Sonia Wright, VP

IDEA: Inclusion and Diversity
Manju Ramachandran, VP
Illy Peete, VP Elect
Patty Doolittle
Robin Rudikoff

Jill Mitsch, VP
Neesha Kharva, VP Elect
Amanda Fasenmyer
Katharine (Katie) Falconer
Leigh Howell
Karen Kennan
Karen Kwan
Linda Lyon
Alison Poetsch

Celeste Chapman, Treasurer Elect
Matt Siegel, CFRE

Medha Nanal, VP
Laura Bajuk
Nam Le                                  
Maria Orlova
Jill Mitsch




Matt Siegel, CFRE President
Vinney Arora, Secretary
Celeste Chapman, Treasurer 
Josh Selo, Immediate Past President

Donalda Watson-Walkinshaw, VP
Liz Dasher
Ronnie Plasters

Silicon Valley Philanthropy Day
Ann-Marie Meacham
Karen Jackson
Laura Bajuk
Sherri Shaner
Ehsaneh Sadr
Laura Alvarez-Santos
Julia Zarick
Patricia Narcisco
Christine Jeffers
Pilar Furlong
Carlene Schmidt
Kathie Sheehy
Kendra Onishi
Chelsey Souza
Erin O'Toole
Diane Parnes
Wesley Thompson
Vinney Arora
Jessica McGill


Committee Descriptions

IDEA: Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity is dedicated to creating a more inclusive membership grounded in respect and appreciation for individual differences. The Committee endorses a broad definition of diversity, and seeks to create dialogue through programs and resources that enhance fundraising knowledge and encourage an understanding of diversity in the nonprofits we serve.

The Committee strives to provide leadership for AFP SVC in meeting the needs

of all its internal and external constituencies. This committee stimulates new ways of thinking, new ways of supporting philanthropy and new ways to connect with donors and with each other.


The Education Committee supports the professional development and career advancement of our chapter members.  We are responsible for the Mentorship Program (sponsored by Heritage Bank of Commerce), webinars, The Fundraising School, a preview course for the CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive license), and the Masters Program (for AFP SVC members who have been fundraisers for 10 or more years).


A key mission of AFP SVC is to advance and foster high ethical standards within its membership and chapter organizations. The Ethics Committee offers reminders and education on what is the professional practice of ethics in fundraising.


One of the charters of AFP SVC is to foster member benefits and to enrich the experiences offered to members. The Membership Committee oversees the recruitment of new members and offers networking opportunities for ongoing engagement and retention of our member base.

Silicon Valley Philanthropy Day

Silicon Valley Philanthropy Day is AFP SVC’s premier event held each year in conjunction with National Philanthropy Day. A celebration of excellence in local philanthropy, Silicon Valley Philanthropy Day is a community event attended by over 600 fundraisers, community leaders, and philanthropists. This event is held each year around November 15, the date that, in 1980, President Ronald Reagan designated as National Philanthropy Day. Committee members work on logistics and planning throughout the year to secure sponsorships and promote the event in the community.


The Programs Committee recruits and coordinates logistics for speakers and sponsors for AFP SVC monthly lunch programs. It is also the committee’s responsibility to provide the Marketing Committee with information to publish on upcoming program events for promotional purposes.

Professional Development Scholarships

A variety of Professional Development Scholarships are available to AFP SVC members. This financial assistance is intended as a means for fundraising professionals to expand and enhance their careers. Scholarships are provided to support first and second year memberships and to help underwrite the cost of local trainings as well as the AFP International Conference and other programs such as the Mentorship Program and the CFRE Study Guide. Each year up to $5,000 worth of scholarships are awarded to chapter members.


The Marketing Committee is built of an active team that helps promote all AFP SVC programs and events. The team is responsible for the monthly e-newsletter, lunch program event slides, and maintaining current content for the chapter web site. A sub-committee of the Marketing Committee is the Social Media team, which maintains a presence for the chapter on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.