2023 NPD Stories

Julia's Story

I'm privileged to be part of the University of Victoria, where Giving Tuesday has been a growing wave of altruistic energy since 2016. This 24-hour celebration of philanthropy brings opportunities to the entire UVic community to learn, participate, donate, and have fun, all for the greater good.

Students new to philanthropy discover the power of generosity, alumni reconnect and remember their role in making a difference, and professors and staff engage in friendly competition, all fueling a contagious enthusiasm for giving. The real impact shines through as scholarships expand, research gets funded, and community outreach programs reach new heights.

Thanks to the Annual Giving Team and the entire university community, Giving Tuesday is more than just donations; it's a day of empowerment, compassion, and unity. It reminds us that when a community comes together, they can create incredible and lasting change.

The impact of collective community action across this island never ceases to amaze. This is why AFP Vancouver Island is so excited to share stories like this, this National Philanthropy Day!


Julia Keenan

AFP VI President