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June 2019

Why I Joined AFP — And Why You Should, Too
Mike Duerksen, AFP Member and Government Relations Chair 

I’m a relatively new member of AFP.

I’ve been a marketer and fundraiser for close to a decade. But it wasn’t until a year ago that I joined AFP as a member and, more recently, the board of my local chapter.

I didn’t do it for the best training and education in the sector — although every AFP member should feel fortunate to have access to superb training from world-class instructors.

I didn’t do it for my career development — although if you join AFP, you will grow as a fundraiser and you will advance in your career.

I didn’t do it for the networking opportunities — although we are in the relationship business and connecting with peers is one of the many amazing benefits of becoming an AFP member.

I didn’t do it for the credibility of belonging to the world’s standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising  — although if you are serious about succeeding in nonprofit development, your adherence to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards is imperative.

I did it because I’m a fundraiser.

And as marketing guru Seth Godin once noted, “people like us do things like this.”

I’m a member of AFP because that’s what fundraisers like us do. It’s our circle. It’s our peeps. And the more of us join in, the more people we invite into our circle, the greater our tribe gets.

So if you’re a fundraiser passionate about marketing good causes in the world, why not join the rest of us on the same mission?

I’ll see you on the inside.