AFP Solveathon

AFP Solveathon


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At Banff Commpass 2019 AFP Calgary with support from Women's Work Institute ran a #Solveathon.

Q: What is a #SOLVEATHON?

Simply put, a #solvethon is an opportunity to co-design solutions to your profession’s biggest challenges. All you need to do is share your perspectives on your role & goals as a fundraising professional. 

Q: How will taking part in a #SOLVEATHON help me?

A #solveathon is a collaborative, impactful, solution-building session informed by behavioural science and strategic-design principles. The #solveathon at Banff Compass will harness your collective perspectives as fundraising professionals in order to define and solve a mission-critical shared challenge.

Thank you to everyone who participated we are happy to share the insights report on Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access in Fundraising. The complete insights report can be downloaded here.
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