Howard Training Center Director of Operations

Howard Training Center

Title:                          Director of Operations

Reports to:                  Executive Director

Status:                       Full time Exempt

Job Description

Supervises:                 Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Department

                                  Executive Chef and Culinary Services Department

                                  Director of Support Services and Transportation Department

                                  Director of Adult Services and Adult Services Department

                                  Senior Meals Program Manager

                                  Community Employment Program Manager

                                  Independent Placement Staff

                                  HAL Program Administrator

                                  Production Team Manager

Hours:                       Monday – Friday, some weekends, alters to meet the needs of the Agency           

Job Summary:

This position is responsible for providing leadership for significant aspects of Howard Training Center’s Operations; essentially functioning as the Chief Operating Officer. The Director of Operations assumes the responsibility of the Executive Director in his or her absence. Leadership for these services must be provided in accordance with the policies established by the Howard Training Center’s Board of Directors. Leadership and management responsibilities must also be guided by the HTC Vision Statement and a strong personal commitment to the principles of Person Centered Thinking and Planning.


Essential Job Functions:


  • Responsible for oversight, leadership, and organization of Operations, Maintenance, and Technology.
  • Monitors and updates program designs for all programs.
  • Responsible for entire facility management
  • Provides leadership and guidance to all departments.
  • Carries out or oversees all functions of a director for the agency.
  • Participates as a member of the agency’s Directors Team and Management Team, and serves as a resource to both teams.
  • Builds trustworthy relationships with all team members and agency staff as a whole. Provides leadership, support, teaching, and modeling in carrying out the Vision, Mission and Values of Howard Training Center.



  • Record, track, analyze and report timely and accurate data, and fiscal projections for the Executive Director.
  • Audits and develops necessary reports in operational areas including the preparation of annual government reports.
  • Develops and maintains procedures for implementation of and monitoring the budget/allocation process.
  • Assists with preparing the annual budgets/allocations and all interim revisions. Coordinates and directs the operational activity of the Agency, including ensuring that the agency has all necessary permits and licenses, obtaining and monitoring leases, contracts and insurance policies for all locations.
  • Manages the equipment, supplies, inventory, utilities and other matters necessary to maintain the physical plants of the Agency’s operations.
  • Develops and maintains procedures for the technological needs of the agency.
  • Develops appropriate procedures to implement the policies, laws, regulations, and requirements of the Federal and State governments, the Agency’s Board of Directors, and ensures that the Agency’s activities are in compliance with the above laws, regulations and policies, as well as in compliance with CARF standards.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining contracts and program design, and acting as a compliance officer for the Agency.
  • Develops, coordinates, and reviews forms and procedures used by the Agency.



  • Represents the Agency in local, county and State activities as required.
  • Works with all staff supervised along with the agency’s Directors and Management team to establish clear and consistent performance expectations for departmental staff and handles any disciplinary matters as they arise.
  • Responsible for overall job assignments and utilization of departmental resources to best accomplish the Vision, Mission and Values of the agency.
  • With departmental and other agency staff, establishes and maintains collaborative, supportive and professional working relationships with client and self-advocacy groups, families and family groups, agency service providers/vendors, community-based and generic providers of service and all other social and health care agencies.
  • Serves as a representative of the Agency to the public, participates in HTC Board meetings, and assists the Executive Director with issues related to agency policy or services.
  • Carries out all required agency communications, both verbally and in writing, with adherence to professional communication standards and in a manner that supports the Vision, Mission and Values of Howard Training Center



  • Bachelor’s degree in business related field, with a minimum of five years of experience in fiscal management for a nonprofit or public agency. Knowledge of basic personnel law, risk management, information systems, staff training and supervision, and facilities management is also required.
  • Must have knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of business operations specific to the duties of an agency director. These include, but are not limited to: complex personnel matters; facilities management, and technology coordination. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Illustrator/Publisher; and all related general business functions specific to operations.
  • Extensive sitting in office settings, for meetings and for travel. Frequent walking and standing, and occasional lifting of up to 25 pounds with occasional bending, stooping, reaching and stretching to complete work duties. Adequate manual dexterity and coordination for operation of automobile, computer and other standard office equipment. Hearing and vision corrected to within normal limits. Any of the above with reasonable accommodation. This position requires the ability to work under pressure of deadlines and a fast-paced environment, and, at times, to cope with complex and potentially stressful situations.
  • Must have reliable transportation, possession of a valid California driver’s license, and minimum vehicle insurance as required by law, or the ability for independent transportation. Must be insurable by the Agency’s auto insurance provider.
  • Must be able to pass pre-employment physical and alcohol/drug screen in accordance with Drug-Free Workplace Policy. Must obtain and maintain required criminal record and health clearances and valid First Aid and Adult CPR certifications.  Must be able to perform essential functions of positions as identified in job description.  Able to comply with prompt and reasonable attendance guidelines established by Howard Training Center policy.

The Agency retains the right to change or assign different hours, and additional duties to this position. My signature indicates that I have read and understand the essentials functions of this position, and that my employment is at-will.

Contact Carla J. Strong, Executive Director, Howard Training Center at 209-225-0273 to learn more.