics, and connect with fellow AFP members! Our intended ...

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    When in doubt, survey your donors.  Do not guess or work from gut instinct.  I worked primarily in the arts and culture field (NY/NJ and Kansas City) and found that corporations and older indvidual donors looked for their names in the annual report and ...

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    Why provide other charities with a published list of your donors' names to use for research? That does not honor the confidentiality most folks desire regarding their giving. We still list, with permission, our annual ($1,000+) and cumulative ($25,000+) ...

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    Jennifer, We like to use "Your gift begins here." An extra note if you are referring to Business Reply Mail, "No Postage Necessary", where the postage is paid by the organization -- When the donor adds a stamp, the USPS still charges the organization's ...

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    Kara, To be perfectly honest, I am not sure if donors want to see their names or not. My gut tells me that donors don't care but ED's and board members do.  We still list them in the Annual Report but we don't list them on the website anymore. I am thinking ...

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    Hi Leisha, You have received a lot of really valuable advice here. To answer your question related to the legalities involved: I'm not a lawyer, but there are no laws related to storing information on secure servers; the only law I am aware of is that ...

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