The 2018 Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter of AFP Committees

Our great Chapter has several ways to become more involved, one way is through committees. 

Be the Cause Campaign Committee
Margarete Preusser (Chair) 

CFRE Credentials
Adam Pilder (Chair)
Suren Seropian

Communications Committee

Randi Lovett (Chair)
Adam Pilder
Margarete Preusser

Ethics/Diversity Committee
Nancy Ackerman (Chair)
Raul Castillo
Holly Rasey

2019 Philanthropy Conference Committee
Suren Seropian (Chair)
Jenny Daniels Freese
Shani Grafman

Membership Committee
Shani Grafman (Chair)
Adam Pilder
Margarete Preusser
Suren Seropian

2018 National Philanthropy Day Committee
Holly Rasey (Co-Chair)
Suren Seropian (Co-Chair)
Adam Pilder

Strategic Plan
Richard Howard (Chair)
Nancy Ackerman
Randi Lovett