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    Hi, everyone. We are excited to see so many members using the forums and all of the great discussions that are taking place. AFP Connect is the second of four major online projects this year, which include our new chapter websites (many of which ...

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    Hi all. I'm looking for suggestions on online auction platforms. We have used Bidding for Good for the past six years, however they are under new ownership and the auction platform is now part of a larger "package" that cannot be purchased by itself. ...

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    Let the check clear and thank them for their gift!  I don't see a problem -- unless they ask to use your logo or seek a cross-promotion with you. Your obligation is to the people you serve - first and foremost.  It doesn't matter where the gift is coming ...

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Dzenan Berberovic

Dzenan Berberovic, MA

AFP talks with one of our 2018 Outstanding Young Professionals, Dzenan Berberovic, about his inspiring story that's taken him from Bosnia to Germany to the Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center in Sioux Falls, S.D.

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