Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Award


Association of Fundraising Professionals - Saskatoon Chapter

18th Annual National Philanthropy Day

Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Award Nomination


This award recognizes the exceptional contribution of a fundraising professional working in or for the charitable sector. The recipient demonstrates high ethical fundraising standards and a commitment to meeting community needs.

Nominees and nominator must be members in good standing of AFP. Nominations are open to professional fundraisers in the Saskatoon area. The recipient will be determined by the AFP Saskatoon Chapter Board of Directors. If an appropriate candidate/recipient is not determined, the award will not be presented for that year.

The successful recipient will receive the award at the annual AFP National Philanthropy Day Celebration Luncheon on Thursday November 15, 2018.

Application Guidelines:

The award recipient will be fundraising professional who is a member of AFP and who demonstrates excellence in:

Points        Area

0-25            Successful fundraising as illustrated by:

-       Improved fundraising infrastructure e.g.: increased funds raised, increased donor base, expanded partnership base, reduced fundraising costs

-       Development of new, effective and creative fundraising programs or strategies

-       Major, positive impact of the funds in the community

0-25            Professional integrity and ethics by providing evidence of:

-       Practice and promotion of the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice (http://www.afpnet.org)

0-25            Commitment to the profession as shown by:

-       Being a member in good standing, or representative of a member firm in good standing of Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Active membership has been maintained for a minimum of 5 career years

-       Presenting the profession to other professionals and the community

-       Improving the level of professionalism in his/her organization, association and community

-       Making contributions to a professional association such as holding office, publishing articles, making conference presentations

0-25           Leadership as demonstrated by:

-       Exemplifying recognized leadership traits with peer respect and dignity

-       Working for the benefit and advancement of his/her staff associates and volunteers

-       Mentoring staff and volunteers


100 points maximum

Application Requirements:

  1. Complete nomination form available here.
  2. Primary nomination must be made by an AFP member in good standing.
  3. Specify and address each criterion listed on the application form. The entry will be judged on all criteria.
  4. Supporting documents (if the nominators wish to provide) should enhance, rather than replace the narrative.
  5. Two letters of recommendation, one from each of:

    - ED/CEO or Board Chair

    - Someone impacted by the nominee’s work e.g. volunteer, community member

  1. Email nomination form, along with a copy of any support documents and two reference letters to lindsay.royale@usask.ca.


Nomination deadline is: Friday September 14, 2018


Download the nomination form here.


Contact for more information or questions:

Lindsay Royale

National Philanthropy Day Committee Awards Co-Chair 

Email: lindsay.royale@usask.ca