My AFP Experience


I am thankful for AFP

Years ago I joined AFP and participated in the advanced mentoring program. I was the new CEO of Maggie’s Place and was building a development department. I wanted to have a better understanding of development and how to lay a solid foundation from which to grow. Over the next few years two other staff members participated in the mentoring program.  Maggie’s Place has gone through growing pains and staff changes, I recognize the demands placed on development and that building relationships requires time. I wanted to ensure my team had the tools they needed to succeed. I invested in donor management software, partnered with Experience Matters who matched us with an experienced CFRE and I enrolled in the CFRE refresher course. I did this not to prepare for the test but to continue evaluating the development department, improving where we could and introducing new strategies when possible. AFP allowed me to do this on a shoe string budget, we leveraged resources and development has grown. As an ongoing learner I am thankful for all AFP has to offer.

Laura Magruder, M.Ed.

CEO Maggie’s Place