2022 Sparky Anderson Award for Youth in Philanthropy

Jeremiah Steen photo

Jeremiah Steen, Director, Steen Foundation

Sparky Anderson Award for Youth in Philanthropy

Nominated by Detroit Area Agency on Aging

Jeremiah Steen is a student at the University of Detroit Mercy, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. He is a Program Manager for the Environmental Leadership Program, a Development Associate of Institutional Giving for the National Audubon Society and a President Youth Council Member at the Skillman Foundation.

Jeremiah is also the Executive Director of the Steen Foundation, an organization he founded to positively impact the socialization of youth, promote strong inquisitive thinking, and helping teens to advance their view of community through a creative perspective. He serves on the Board of Directors for TrashMob.eco, EEqual and the Steering Committee for Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy.

Jeremiah grew up playing in multiple sports with EAGLE Sports Club and started volunteering as head soccer coach for the 8-10 and 11-14 teams. He is the only coach that has committed to two teams each season for the last nine years; subsequently, his two teams have remained undefeated since he began. He consistently demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment to the program. Jeremiah continues to volunteer weekly supporting game days as soccer coach and general coach volunteer when his teams are not on the field. Jeremiah consistently demonstrates all the qualities that the club promotes and holds in high regard: excellent sportsmanship, strong moral compass, generosity, discipline, and selflessness.

Although his primary focus is on providing the necessary resources to maximize the potential in his served communities, his overall goal is to be an ethical leader who is a “Man for Others” in every space he enters. He believes in following policy and guidelines to the letter and sets an example for others in this way. He likes to be intimately involved with the planning and problem-solving process.

When solving problems, he sees below the surface and his solutions usually address root causes, not symptoms. Jeremiah has a high energy level that is contagious, and he is always alert for new opportunities to improve. He tends to be willing to accept any new challenges. Because of his persuasive abilities, he is excellent at promoting organizational goals and objectives. Because of his efforts, Jeremiah has earned the respect and gratitude of those whom he serves, his church family, his neighborhood residents and his peers.