And just like that it’s nearly August. It feels like January through April lasted 3,582 days, and May through July flew by in ten. My team and I are writing holiday direct mail pieces, talking with donors about supporting fall programs and contemplating what we’re going to do in place of our fall gala. How do we navigate this new world of fundraising and successfully communicate our needs to our donors? What if our organizations aren’t directly impacted by the coronavirus, will our donors still support us?  All of these questions, among others, have been popping into my head. I’m sure you have the same thoughts.

Now stop, take a deep breath, and keep reading because AFP can help.

AFP provides free and discounted webinars to members on a variety of topics. We are committed to supporting development professionals throughout the Central Kentucky region. The over 100 members of our chapter either serve as development directors, fundraising consultants, grant writers, volunteer fundraisers, foundation executives, and other individuals dedicated to fundraising and philanthropy.

Curious how to start a capital campaign? Focusing on donor retention and have questions? Putting most of your efforts into digital fundraising? Webinars to guide you in all these areas and more can be found on our chapter website: (https://community.afpglobal.org/afpkybluegrasschapter/home) or at www.afpglobal.org. And while you’re there, check out the COVID-19 resource guide, career coaching, networking and more. Don’t let the overwhelming frustrations of the world get you stuck in a rut-you got this!