The Permian Basin Chapter of AFP awards two types of scholarships: The AFP of the Permian Basin Scholarship and the Chamberlain Scholarship.


This scholarship is awarded at $500 for the International Conference and $250 for any other conference.

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The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy is proud to offer the Chamberlain Scholarship Program for the International Conference on Fundraising.  This program is designed to help individuals serving nonprofit organizations develop their knowledge and skill in fundraising.  The Foundation invites all chapters to participate in the program by following these guidelines:

  • The chapter should appoint a committee to disseminate scholarship application forms and select one qualified scholarship applicant. The Chamberlain Scholarship Recipient Reporting Form must be forwarded to IHQ by the deadline.
  • The chapter is encouraged to allocate funds locally to provide additional scholarships or help defray expenses not covered by the $500 Chamberlain Scholarship Grant.
  • The chapter must submit the Chamberlain Scholarship Recipient Reporting Form, along with the completed application form of its scholarship recipient, to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy Scholarship Committee in order for their scholar to receive the grant.  Program materials will be provided by the International Headquarters Office to all chapters.   
  • The $500 Chamberlain Scholarship will be paid directly to the International Conference registration and will not be sent to chapters.
  • All Chamberlain Scholars qualify to register for $10.00 any time prior to the conference. Chamberlain Scholars are responsible for registering themselves for the Conference and for making all travel and lodging arrangements using a special Chamberlain Scholar Registration Form that will be provided to them in a packet of materials from AFP International Headquarters.  Chamberlain Scholars who had already registered before they were named a Chamberlain Scholar are required to request a refund in writing.  Instructions will be provided in the packet from IHQ (scholars will be refunded all but $10.00 of the amount they paid for registration.)
  • If a chapter chooses to extend additional scholarships, after a Chamberlain Scholar has been chosen, these ’Chapter Scholars’ are able to register at the reduced rate of $510.00 at any time prior to the conference, if the chapter has submitted the Chapter Scholarship Recipient Reporting Form to IHQ by the deadline. 
Chapters are asked to be certain their Chamberlain and Chapter Scholars are aware that they must wait for special registration forms from IHQ before they will be allowed to register at reduced rates.  In addition to the registration form, both Chamberlain and Chapter Scholars must submit a copy of the notification letter from IHQ…this means that scholars may not register online but must mail or fax the required materials to the registration company.Chapters will select their Chamberlain Scholar based on the following criteria:
  • Candidate is employed as a fundraising professional or, if candidate is an executive director, a substantial amount of time must be devoted to fundraising.
  • Candidate has never attended an AFP or NSFRE International Conference on Fundraising as a registered participant (unless as a member of the Conference Host Committee).
  • Candidate must agree to complete an online evaluation form about his or her experience at International Conference. 
  • Only one individual from any local organization or institution may be selected.
In addition to these criteria, the AFP Scholarship Committee encourages all participating chapters to consider diversity and financial need when allocating scholarship funds.  Chapters may add additional criteria (e.g, whether to choose members or non-members,) if they so desire.  Chapters are encouraged to match the Foundation grant with their own funds.

If chapters have difficulty getting applicants who have never attended an AFP conference in the past, we encourage the promotion of this scholarship to new members who have recently joined the chapter.

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy appreciates the assistance of chapters in publicizing the Chamberlain Scholarship program through the local media.