Whew, what a year. This was a year no one asked for and no one wanted. There has been heartache, unity, divisiveness, love and hope. I think one day “COVID-19” will be a swear word! I for one am glad to welcome 2021 with open arms. While the pandemic is still surging around the US, hope still remains this time of year. What are your hopes for the end of 2020? What are your hopes for 2021?

Mine? Well, I have a few. In-person fundraising events (eventually); it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I never hear the phrases “things look a bit different this year” again or “in these challenging times”; no more (okay, fewer) donor zoom meetings; hold in-person meetings and see smiling faces. I saw someone smiling the other day and it warmed my heart. I didn’t realize how much I missed interacting with strangers with just a smile than when I didn’t have that option anymore.

Your AFP Bluegrass Chapter provides exceptional resources to help you succeed in whatever goals you set, whatever time of year, through thick and thin, through a pandemic or not.  Our current membership represents a wide variety of non-profit organizations and fundraising expertise throughout Central & Eastern Kentucky. We thank you for continuing your membership with your local AFP chapter. We have you covered - if you are interested in a scholarship, email afpbluegrasschapter@gmail.com for more details.

Like AFP President, Mike Geiger said not long ago, “You and your organization are not at the mercy of the economy. The decisions you make have more influence on your organization’s fundraising success than anything the economy might do.” Let us help train you to make the decisions that benefit you and your organization. Hang in there-you got this!

Happy Holidays to you from your AFP Bluegrass Chapter President and Board of Directors

Stay jolly, happy, and healthy,

Ashley Hammond

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