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May 25: Development Department: How To Set Up Shop

This session will cover how to set the foundation for a successful development department, whether you are at the helm of a new organization, building out a full development team for the first time, or if you'd like to ensure your current development department is optimizing its performance. Executive directors, development officers, and other nonprofit leadership roles will gain insight on ways to enhance your organization. Speaker Tony Beall, Sr. Director, Office of Program Administration of the Fundraising Academy, will share his experience in building a successful development department and will address business best practices such as performance appraisals, goal setting and tracking, and documenting and storing information.

Tony Beall is a trusted and award-winning social enterprise leader celebrating over 20 years of diverse nonprofit experience; serving organizations all across the United States and internationally. He currently serves as Sr. Director, Office of Program Administration at National University, overseeing three programs: Harmony SEL, Inspire Teaching & learning and the Fundraising Academy. 

Upcoming on June 17: Doing DAFs Right & Why You Should be Leveraging DAFs to Achieve Long-Term Fundraising Success

Lisa Barr, Regional Director at National Philanthropic Trust

David Russo, Senior Director of Planned Giving and Corporate Relations, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Have you ever wanted to speak with confidence about and really leverage donor-advised funds (DAFs) for your organization? In this session, development leaders, major gift officers, planned giving officers, and other nonprofit professionals will be equipped with the knowledge they need to help donors get the most out of their DAF gifts. Our presenters will cover the benefits of working with DAFs to increase giving; how a DAF can accept complex assets; how to use DAFs to bring multiple generations into the philanthropic conversation; and how DAFs can be used for estate planning purposes.

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