2022 Special Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Remington photo

Peter Remington, Founder and CEO, The Remington Group

Special Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Philanthropy

Nominated by The Development Group

Peter Remington has had a unique and singular influence in the philanthropic community for 50 years. Early in his career he led some of our community's largest fundraising programs, working at United Way of Southeast Michigan, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and University of Detroit. He provided early career opportunities and mentorship for some of our community's most senior and accomplished fundraisers.

Twenty-six years ago, Peter launched The Remington Group, a nonprofit consulting firm, which quickly grew to be Southeast Michigan's largest fundraising counsel. Over the years Peter and his firm have worked with a wide variety of regional and Detroit-based clients, spanning from human services, health, arts & culture, higher and K-12 education, plus a statewide trail project to name a few. Peter has also been influential with many national nonprofits like Project Lead the Way, The MLK Memorial, and Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation.

Peter's impact as a fundraising professional has, perhaps, been unprecedented. No local consultant has influenced as many fundraising programs and campaigns, across all nonprofit sectors. He has often been engaged at critical times, helping nonprofits through their most challenging times.

But Peter's commitment to philanthropy is not merely as a fundraiser or consultant, he is a major donor as well. He is one of the few fundraising consultants who considers it a requirement of his work to also give generously. You will see Peter and his wife, Peggy Daitch, listed as major donors to dozens of causes throughout Southeast Michigan and beyond.

Peter also believes strongly in community engagement. In over 50 years, he has sat on over 40 boards and commissions. Today he serves on the board of the Detroit Promise Zone Authority, Empowerment Plan, The Michigan Trails Fund, Michigan Education Excellence Foundation, The Bing Youth Initiative and the Development Committee of the Detroit Zoo, as well as a past and present co-chair of The Yeshiva Beth Yehudah annual dinner. Peter is well known for his council as a volunteer advisor to many individuals and organizations, including The Jewish Federation of Southeastern Michigan.

Peter has provided critical support to the AFP Greater Detroit Chapter. He has funded memberships through his company over the years, including his son, Justin, who serves on the chapter board. He has regularly been one of the largest sponsors of National Philanthropy Day. During the pandemic, Peter was instrumental in helping shape our new approach to National Philanthropy Day and secured some of our largest sponsors. Peter is also a frequent media resource about philanthropy in Detroit, often serving as the face and voice of our sector.

In short, Peter Remington's contributions to our profession and our sector are unique. He has been a major donor, a community advocate, a mentor to dozens of nonprofit professionals, a CDO of some of our largest nonprofits, a consultant who has helped raised billions in philanthropy, and a constant voice and advocate for the philanthropic sector.