2022 Distinguished Volunteers

Congratulations to the 2022 National Philanthropy Day Distinguished Volunteers!
Trish Agnew photo

Trish Agnew
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Trish Agnew is enthusiastic, dedicated and so active at Leader Dog! Trish is currently raising her 7th future Leader Dog puppy for the organization.  She volunteers weekly on the Leader Dog campus working with our dogs in training in the Canine Center to provide optimum care for future Leader Dogs and gives generously of her time to serving on the Puppy Raisers Advisory Committee. She is dedicated to supporting people who are blind though the puppies she raises and her volunteerism. On behalf of a grateful organization, thank you, Trish!

Jon Allan photo

Jon W. Allan
Cranbrook Institute of Science
As a Board Member and Chair of the Freshwater Forum Committee at Cranbrook Institute of Science, Jon Allan guides the Institute’s environmental science programming, which has impacted over 500,000 individuals in Michigan. Jon is a passionate advocate for the Great Lakes and has made countless connections on behalf of freshwater and environmental science education through Cranbrook Institute of Science.

Linda Ayres photo

Linda Ayres
Accent Pontiac    
Linda Ayres has skillfully guided Accent Pontiac from its 2015 inception as a vision without even a name, through its incorporation as a 501c3, to a thriving organization serving 300 children in Pontiac Schools today. Her exceptional organizational skills, effective consensus building, and commitment to foundational details contributed to Linda’s excellence as Accent Pontiac’s first Board President.

Lena Barkley photo

Lena Barkley
Goodwill of Greater Detroit
Lena Barkley is an active board member for Goodwill Detroit and Operations Manager of Workforce Initiatives for CVS Health. Lena goes above and beyond for Goodwill and CVS by connecting the community with resources and developing new initiatives for both organizations.

Debbie Belovich photo

Debbie Bellovich
Ascension St. John Foundation
Debbie Bellovich is selfless and generous in all she does. As Co-chair of the renovation and expansion campaign to benefit Ascension St. John Children’s Hospital, she is one of the biggest advocates for the hospital. Debbie has identified and connected many potential donors to the foundation to secure gifts, helping lead the campaign to its $18 million goal. She leverages her personal experience to promote awareness about the care at Ascension St. John Children’s Hospital.

Helen Billig Reasoner photo

Helen Billig Reasoner        
Cranbrook Schools @ Cranbrook Educational Community         
Helen Billig Reasoner has actively volunteered for Cranbrook Schools for more than 30 years serving in a variety of roles including creating community, chairing fundraisers, supporting athletics, and being part of governance. Helen is a natural leader and a great recruiter for new volunteers. As a board member, Helen helped shape our stewardship programming and continues supporting in vital ways.

Gerri Birg photo

Gerri Birg
Ascension Providence Rochester Foundation
Gerri Birg is a strong volunteer leader who has shared her invaluable experience on the Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital Board of Trustees and in support of the hospital foundation. Her endless commitment to the community is demonstrated by her service on the hospital’s mental wellness task force and her contribution to the foundation’s fund development in support of mental wellness and caregiver support.

Ralph Bland photo

Ralph Bland         
Focus: HOPE        
Ralph Bland contributes to Focus: HOPE by partnering with us through our Early Learning and 21st Century Program. Early Learning has three classrooms inside Glazer Elementary, that allows for Early Childhood Development. We partner with New Paradigm with our 21st Century After School Program. This program allows us to work with children who are under performing at Glazer Elementary.

Through the partnership with New Paradigm, our families that are enrolled in the Early Learning and Youth Development Programs benefit from this partnership.

Ralph Bland is very accessible, approachable, and flexible to all our needs, which contributes to his effectiveness in our partnership.

Pam Callan photo

Pam Callan
The Salvation Army
Pam Callan is passionate about helping others.  She devotes countless hours bringing good to the community.  No task is too big for her tackle.  An avid Red Kettle ambassador, her infectious personality brings cheer and blessing to people she meets.   A fearless warrior for fighting poverty, nothing stops her from "Doing the Most Good.”

Jason Coffman photo

Jason Coffman
Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan
Jason Coffman is a Principal with Deloitte Consulting and has been a dedicated Board Member of Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan since 2010.

Since joining, Jason has served as Co-Chair and on the Executive Committee.

Although Jason has been serving the Automotive Industry for over 29 years, he always finds time to assist Junior Achievement of Southeast Michigan, whether with his time, talent or treasure.

Jennifer Dale photo

Jennifer Dale
Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing (MSHPM)           
Jennifer Dale has been President of MSHPM (a volunteer organization for healthcare marketing and planning professionals) for two years and a longtime board member.  She is an amazing leader.  Her constant optimism is an inspiration to the whole organization.  She finds a way to make everyone feel included and heard and always makes time for the group even though she has a demanding job at Angela Hospice.

Carol Dash photo

Carol Dash            
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Carol Dash has served the Leader Dog mission for over 11 years in multiple ways! She has served in volunteer roles ranging from Administrative Assistant in Volunteer Team Engagement, Client Activity Assistant, Client Satisfaction Survey volunteer, Residence Orientation Guide, Assistant Breeding and Puppy Development, Administrative Assistant, Client Guide and event volunteer.  Carol constantly demonstrates significant personal commitment to the work and mission and lives the values of Leader Dog!  Carol has been an integral part of our volunteer engagement team for over 11 years. She is a wonderful ambassador for Leader Dog. Carol also volunteers with clients through residence and client services helping Leader Dog clients in every way she can.  We are so grateful for Carol's longstanding dedication.

John Decker photo

John Decker
Detroit Historical Society
John Decker has been involved with the Detroit Historical Society since 2011. Now serving as our board chair, John’s involvement with our new Century Club giving society as a member and an advocate were important to our early success. John’s guidance has been instrumental in our millage efforts over the past two years. This vital work will continue through 2024.

Marcus DeGraw, MD photo

Marcus DeGraw, MD
Ascension St. John Foundation
Dr. Marcus DeGraw immerses himself tirelessly into all he does. As Co-chair of the expansion and renovation campaign to benefit Ascension St. John Children’s Hospital, he was integral in securing many gifts including multi-million dollar donations, helping lead the campaign to its $18 million goal. Dr. DeGraw meets with donors, promoting awareness and engagement at every opportunity. As Chief of Pediatrics for Ascension St. John Hospital and an Ascension St. John Foundation Board member, patients are always top of mind.

Harold Dubrowsky photo

Harold Dubrowsky
Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars
Harold Dubrowsky joined Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars in 2016 and immediately began contributing his time, talent and treasure through board and committee service. Harold is always focused on how to best address our students’ needs in every aspect of our organization. He empowers staff and volunteers through his willingness to listen, support and encourage new ideas through creating the space to think big.

John Fick photo

John Fick
“Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing
John Fick has volunteered and served on the board for MSHPM for many years, serving as President in the past.  He brings years of knowledge and wisdom to our board and is an expert in all things healthcare.  He is kind and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Andrew Foerg photo

Andrew Foerg     
Focus: HOPE        
Andy Foerg is one of the most supportive volunteers we've ever had at Focus: Hope in the Food for Seniors Program. He assists with delivering food boxes to more than 1,200 shut-in seniors every month and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Andy shows up no matter what the Michigan weather is. He is always one call away and can be counted on for regular volunteering or for additional help if we are in a pinch.  For that, we are truly thankful.

Michael and Sara Frank photo

Michael and Sara Frank    
Forgotten Harvest
Mike and Sara Frank have been long term supporters of Forgotten Harvest.  They began regularly volunteering over five years ago--doing everything that we ask with smiles on their faces and an unwavering commitment to our mission.  For their 50th wedding anniversary party, they asked all gifts to be made to Forgotten Harvest.  What a wonderful honor.  Thank you so much Dr. and Mrs. Frank!

Joan Gebhardt photo

Joan Gebhardt
Schoolcraft College
Joan Gebhardt is an advocate for community college education and students. As President of the Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees, she goes above and beyond her elected role, investing in students through The Gebhardt Family Fund. Established in memory of her late husband, Joan impacts Schoolcraft's culinary arts and nursing programs, providing support for the greatest needs in these areas.

Margaret Goebel photo

Margaret Goebel
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Margaret Goebel has been involved with Leader Dog for 35 years! Margaret supported the organization in multiple capacities from gardening and mailings to puppy raising!  She has raised multiple puppies in this time and has also homed a Leader Dog canine Mom who birthed puppies for Leader Dog.  While she says her puppy raising time is over, she just became an assistant Puppy Counselor to help and support puppy raisers in the Flint/Flushing area. We are grateful for her loyalty and dedication!

Steve Guarini photo

Steve Guarini       
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Steve Guarini has served as a Leader Dog Board member since 2010 and in that time, he has served the organization in many capacities with his strong financial skills and expertise.  Steve has chaired the Audit Committee of the board and served as treasurer of the board. As treasurer, he also chaired the Finance Committee. Steve served as vice chair of the board and ultimately as board chair. He currently serves as immediate past chair and sits on the Leader Dog Foundation Board. Steve was instrumental in helping to structure the LDB Foundation which serves as a vital part of Leader Dog’s future sustainability. Steve supports all Leader Dog events and is a strong ambassador for the organization. We are grateful for Steve’s dedication and the substantial professional skills he brings to his work as a long-standing and respected board member.

Rick Hart photo

Rick Hart
MCHS Family of Services
Rick Hart has been one of our most distinguished volunteers. He is always available when we need him and he is always willing to support our mission, whether it's throwing a Halloween costume giveaway or inviting friends and family to our annual golf outing. Rick always goes above and beyond for our organization. The compassionate and kindness that he shows to all of our participants and staff is unparalleled. He is generous and caring and these are qualities that make him a distinguished volunteer.

Michael Hermanoff photo

Michael  Hermanoff
Cranbrook Education Community - Horizons Upward Bound
Michael Hermanoff is extremely generous and caring. He currently sits on our advisory board as Chair Emeritus and has given more than 50 years of service to Horizons-Upward Bound at Cranbrook Schools (HUB). He sat alongside HUB’s founder, Ben Snyder, to help execute the vision of the program that still thrives today supporting underserved, low-income, prospective first-generation college students living in under-resourced communities in Detroit. During Covid and transition of program leadership, Michael has remained constant in his service, and we recognize him as the glue that kept us together.

David Imesch photo

David Imesch
Ascension Providence Foundation
David Imesch is one of Ascension Providence Foundation’s longest serving and loyal volunteers who steps in when immediate funding and assistance is needed. He is passionate about the Ascension Mission and uses his personal connections and time to support our associates and patients. Dave has devoted over 25 years of service to Ascension Providence by chairing golf outings, sitting on the board and nominating committee, and annually supporting the Care of the Poor Fund.

Ryan Jenner photo

Ryan Jenner
Schoolcraft College
As Foundation Board President, Ryan Jenner has led the development of Vision 2025, the Schoolcraft College Foundation's first 5-year comprehensive fundraising campaign in the school's 60-year history. He recruited and engaged board members and made the first gift to establish the Foundation Board Fund. His ambition inspires others as the campaign approaches 70 percent of its goal with two years remaining.

Kristina Karschnia photo

Kristina Karschnia               
Mend on the Move            
Kristina makes things happen!  As board president of Mend on the Move, she is also a hands-on volunteer, organizing and working events, connecting Mend with the many other organizations in which she is involved, getting us auto parts for our mission and studio space inside a Ford plant.  Kristina is humble.  Her response to a thank you is “it was a team effort”.  Mend would not be where it is today without Kristina Karschnia.

Kim Kerwin photo

Kim Kerwin
Autism Alliance of Michigan
In 2021, Kim Kerwin’s son was diagnosed with autism. She channeled her love for her son, along with her desire to make a difference, into supporting Autism Alliance of Michigan’s Autism Hero Walk - becoming the top fundraiser in the event’s history. She agreed to head up the 2022 walk committee and topped her own fundraising record this year as well. Thanks, Kim!

Debbie Komar photo

Debbie Komar     
Macomb Community College Foundation
Debbie Komar served as the Director of the Society of Active Retirees at Macomb Community College. When she retired, she remained active on Macomb's Retiree Association and has assisted the Foundation on many occasions through her volunteerism at events in Michigan and Florida. Debbie is genuine, caring and loving. She gives from her heart, and it is a joy to have her as an honorary member of the Macomb Community College Foundation staff.

Sharon Le photo

Sharon Le
Angela Hospice   
Sharon Le provides meal assistance, personal care, and loving companionship visits to our patients.  She also provides compassionate support to their families.  Everything she does she embraces with gentleness and kindness. She has no hesitation when asked to do something by the staff or patient and patient family.  Sharon is dependable, respectful, a great listener, and always very warm and kind.

Connie Lipari
Covenant House Michigan
Connie has volunteered at Covenant House Michigan for many years. She has dedicated herself to making our residents feel respected and loved by ensuring we have the items they need. Many arrive with nothing. She makes sure our Clothing Closet is bright, clean and well-stocked. She was instrumental in making the Clothing Closet more like a shopping experience, which is a huge ego boost for our residents. She is tireless in making sure we have what the residents need and that it is easy to find. She is dedicated and passionate about our mission and it shows in everything she does. She is a vital member of the CHM family.

Paddy Lynch photo

Paddy Lynch
Lighthouse MI      
Paddy Lynch is an entrepreneur at heart and in business, but he is a man of faith who would give you his shirt off your back if you asked him. He has lived in Detroit after he purchased his home, the Kresge Mansion, many years ago. For the last six years Paddy provided his home and has been an integral part of raising funds for the Annual Rent Party signature event at his home. Since its inception the event has raised nearly $400,000 and Paddy has been one of the key leaders on the event committee. The event raises support for the homeless programs of Lighthouse and the men, women, and children served each year with shelter, food and a hand up helping to get their lives back on track. Paddy is a lover of people, and his spirit is contagious. He also served on the SOS board and most recently on the Lighthouse board of directors before the merger and the first three years after the merger. Lighthouse is truly grateful to Paddy for his deep commitment to those suffering from homelessness and to Lighthouse, a leading organization growing to meet the increased needs of this population.

Daniel Megler, MD photo

Daniel Megler, MD
Ascension St. John Foundation
Dr. Dan Megler has been an Ascension St. John Foundation Board member since 2016 and a generous donor since 1981. His passion for Ascension’s Mission is contagious. He is a tireless ambassador for the foundation, helping to recruit and cultivate countless new donors and friends. As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Megler has assisted The Holley Ear Institute, an entity of Ascension St. John Hospital, in developing programs for children with hearing disabilities.

Nathan Meram   
Covenant House Michigan
Nathan has been a volunteer with Covenant House Michigan during a time when we did not have any volunteers on campus. He has been a constant working to replenish our Clothing Closet and make sure the residents have what they need when they arrive here. Our residents often arrive with only the clothes they have on. He makes sure they have access to clean clothes and toiletries for their use. He makes sure items are stocked and easily accessible. He is passionate about helping other young people succeed. He is dedicated, professional and reliable. He is such a great person and a real asset to the Covenant House Michigan family.

Cedric Mutebi photo

Cedric Mutebi                                     
Downtown Boxing Gym
Cedric Mutebi grew up in Detroit and is currently a third-year medical student at Wayne State University. Cedric first came to Downtown Boxing Gym (DBG) in 2017 and began tutoring and mentoring our students on a weekly basis in science, math, and English. Cedric aims to be "a resource, a light, and a support system for students because I see myself in them.”

Paul Nelson photo

Paul Nelson         
Cranbrook House & Gardens
Paul Nelson has shared his time, talent, and good humor with Cranbrook House & Gardens since 1998. Over the last 10 years Paul has annually volunteered about 750 hours designing and overseeing the planting of the Sunken Garden, managing the Conservatory Greenhouse, caring for trees, helping at events, and more. Everyone who has visited Cranbrook Gardens has benefited from Paul’s generous nature.

Sarah Pobocik photo

Sarah Pobocik      
Sarah Pobocik’s dedication to helping others is inspiring. She serves as Vice-Chairperson of the Samaritas Foundation Board, member of the Finance Committee, and Vice-Chair of the 2022 Ripples Gala, raising funds that help Michigan's most vulnerable families and communities. Sarah is a thoughtful champion and convenor: she is the rock that starts a ripple of change for our shared community.

Daicia Price photo

Daicia Price
Fisher Development Centers
Since Daicia Price joined the Fisher Development Centers board three years ago, she has transformed the agency. Daicia is a social work professor who is passionate about helping everyone feel valued and safe. She has helped the agency on multiple levels including fundraising, volunteer projects, implementing effective DEI practices and helping coordinate ongoing Trauma Informed Care trainings for staff and parents. She is thoroughly committed to making sure we thrive as an agency. Everyone who works with her, whether it is clients, staff, fellow board members or interns feel listened to and empowered. Words cannot describe what a wonderful blessing Daicia has been for our agency and for the community we serve.

Suzanne Ramos photo

Suzanne Ramos   
Leader Dogs for the Blind 
Suzanne Ramos is a loyal Leader Dog puppy raiser currently raising puppy number 12! She also serves as a Puppy Counselor for Mid-Michigan supporting and providing guidance to puppy raisers in that area.  Suzanne holds very creative outings to socialize future Leader Dogs to prepare them for guide work and is so incredibly dedicated to the Leader Dog mission and supporting people who are blind.  We are grateful to Suzanne for all of her outstanding contributions to the mission.

Robert Riney photo

Robert Riney
Detroit Zoological Society
 As Chair of the Detroit Zoological Society's Governance and Nominating Committee, Bob Riney plays a critical role in shaping the future of the Detroit Zoo, the Belle Isle Nature Center, and the organization’s impact in our community.  He is a gracious and thoughtful individual and, as a Board member, he is responsive, committed and generous with his time, talent and treasure.

Tricia Ruby photo

Tricia Ruby
Judson Center
Tricia Ruby, Judson Center Board Member and immediate past Board Chair, exemplifies our community of caring! From volunteering on committees, chairing events, hosting fundraisers, and giving her time, treasure and talent to care for children, adults and families, she is also Judson Center’s biggest cheerleader. Her commitment is contagious as she enthusiastically engages others to join our mission!

Yvette Searcy photo

Yvette Searcy      
Forgotten Harvest              
Yvette Searcy has been volunteering weekly and consistently at Forgotten Harvest since 2016 doing a variety of activities. Aside from her relentless dedication, Yvette is a warm, uplifting, jovial presence who makes people smile. When asked why she spends so much time at Forgotten Harvest, her answer was simple,” I do it for the families.”

William and Joni Seikaly photo

William and Joni Seikaly   
Cass Community Social Services      
Cass Community Social Services is pleased to nominate Bill and Joni Seikaly as distinguished volunteers.  Bill was introduced to Cass four years ago by our board chair and since that time has been a dedicated supporter of the mission.  Through the Kim Cares Foundation, he provided matching funds for the renovation of space for the day program for 130 adults with intellectual disabilities.  Since that time, he and his wife Joni continue to provide matching gifts and encourage others to support programs that for our community members in need of help with housing, food, healthcare and jobs.

Amy Spitznagel Seikaly photo

Amy Spitznagel   
Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research - Cranbrook Educational Community
Amy Spitznagel passionately promotes the history of Cranbrook, and the importance of the work Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research does to share and preserve the architecture, landscape, Archives, and collections that comprise the Cranbrook legacy. Amy’s creative ideas have helped the Center to reach new audiences in exciting and engaging ways since she joined the Center Committee in 2016.

Jessica Springer photo

Jessica Springer
Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing
Jessica Springer is our Vice President and Programming Chairperson.  She is dedicated, hardworking and organized.  She has had many roles in our organization and always gives 100% and takes initiative, always with a smile.

Carol and Cal Strom photo

Carol & Cal Strom
Schoolcraft College
 Carol and Cal Strom are longstanding supporters of education. Carol is Vice Chair of the Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees, serving as an elected board member since 1995. She was a physical education teacher and a volunteer peer counselor. Carol and Cal established an endowed scholarship fund to support student-athletes at Schoolcraft, combining their shared passion for education and athletics.

Kimberly Swegles photo

Kimberly Swegles
Blessings in a Backpack - South Lyon
Kim Sweggles started the South Lyon chapter of Blessings in a Backpack in 2015 and has been President ever since.  She works tirelessly to make sure students in our community do not go hungry.  Her passion for eliminating childhood hunger in our area has no bounds.  Whether she is planning fundraising events, holding food drives or even returning bottles, there is NOTHING she won't do to help the kids in our town - all while being a single mom with a full-time job.  We are SO blessed to have her.

Mary Jo Vortkamp photo

Mary Jo Vortkamp            
Detroit Phoenix Center     
Mary Jo Vortkamp is a founding board member of the Detroit Phoenix Center. For the past six years, Mary Jo has served fervently to improve the outcomes for youth in our community. She is a champion advocate - connecting us to housing resources, mobilizing volunteers, and leading the board in driving successful fundraising efforts. She is integral and steps in when called upon. There is no task too big or small for Mary Jo. She is a servant leader in the truest sense of the word.

Tim and Sandy Waeiss photo

Tim & Sandy Waeiss
Macomb Community College Foundation
“Dynamic Duo”
Tim Waeiss retired from Macomb Community College in 2019 after a long and rewarding career. Since his retirement, he and his lovely wife, Sandy, have assisted the Macomb Community College Foundation in many ways by being active members of the Macomb Retiree Association, volunteering at events, golf outings and serving on

the Comedy & Cocktails Committee - the largest fundraiser at the college. Tim and Sandy are kind, thoughtful and always willing to lend a hand. It is a privilege working alongside this dynamic duo!

Sheryl Wissman, MD photo

Sheryl Wissman, MD
Ascension Providence Rochester Foundation
Dr. Sheryl Wissman is a passionate clinical leader at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital who, on top of her dedication to compassionate care, has given of her time, talent and/or treasure to the hospital’s foundation for 17 years. Her incredible generosity and support has encouraged physician engagement and supported associates experiencing hardship. Most recently, Dr. Wissman has helped support and launch a pet therapy program at the hospital.

Megan Yore photo

Megan Yore
Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing (MSHPM)           
Megan Yore was the Immediate Past President of MSHPM (a volunteer healthcare marketing organization) and has served on the board for over a decade.  Megan's intelligence and leadership has helped our organization tremendously.  She always offers amazing ideas and is solution-oriented - always volunteering to take on new tasks.  She works full-time and is finishing up a doctorate and still finds the time to attend every meeting, lead committees and offer her time.  We are so lucky to have her on our board.