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Sunday, June 2nd – Evening Agenda

5:00 – 7:00

Complimentary Welcome Reception, Altantica Hotel, Commons Room
Sponsored by SONA

Monday, June 3rd – Morning Agenda

07:30 – 08:45

Welcome! Check-in Desk Opens
Continental Breakfast

08:45 – 09:00

Opening Remarks

09:00 – 10:00

Keynote Address
Rory Green

10:00 – 10-30

Nutrition and Networking Break

 10:30 - 12:00

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Micro Campaigns are a BIG Deal

Sarah Lyon, CFRE, Alzheimer Society of NS
Kimberley McDonald Winsor, Dalhousie University

There are lessons to be learned from micro campaigns like Giving Tuesday (the busiest day of the year for online fundraising) and GoFundMe’s, for charities. But do organizations know how to implement these campaigns in their fundraising plan? Atlantic Canadians are generous. From establishing the first charity in Canada here in Halifax, to giving to help someone less fortunate than us isn’t something we question, it’s what we do. Over 8,000 charities in Nova Scotia alone, help facilitate this giving. But are our organizations nimble enough to respond to a changing giving landscape? Micro campaigns are popping up on social media every day from a source who traditionally hasn’t asked us for donations: our family and friends. Over 10,000 GoFundMe pages are set up every day. The line between giving to charity and giving, are becoming blurred. Can you use Giving Days and Micro Campaigns in your organization? Of course you can. Learn from examples of both Giving Tuesday and from Dalhousie on how to compete in this new giving environment.

The Time is Now – Planned Giving: A Candid Conversation 

Geoff Graham
Sarah Salter-Burke 

Participants will understand what is working in planned giving and what isn’t. Overview of getting back to the basics of planned giving – bequests/securities – with some focus on starting to think about overall strategy not just tactics. In addition participants will understand value of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (its national and local resources) and CAGP’s Leave a Legacy program. What is your planned giving program in you organization? This presentation provides an opportunity to learn the basics of planned giving and get the "straight up talk" on how to improve your organizations planned giving strategy.

Difficult Conversations Simplified

Floria Aghdamimehr, Recognize Your Potential by Floria

Communication plays a vital role at the workplace, in business, and life. Effective communication skills help express opinions, thoughts, needs and ideas, to improve wellbeing, collaborate better, and enjoy your workplace. It enhances professionalism, eliminate conflicts and hurtful situations at the workplace. It will minimize undue stress, avoid miss-communication, and advantageous when collaborating with colleagues or volunteers. We will discuss:
- Elements of active listening

- Managing stress while communicating
- Effective assertive communication
- Communicating to build bridges
‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’!" No one needs more stress. Workload, managing people and projects, or the office politics can all add to stress at the workplace or life. Being exceptional in what you do is not enough. Being able to have difficult conversations is a crucial skill for everyone, to build trust and increase engagement. It is also vital in workplace harmony, growth, productivity, happiness, and innovation. Strengthen your skills and build your assets for any position or environment! “Listen to understand rather than to respond” -Floria

If you are interested in collaborating more effectively and feeling more enthusiastic about work or life, this course is for you. In this presentation, Floria injects humour, good will, positive energy, and lots of fun into every situation for more joy. Give yourself a gift - come and get inspired.

Developing Communications for your Nonprofit or Charity

John Wong, CFRE
Christine Gilliland

In creating effective communications for your charity, the key to getting noticed and building happy and loyal donors and supporters is rooted in developing a strong case for support that’s guided by culture of philanthropy and donor-centred fundraising… and properly using the case document and its key messages as your communications guide. Learning outcomes include:

  • Role of culture of philanthropy and donor-centred fundraising in communications.
  • Developing a case for support.
  • Communications plan overview and tools.

Development staff seek to secure donors and continued support through marketing and communications. Communication staff seek to engage the public, and build brand profile and visibility. With differing agendas, conflict sometimes ensues. What to do?! Developing Communications for Your Nonprofit or Charity will equip your organization with the knowledge and tools to create effective communications to support and advance its Mission.

12:00 – 1:30


Monday, June 3rd – Afternoon Agenda

01:30 – 03:00

Goals Gone Wild: Building Your Career

Marni Tuttle, META Consulting
Liz LeClair, Dalhousie University
Lisa Weatherhead, Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Sarah Lyon, Alzheimer Society of NS

You're strategic about your fundraising. You're committed to your cause. Are you as invested in your career advancement? Through the lens of being female fundraisers, Marni Tuttle, Lisa Weatherhead, Sarah Lyon and Liz LeClair’s will lead you through a workshop on setting career goals and a path to your future, through their lived experiences. Inspired by the quote from Roxanne Gay, "If you and your friends are in the same field and you can collaborate or help each other, do this without shame. Men invented nepotism and practically live by it. It's OK for women to do it too". In this workshop-style session, you’ll learn about their Goals Gone Wild pilot while you create your personal career path. Evaluate your strengths, explore what type of work you enjoy and determine what you need to meet your goals. Create your personal path and learn how your network can help you be successful.  You’ll leave the session with a plan to help you succeed in your career.

Crisis Communications for NPO

Sam Laprade

Oh no!  Are you ready for a crisis?  Learn how to prepare for the day you hope never comes!

No one wants to think about a scandal or an emergency at their organization.  But if the unexpected happens are you ready? What would you do first? A communications strategy that includes the board of directors, donors, stakeholders and staff is just the start.  How will this potential public relations disaster affect your mission and the people associated with your non-profit?  Are the media calling? Through various examples of a crisis striking a non-profit we will review best practices and learn from past mistakes and successes. Whether it is an alleged fraud, a suspicious death on-site, sexual harassment allegations, an accident, a protest or any other crisis, you want to be prepared. This session will provide you with a strategy, proven techniques and tips on how to go back to the office and prepare for the day you hope never comes!

Learning Outcomes

  • how to develop a crisis plan
  • how to prepare staff and your board for an emergency
  • learn from past crisis situations and best practices from those who have experienced a crisis first-hand
  • how to handle media inquires

Why Charities Eat Their Young and How to Avoid Being Their Next Meal

Joshua Marshall, MCR West Ltd.

This presentation was first delivered in the fall of 2018 at an AFP Breakfast in Edmonton, AB. Typically, breakfasts attract 30-40 individuals but this event had 60 guests. The audience ranged from those new to fundraising and included 5 senior executives. There were also several HR professionals in the room. MCR West has been asked to make the presentation to several organizations since. The provocative title is more than a title. The session explores the not so dark secrets about why the tenures of fundraisers are so short. There are two goals: One, we want to shine the light on ourselves as professionals and understand our pressures to perform through the lens of different levels of seniority. Two, we challenge the audience to be early adopters in changing the narrative about short tenures, how to encourage retention, and how we can remain in our roles longer by understanding the pressures of our peers. Our industry is in a crisis. There are fewer Canadian donors. The cumulative giving by Canadians is now on a decline. Compounding these challenges fundraisers have an average 18 month tenure in their roles - a full-time recruiter recently shared they are seeing that tenure length shrink. As industry leaders we have a part to play in correcting the dangerous trajectory we're on. This session unpacks our roles, no matter what your title or responsibilities, in improving these statistics with those that we hire and work with. 

The Essence of Generosity

Gordon Robert Johnson, Johnson & Associates

Building upon the work of Appreciative Philanthropy and the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter, this workshop teaches how to host meaningful conversations that lead to transformational philanthropy and develops a culture of contribution.In collaboration with noted development professional James Hodge (currently, Associate Vice Chancellor, Development, at the University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado, and most recently Director of Principal Gifts at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, New York), Gordon has developed “The Essence of Generosity,” a series of training programmes and workshops that explores the importance of meaningful relationships in developing legacy gifts.

03:00 – 03:15

Grab ‘n Go Nutrition Break

03:15 – 05:00

Panel Discussion


Evening Social
Tall Ship Silva Boat Cruise

Tuesday, June 4th – Morning Agenda

07:45 – 08:25

Donor Surveys: A Case Study 
Rory Green

This pre-breakfast session is for the keeners out there who are looking for a concrete example of a donor survey at work. Donor surveys are a powerful tool for building donor loyalty and creating new leads for frontline fundraisers. Join Rory Green as she rolls up her sleeves and walks you through the process from beginning to end. Topics include: creating the strategy, designing business rules for storage of survey data, working with marketing and annual giving, selecting donors to receive the survey, working with an agency and handling complaints and the follow up strategies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear real-life examples of donor surveys and learn what worked and what didn’t.

07:30 – 08:30

Welcome! Check-in Desk Opens
Continental Breakfast

08:30 – 09:00

Co-Chairs Welcome
Tracey Comeau, CEO
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation
AFP Canada, Atlantic Canada Representative

09:00 – 10:00

Sponsor Address
Connecting the Dots: How you can help people see their impact in their community with philanthropy, the George Bailey story for 2019 

Glenn Stewardson, CFP, FMA
The Donor Motivation Program Nova Scotia
One way to be the Big Impact Change Leader in your community is to ignite the passion in people to realize they are important and what they do is critical to the world.

10:00 – 10-15

Grab ‘n Go Nutrition Break

10:15 – 11:15

Morning Track 1

Money in the Middle: How to Get a Thicker Mid-Section and Why You Should Want One!

Danielle Boucher, Global Philanthropic Canada

The Missing-Middle is a hot topic in our philanthropic landscape right now. Somewhere between traditional annual donors and philanthropic unicorns that are major donors lies a unique and powerful Mid-Level donor segment. This very niche intermediate pool of donors is consistently the odd man out in the usual Monthly, Major and Planned Giving power trio even though it represents the biggest growth potential over time for most organizations.

This presentation will provide participants with an overview of:
- How to identify their mid-level donor segment
- Tips and tricks for optimal mid-level engagement
- Operational elements inherent to Mid-Level Giving programs.
- Putting it all together for a complete revenue development strategy
- How to grow your mid-section with intention! (As you may already be doing it blindly)

Out of the Vortex...Blended Gifts...

Rosalie Courage, RBR Development Associates Ltd.

In today’s competitive marketplace for lifetime and planned gifts, those charitable organizations who have the foresight, tenacity and leadership to change cultures to realize blended gifts and augment revenue that would not be forthcoming within the vortex of the standard fund development programs.

Get out of the vortex.......When the economy is 'shaky' - donor concerns - retirement, health , family - blended gifts can bridge these gaps…a gift today…another in between….something later.

We will explore the possibilities and pitfalls, metrics for tracking and how you can make it happen. The effort will be rewarding!

Using Trends to Improve Your Fundraising Results

Carolyn Marshall, CFRE, Bloom Non-Profit Consulting Group

Using more than 30 years of sector data to examine donor behaviour in Canada and how to use that data to strategically plan your fundraising approach for the 1-3 year(s) ahead. We'll examine ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on effort) using case studies.

Are you realizing the returns on effort (ROE) and returns on investment (ROI) from your fundraising programs that you planned on? Or are you spinning your wheels - putting in lots of effort for diminishing or lacklustre returns? We'll look at what the trends are telling us and how we can apply that knowledge to help us improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

Exercising Your Philanthropic Muscle

Guy Mallabone, Global Philanthropic Canada

Ultimately major gift fundraising means asking someone for money face-to-face. Not an easy task, and not a natural thing in many ways. But if you are going to be successful in major gift fundraising, you need to be successful in major gift solicitation. Struggling to find the best approach strategy to ask for money? Not sure how to get to the point of asking? Looking to find the correct words? Attend this practical and fun session and learn the strategic overview of major donor solicitation; review the elements that influence a decision; examine the psychology of a successful ask and the secrets to success; and have fun participating in solicitation role play.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understanding the importance of effective face-to-face solicitation to building a successful major donor program.
2. Understanding how effective solicitation can produce dramatic success in a development operation.
3. Understand the psychology of effective asking, and the techniques of how to present an effective ask to a prospect.

11:30 – 12:30

Morning Track 2

How to Get Your Board to Help with Fundraising

Anne Melanson, BPr, CFRE, Bloom Non-Profit Consulting Group Inc.

The presentation will start with a 25 to 30-minute overview of truths and best practices in Board engagement in fundraising. The second half of the session will be an interactive discussion with participants, who will be invited to describe their specific challenge, problem, or opportunity, and the presenter and audience will offer prospective solutions for consideration. Fundraisers and staff leaders of charities are looking for practical ways to enlist the help and support of their Board in fund development. This session will debunk some commonly held myths and provide practical advice on ways that you can more successfully enlist the help of your Board in fundraising activities.

From Data to $

Brad Jacobs, CFRE, Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation

During this session two important elements of fundraising will be explored to help you raise more money. Firstly, learn how to find more prospects through common sense data mining strategies. Then we will explore how these donors can be activated through a practical moves management tool that will create more clarity for your relationship management team. Topics covered will include data mining, prospecting, segmentation, relationship management, donor activation and performance measurement of relationship managers. Come learn from a tried, tested and true model that has been perfected over 20 years to find more donors / prospects and to activate them to raise more money!

Coporate Giving: What's Next?

Rory Green

This fun, forward looking presentation looks at emerging global trends in Corporate Giving and what that means for charities and fundraisers. This presentation is filled with practical tips and tricks to help people get energized to return to work ready to raise more money from their corporate partners. You'll also have the chance to learn from interesting and inspiring examples of innovative corporate-nonprofit partnerships from all over the world. “Rory delivered an amazing presentation at AFP Congress in Toronto on corporate giving. It has given me a different perspective on how to work with corporate donors and how to match their needs with ours. I have come away from her session with some great ideas and even more excitement!”

One Size Fits None: The Campaign of the Future

Michael Logue, KCI

Campaigns remain an incredibly popular and effective way to raise money. The strategies and methodologies that drive a campaign, however, continue to evolve dramatically. With new ways of engaging volunteers, crafting the case for support, and framing campaigns as multi-layered initiatives, a true transformation is afoot. In this session, KCI Partner Michael Logue will unveil the findings of a 2018 national survey of charities’ views on the current reality of campaign fundraising. Combining this data with ‘on the ground’ examples from a wide range of organizations, this session will arm you with the insights you need on what’s changing, what’s staying the same, and what are the trends that will shape this method of fundraising over the years to come.  Participants attending this session will gain an understanding of the key trends in campaign fundraising, informed by insights from organizations across all sizes, sectors and geographies. They will learn to assess their organization’s readiness to launch a major campaign initiative and determine the campaign strategies that will be uniquely right for their organization.

12:30 – 1:15


Tuesday, June 4th – Afternoon Agenda

01:15 – 02:15

Keynote Address
Sam Laprade

02:15 – 02:45

Nutrition and Networking Break

02:45 – 04:00

Afternoon Track

12 Strategies for Visionary Leaders

Wendy Smith, Sargent Solutions Inc.

Leadership does not go hand in hand with your title. Everyone in an organization can play a role in being a great leader but it must start at the top. We must not get confused between what a “manager” is and what a “leader” is. Managers manage things like plans, metrics, projects, hiring,,, “leaders” lead people. Drucker wrote. “The task is to lead people. And the goal is to make productive the specific strengths and knowledge of every individual.” Employees need to feel like their work is making a difference and if they are micromanaged their input doesn’t matter and therefore they feel frustrated and eventually leave to find a leader who knows that when you give people clear objectives and the right tools they can accomplish anything.

Social Media in 2019: Where Charities Should be Putting Their Focus

Anita Kirkbride, Twirp Communications

This session will look at the top trends in social media for 2019 and discuss how charities can build them into their marketing plans. We will look at live & recorded video, messenger marketing, podcasts and social advertising. Are you ready to step it up a notch when it comes to promoting your cause online? Social media marketing is changing at an ever-increasing pace and what worked last year, might not work next. Join social media expert Anita Kirkbride to learn what's on the horizon for social media marketing and how you can build it into your marketing plans going forward.

How to Become a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE)

Liz LeClair, CFRE, Dalhousie University

CFRE Board Member, Liz LeClair, presents the pathway to becoming a CFRE. The presentation will include the steps you need to talk to apply, an overview of the exam process, and a Q&A section for participants. How do you get to the next level in your career? How do you demonstrate to your peers, donors, upper management and the board that you are truly a knowledgeable fundraising professional? Thousands of fundraising professionals worldwide have boosted their salaries, career prospects, and fundraising knowledge by becoming a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). Come to this session to learn more about the CFRE credential – what it is, what it can do for your career advancement, how it complements education programs for fundraising professionals, the application requirements, and tips for taking the CFRE exam. You’ll have your questions about the CFRE answered so you can begin your CFRE journey.

The Next Generation of Giving 2018: Are You Ready to Reach Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers and Civics?

Patricia Tynan, Blackbaud Inc.
Michael Johnston, Blackbaud Inc.

Find out how your organization can tap into the next generation of giving. Using ground breaking data from the definitive third study of Canadian and US donors – alongside relevant and riveting examples, we'll talk you through the new do's and don'ts of omni channel and on-trend multi-generational fundraising.

If you're wondering about multi-channel and multi-generational fundraising, brand building and advocacy programs, social media, acquiring new and younger donors or you just want to know how Canadian (and US) donors really feel about non-profits and giving, this fact-filled, one-of-a-kind session is for you!