2022 Outstanding Philanthropist

Congratulations to our 2022 Outstanding Philanthropists, Michelle and Murad Al-Katib!

Every year on November 15, charities, organizations, and citizens across Canada celebrate National Philanthropy Day. The Association of Fundraising Professionals - South Saskatchewan Chapter has seven award categories, in which we recognize donors and volunteers, and this year, for our most prestigious award, we are pleased to announce Michelle and Murad Al-Katib as our 2022 Outstanding Philanthropist award recipients presented by DCG Philanthropic Services Inc. 

This award recognizes an individual or family with a proven history of exceptional generosity, civic and charitable responsibility, and who motivates others to become philanthropic locally, nationally, or internationally. With their gifts of time, talent, and resources, Murad and Michelle Al-Katib support and promote multiple causes within our community, as prominent advocates of youth, women, newcomers to Canada, and First Nations in an effort to drive social change and innovation. Michelle and Murad humbly and quietly contribute to multiple causes within our community and abroad. 

“It speaks to the amazing character of Michelle and Murad, a couple with such status and influence well beyond our provincial borders, that they prioritize giving their time and resources back to their community,” said Nora Yeates, Chief Executive Officer of the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan. “True to their local roots, they are always ready to help others.”

Michelle has a passion for literacy, especially for children. She has purchased and donated hundreds of books to Kitchener Community School where she volunteers weekly. Michelle was a donating member of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle and is involved in the Women’s United Way Committee. She has served in leadership roles at École W.S. Hawrylak School, Regina Minor Football Club, Regina Riot, the Canadian Red Cross Imagine No Bullying Campaign, and is a staunch supporter and fundraiser for the YWCA’s Coldest Night of the Year.

Murad has won numerous awards around the globe for his compassionate entrepreneurialism. Partnering with multilateral aid agencies and non-governmental organizations in 2017, his business, AGT Food and Ingredients, provided more than 700 million meals for refugees in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere.

Together, either through AGT Food and Ingredients or their personal philanthropy, Michelle and Murad have donated to Regina Thunder Scholarships, the Red Cross Gala, the Regina Food Bank, the Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan, Hospitals of Regina Foundation, Hope’s Home, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, YWCA, Regina Minor Football, and the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation, as one of the lead donors of Game Changers – a mental health program that helps young Canadians talk about health, mental health issues, asking for help, and supporting their friends. 

“We are so incredibly blessed to have Murad and Michelle Al-Katib living and working in Saskatchewan, giving back not only with financial gifts, but also through the time they spend advocating for Canadian agriculture and entrepreneurship, volunteering, and providing mentorship in the community,” said Chelsey Lemke, President of AFP South Saskatchewan. “Their forward-thinking leadership, voice for equity, and generosity of both finances and time is making positive change not just in Saskatchewan, but across Canada and the globe.”

The Al-Katibs are a team that engages and influences our community. In 2019, in support of former CEO of the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce John Hopkins and his battle with prostate cancer, they opened their house and threw a backyard party with the Garage Band, whose members included Murad, Hopkins, and former Regina Mayor Michael Fougere. Stepping up with a personal donation, Murad and Michelle challenged those in attendance to follow their example. In the end, over $1.3 million was raised for the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan’s 4D CT Simulator Community Campaign. 

Michelle and Murad have also had an impact on the lives of hundreds of youth in Saskatchewan. As leaders with the Regina Thunder, they have acted as role models and showcased their giving heart through Thunder Acts of Kindness, encouraging players to give back.

Michelle and Murad are advocates for our province and all who live here, and have demonstrated this through a lifestyle of generosity. 

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