2018 Conference Speakers & Presentations

2018 Conference Speakers & Presentations

We are fortunate to have Ms. Samantha (Sam) Swaim from Swaim Strategies based in Portland, Oregon, join us as our keynote speaker and session presenter at this year’s NPD Conference.    


Ms. Swaim will be presenting the keynote address to kick off the full day conference.  Here is an overview of the presentation:

What could be possible if we all actually collaborated?

The nonprofit landscape is full of organizations trying to stretch already very limited resources on their own and engaging in competition with one another for donor dollars. But what if we stopped competing and started working together for bigger and more lasting impact?

We’ll explore the current landscape of giving and the impact of our national divides on that giving, then take a look at how the nonprofit sector can continue to combat the divides by coming together. When nonprofits put their strength and resources together, they have the ability to work on a bigger and more comprehensive picture than their individual slices alone.

We’ll take a look at three specific case studies where collaboration between organizations, within sectors and among executive directors has yielded more impact, increased fundraising and elevated goodwill in the community. We’ll also dive into three areas you can start to focus on right now for increased collaboration in your own organization: resource management, fundraising and messaging.

All boats rise together. Let’s take a look at our resources and see how strategic partnerships can shore up the fiscal health of our organizations and increase the reach of our mission and work.

Ms. Swaim will also be presenting two afternoons sessions.  The 1:45pm session is entitled, “Simple Psychology of Asking for Money” and in the 3:15pm session, Ms. Swaim will discuss, “Sustainability with Corporate Sponsorship”.

Please make your plans today to join us at our annual conference and awards luncheon!

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