Session Presentations


The Time is Now – Planned Giving: A Candid Conversation 
Geoff Graham
Sarah Salter-Burke 

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Difficult Conversations Simplified
Floria Aghdamimehr, Recognize Your Potential by Floria

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Developing Communications for your Nonprofit or Charity
John Wong, CFRE
Christine Gilliland

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Goals Gone Wild: Building Your Career
Marni Tuttle, META Consulting
Liz LeClair, Dalhousie University
Lisa Weatherhead, Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Sarah Lyon, Alzheimer Society of NS

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Why Charities Eat Their Young - How to Avoid Being Their Next Meal
Joshua Marshall, MCR West Ltd.

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The Essence of Generosity
Gordon Robert Johnson, Johnson & Associates

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Giving: From the Inside Out 
Rory Green

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Integrated Programs...Blended Gifts...
Rosalie Courage, RBR Development Associates Ltd.

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Using Trends to Improve Your Fundraising Results
Carolyn Marshall, CFRE, Bloom Non-Profit Consulting Group

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How to Get Your Board to Help with Fundraising
Anne Melanson, BPr, CFRE, Bloom Non-Profit Consulting Group Inc.

how-to-get-your-board-to-help-with-fundraising.jpg(PDF 443KB)

From Data to $
Brad Jacobs, CFRE, Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation

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Beyond Coporate Giving
Rory Green

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One Size Fits None: The Campaign of the Future
Michael Logue, KCI

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12 Strategies for Visionary Leaders
Wendy Smith, Sargent Solutions Inc.

12-strategies-for-visionary-leaders_Page_01.jpg(PDF 2MB)

Social Media: What to Focus on in 2019
Anita Kirkbride, Twirp Communications

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How to Become a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE)
Liz LeClair, CFRE, Dalhousie University

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Why AFP?
Tracey A. Comeau, MA, CFRE, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation

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